The Onboarding Game

Basic idea

The general idea is to build a gamified branching-dialogue/graphic novel style onboarding/exploration of the Ethereum or wider Web3 space.

Why should this project exist?

Because explanations of these technologies are usually focused on technology itself & vague in terms of what it actually means for the user.

I think we need a fun way of introducing people to the space & sending them in different directions based on their background.

  • If you’re an artist, it could send you to learn about NFTs.
  • If you’re a finance person, it could send you to learn about DeFi.
  • You get the idea.

Originally, I was inspired by this now 4+ years old website called whatthefuckisethereum where a user selects “I am X” & the explanation of Ethereum changes.

What it could be like

To give you a basic idea of what I have in mind:

Basically, the user would talk to an NPC & the NPC would take them to different places based on answers the user chooses.

One of our members (blake) made this mockup of what a later version could look like:

We can start simple:

  • ask people why they are here, then send them in different directions based on a few answers
  • give them a tl;dr on Ethereum, DAOs & send them to “explore the Great Houses”
  • or send them to other guilds or the onboarding flow to MetaGame itself depending on what they want

Things needed

  • Compiled resources about DAOs, DeFi, NFTs & dApps :heavy_check_mark:
  • A bunch of people to meet & start mapping the dialogue
  • A builder or two interested in building it
  • A project manager
  • Later on, a designer to make it nicer (I think it should start text-based, either through a terminal-like interface or a discord bot)


  • Basic outline of the branching dialogue
  • Each branch written out in more detail
  • Everything moved into ChatMapper for easy export to .lua (or directly into code, depending on builder wish)


This will help people deal with the chaotic self-onboarding of “everything is everywhere & I don’t even know what exists out there” & help them find their areas of interest in a more streamlined way.


  • Only a few weeks left in 30ofWeb3.
  • I think we should focus on a few archetypal paths & nail them instead of trying to predict many
    • Implement a feedback loop so people can express if they haven’t found what they need & say what they were actually looking for or what they think about the whole thing
  • To keep it manageable for now, I think we should focus on things & projects we already have. We can later expand by eg. sourcing more DAOs from DeepDAO’s API.


  • Scope creep of this kind of top-down thinking & trying to implement every possible path
  • It turns nobody wants this & everyone prefers the chaotic self-onboarding

:warning::warning::warning: Note!!! :warning::warning::warning:

Although the basic idea is still here, the above post is extremely outdated in terms of what’s been done.
Since the last update of this post, Luxumbra & I have pretty much built the whole thing.

  • Actually experiencing The Onboarding Game
  • Completing this quest, getting some XP & Seeds for giving feedback on the above experience
  • Maybe commenting here or liking it to remind me to actually update the above post lol

Yes please. I’m in, how can I help?

Sounds good - I think the hardest part is to actually start the thing. So thanks for that. Please keep us posted on developments with dialogue as this is key to the experience.

Once we have that and shoved it into an engine we will also need visual art - but this can come when dialogue is where we want it.

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@Tommy, @TenFinney, and I were talking about this in today’s Innkeepers meeting. Having a game-like experience would make MetaGame standout and naturally connect the dots between the builds we have. Enabling the ecosystem to use myMeta, MetaMenu, and MetaSys all through a glue named playing experience.

This branching you are saying is part of the narratives that @Misanth has talked about many times and that I brought up with the ultimate RPG discord bot.

It is to highlight that connecting these dots need to also bridge with Cryptovoxels. CV would enable to craft and give MG’s in-game assets as NFT that ppl can keep and display. I see CV as the playable version of what MyMeta shows in 2D.


This is some of the most exciting stuff I’ve seen in a while.

That’s the goal, to make this space matter to people on their own terms. To cater to their own deep seated desires, to their own specific abilities and also to their own cultural niche.

If there is one DAO that can provide a multifaceted web3 onboarding that is sensitive to all these subtle factors, then that DAO is this one right here.

What is more, since we will be leading people to other DAOs, essentially advertising them, we will be contributing to the space as a whole in a more clear-cut manner. This can garner huge amount of support for the project by various other DAOs in terms of reach and funding.


Great to see some enthusiasm about it! Should we get started with this then? My main concern is championing it :grimacing:


We could start slow by having some calls and discussion and putting some ideas on the table. I think @Guru_Makasi would also be very excited for this.

Let’s do it!

This sounds amazing. Would be interested to help.

I’m busy this month with some stuff, though. Can make time for calls, but don’t have time to do actual work. Can be available from February.


I think Cryptovoxels is awesome and we can do some fun nft mintgating things. Also the new stuff with Atlantis world seems to have a lot of potential on having specific onboarding classrooms with wallet integration and cool things. Wonder if we can combine the ultimate rpg type game bridged between discord and Atlantis world.


that integration would be dope!
It makes sense to me to support Atlantis World in a collab with MG.

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Considering the latest Champions Ring call and Proposal #31: Realigning & Focusing MetaGame , maybe this Onboarding Game should become a priority this Season starting from February.

You should all know however that there are many web onboarding projects already such as Station, Civics Unplugged and others, all having different focus groups and addressing different problems. We should first have a good look around and see what other similar projects are doing so we don’t overlap and create competitive market dynamics (@Pronoia42 can you make a brief list of new web3 onbaording projects if you know any?)


Already talked to the Atlantis team about doing something like this in Atlantis (and then integrating Atlantis into MetaOS), back then they still didn’t have any plans on doing something like this (general web3 onboarding).

Anyway, we’re doing a kickoff call about this tomorrow:
Already got some writers & builders interested, it should be easy to build the basic version in the text based format…

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This is very important. Market Research.

We need that Shillers engage into more marketing professional work. But for that we need more Shillers xD.
Today, a potential shiller was onboarded by @_Anna. Hopefully she stays.

Champs. Here is the baseline of the dynamic article I was thinking. This in the line of doing things that reduce the headhunting effort/automatize it while also contributing to the Onboarding Machine goal.
I need help by someone knowledgeable in AirTable or Discord bots to turn it into a responsive artifact.

Click the image to check the (to-be) dynamic article.

This effort is also in line with the Cross-DAO Headhunting event


Pls notify here who is leading this initiative and what’s the status so Shillers can improve comms:

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The onboarding game? Weren’t you leading it?

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:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: YES im trying to

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I think I just started this project everyone! I could use everyones input :slight_smile:

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exploration of wider web 3 space for sure, as i have information i could share from the hive blockchain for example

count me in! this is exactly what i need as an onboard system to help me give ordered ideas, i did understand in the chaos but when is to deliver sintesis of information, this dinamic, that remembers me to diffferent question/answer games sounds like a way to go, helps to trace a routeline

i like electricity and music, both have something in common and is that both waves (electricity, sound wave) have three variables to exist (fundamental, armonics and resonant) as humans we have mind body and spirit but also in the work field (that requires our energy of body, mind and spirit) we find art, production and publicity as a surface for these energies

art has a wide range, there’s art made for matter (sculpture, design, etc.) and from wave (music) and they have different means of difussion, would be good to go further on this as i said, a routeline, even if youre a researcher things get messy with all this information, would be a nice curation procces to show a path trough a game like this