8 Months 4 Phase 2 (draft)

Given we just launched 1.0 & Season 8 is already halfway through, I was thinking about the next major milestone for MetaGame, which would be finally getting the fuck out of the Seed Phase & evolve into Phase II. Phase I was originally meant to last a year but oh well :rofl:

Entering Phase II basically means the platform & the community have advanced significantly from the 1.0 launch; 1.0 is considered feature-complete, bug-free & relatively easy for others to deploy or extend via custom modules.

It might make most sense to have this happen during MetaFest IRL which will be the biggest event MetaFam has ever put on as well as the first time meeting for a lot of the community etc. etc.

What do you mean Phase 1, Phase 2?

I have updated the Phases of MetaGame post when doing the big run on the wiki pre-1.0 launch, might be worth checking out if you have no clue what these “Phases” mean.

The main thing to understand, the 2 memes the Seed Phase revolved around:

  • Building “an onboarding machine” & “a decentralized factory”.


  • Create a hub for people interested in decentralized organizations & applications.
  • Build the flow for onboarding people to Web3 and MetaGame
  • Establish a place where anyone interested in building things or providing services in the DAO ecosystem can find their place.

As you might’ve noticed, the 1.0 launch got us pretty close to that.

  • We got a decent & pretty much fully functional platform, good starting content, a great but dormant community & a solid network of projects. Also nearing 10k subscribers on the newsletter.

Let’s get into things still to be done to “cross the finish line” :man_shrugging::point_down:

  • As you will notice, there’s still quite a lot of it :sweat_smile:

Shit to do

Alright, ready?


Now that the new onboarding system with the Onboarding Game & Quest Chains integration is live…

  • Make a lot more paths & start using Quest Chains as Playbooks UI
    • More Playbooks for doing things in MetaGame, eg. organizing & running community calls
    • Turn the exploration of Great Houses into little questchains & an NFT rather than just a link
    • Do the same for learning about Game B & Metamodernism
    • Get a few high profile people to update & or write their paths into web3 or micro-courses into Paths & Playbooks
      • Start more seriously contacting people who are writing playbooks as twitter threads & getting them to create questchains to start issuing their own skill attestation NFTs - then create a playbook for producing more paths & playbooks lol.

Decentralized Factory

Now that we have a good guilds directory with guild pages managed through discord roles etc…

  • Finish doing the big guilds needs & feedback survey
  • Make these pages more useful for guilds
    • eg. making external links nicer so some could start using guild profiles instead of linktrees
    • Having guilds create onboarding questchains to integrate into guild pages & their own websites
    • Having guild profiles display more info about them in general, including their offers & needs
  • Make these guild pages more useful for everyone
    • Aggregating their offers & needs in a single page that makes it easy to find services inside MetaGame, having needs & questchains appear under open roles & paths etc.
  • Onboard more guilds - focus on service DAOs & cover all domains/skills that other DAOs need to be successful but also a few project-DAOs, preferably tooling. (don’t worry, phase 2 will be all about cool ReFi projects)


Now that the 1.0 has launched, the discord has been cleaned up etc. its time to reactivate the community…

  • Most importantly: get the community gatherings properly rolling again with agendas set up & promoted at least a week in advance
    • This requires revival of the brain-exchange as well as other learning channels
    • Do that & figure out the easiest way for surfacing good topics, bringing guests & hosting
    • Then, write a playbook on how its done & hope someone else starts doing it
  • Finish doing the huge community feedback survey
  • Get the engagement on discord back up (already starting to happen)
  • Get someone to help with innkeeping & reviewing quest chains
  • Get Chievs going out regularly & highlight “player of the week”, “player of the month” etc.

Other than that, I don’t think we’ll have to do much. Good community call agendas & activity will bring more activity, more activity will make more playbooks to happen & features to get built, will bring more people in etc…
Then, MetaFest - which will take MetaGame & the community to a whole new level.


Now that the new patrons page & an easy way for becoming a patron have been built…

  • Continue submitting grant requests (already did)
  • Convert a few high profile patrons
  • Finalize the Seeds>Trees>Mones tokenomics
  • Go to investment DAOs

DAO ops

  • Finish & fully implement the new compensation mechanism
  • Restructure & relaunch the whole damn DAO
  • Have at least 3 people working full time & a few more part-time - properly compensated


Actually organize MetaFest IRL

Not necessarily required for the transition & its more likely the transition will get delayed than that the MetaFest will :joy:

Bug fixes & random improvements

Besides thinking about what new things we should do, currently its maybe more important to think about all the things we need to fix & improve on the web app, making it more mobile friendly etc.


I know this is a shitton of work, but if we manage to raise proper funding in the next 2-3 months & get a bunch more people working, I think totally achievable :man_shrugging:


Is this code review, testing, feedback? I’m down for this, I think quest chains are a great idea/feature, but not sure what level of dev work/knowledge will be required.

That is definitely needed as well but I mainly meant just having more people reviewing & approving actual completion applications…

Sure, I can help with that. I was poking around the questchains.xyz site yesterday anyway out of curiosity, and realized this was probably what you meant.

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I was also poking around questchains the other day & couldn’t find a functionality for adding more reviewers besides when you’re creating the questchain…
Am I blind or does this not exist yet @vid @dan13ram?

So what is the new compensation mechanism? What is the current process? I’ve started playing with the onboarding flows on the quests chains with proof submissions. Do those get reviewed or are we posting them in did-a-thing? Where does dework come in? Is sourcecred still a thing? :slight_smile: playing catch up a bit

I’m in the same boat… sourcecred is still a thing, but is a few weeks behind (I think @alec was going to be looking at that today/tomorrow). Quests need to be manually reviewed, when they get approved they show up in #give-props in Discord.

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