Proposal #32: Micro-funding Strategy

Here’s a very simple proposal. Instead of proposing a full fundraising scheme for quadratic funding, why not write proposals for individual projects? For example, a proposal specifically about MyMeta, or one specifically about the Web3 Onboard Game, or any mircoproject we are working on.

This will have the percs of being more concise, with more specific roadmaps and deliverables and a much more manageable timeframe of implementation. It will also have the added benefit of making the project itself more relevant to the need and demands of people in the broader ecosystem.

(I will come back and re-work on this proposal, I just wanted to get it of my head for now).

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Tried this once with having separate grants on Gitcoin for MetaVille & Fork The World and asking for a grant from MetaCartel for MyMeta specifically.

I think we should be doing both. For now, I will personally focus on raising for MetaGame as a whole, but in the long run, I think we should focus more on having each raid raise funding for their specific projects. The basic part of MetaGame should be made self-sustainable, then every project could raise on their own & MetaGame earns by these projects kicking some tokens back for providing infra, people & other kinds of support.
The main reasons I won’t do it like that now is because MetaGame as a whole needs some funding for other operations & because it takes a lot more effort. Multiple pitch decks, multiple grant proposals, multiple… everything. :man_shrugging:

I get that. But why not make MetaGame more modular and have people divide responsibilities and accountabilities for each specific project? Metagame seems to have the broadest scope and biggest number of individual projects being built simultaneously in the entire DAO-space maybe (with the exception of TEC which is turning from a DAO into a Commons for this exact reason). I don’t think it would be a good idea to split up metagame in subDAOs with different treasuries and tokens at the moment, but we have to at least have some kind of well-defined modularity in place.
I get that grant proposals and pitches are time-consuming and stressful and you have chosen to carry that cross atop the hill while still having other responsibilities.
Why not have a role for a grant and proposal writer specifically? From my experience with more traditional organizations, there is always such a role present. I have even volunteered for such a role in the past although very briefly and I have seen that it is something very specialized.
Or the raids can take the responsibility of writing their proposals for themselves?
Just brain-dumping here. What do you think?