Cross-DAO Headhunting event


Have a collaborative event where all value-aligned DAOs (MetaAlliance) pitch their massive transformative purpose (MTP), product roadmaps, outstanding features of their communities and available opportunities (jobs/roles) to get involved. All that in a single event where the participating DAOs can have a space for Q&A and a massive onboarding session.

Why do this: Part of the goal of becoming a Web3 Onboarding Machine. Part of the goal of onboarding talent to us. This event will make use of network effects to bring people in that are following our allies but not us (yet).


Who: List of dOrgs/DAOs that are part of the MetaAlliance.
When: February. Let’s turn February 18th Community Gathering into this cross-DAO HH event. Event would be from 18:15 to 20:30 CET.
Where: MG’s HQ in CryptoVoxels!! (aham! @tenfinney is it possible to do so by that time?)
How: First, each dOrg will have 15 min to pitch their 1) MTP, 2) product roadmaps, 3) outstanding features of their communities and 4) available opportunities to get involved. All that within the main stage. Only 4 DAOs per hour. If we have more DAOs willing to participate we allocate them in the same time slot but in a different stage. After all have finished, participants are guided to the separate rooms where the DAO of their interest has opened a Q&A section that takes attendees into a massive onboarding walkthrough.
What do we need from each dOrg: Confirmation of interest. Confirmation of date and time. A champion that will be present at the rehearsal. Spread the word.

Logistics and Roles needed:
Previous to the event we need to run a rehearsal with the participating DAOs so they know the cryptovoxel’s space, and how things could be managed/guided. We need 2 people knowledgeable in cryptovoxels helping on this (@tenfinney, @Musashi13).

Headhunter making a live presentation (@HBesso31), Q&A and onboarding champs explaining step by step on things to do and answering questions (@Misanth, @tommy are you up for engaging in this?). Shillers (@_Anna to promote the event. Also, someone who can record an inside perspective of people attending the event (like a floor-based media coverage) would be amazing. Any ideas @P_V_F, @Pronoia42?
Also, would be awesome if we could have the Champion of each Guild present at the Q&A sessionso ppl can directly engage with their interested part of MG.


  • Number of people attending the general event.
  • Number of people attending each Q&A section.
  • Number of people onboarded to each DAO.


Before proceeding, I need your to know from each of you if this is possible with the time proposed. If another time would be better and what else we are missing to launch a MVP of a first event. I want to be practical and just do it. With the results we can improve it for the next one, which would be awesome to have this type of event at least twice a year.

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Yes, we have time. I prefer 2-weeks to start rearranging things and come up with some in-game event-hype. I have a parcel named DAO-Depot and we also have the House of DAOS we can customize.

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What would you need to make it happen?

Love it! My main concern is the time proposed, I think we should do it later to have more time to invite more projects & prepare. Also should maybe be a part of MetaFest, if we’re doing MetaFest.

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Yea seems like a segment of MetaFest? So we should combine planning efforts imo.

MetaFest2022 Notion board

@tenfinney has created a dework for MetaFest and there is a Notion planning board

Where is there more info about this MetaAlliance?

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How far into planning this are you? Is feb 18th still realistic? When should we plan for MetaFest? Feb18 seems a bit fast, has anyone been booked or reached out to? It’s also during EthDenver.

Can those contacts be informed of MetaFest and can we choose a date? After Devconnect @peth? @c0mput3rxz