NovAI - Nova meets GPT

Inspired by recent advancements in machine learning, text & image generation, Vid & I started talked about how we could integrate it as a widget inside MetaOS.

The idea of having Nova as a widget inside MetaOS dates waaay back.
The initial idea was to have her as a tooltips guide and a support chat for FAQ & opening issues.
Remember this guy?

The idea evolved over time, let’s recap:

  • Nova for tooltips & as a support bot in the bottom right corner
  • Nova as access to search MetaGame
  • Nova as quick access to The Onboarding Game prompts (eg. help with a project > tips & links)
  • Nova with ChatGPT to help answer more questions & generate stuff from outside MetaGame

The ChatGPT or GPT3 infused Nova seemed particularly distant, but then I talked to Vid & the next evening a guy who’s been building GPT3 plugins for Google Sheets has followed me on twitter. Perfect timing & apparently not that big of a problem.

Quick mockup of Nova with all of the above options:

(a user could select which of these options they want to start)

Nova The All-knowing Octo

Then, with all of these options combined into one:

Then, with expanded view to give more space for texts being generated:


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Great idea, I think utilising AI within Web3 is big. In this form it’s good but also we should be building out a prompt list strategically across some of our Rings. If this our first intial step into AI x Public Goods intersection, I fully support. Obviously given the current times though MyMeta & Questchainz should remain prioritised

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Nova - ChatGPT AI Chatbot :exploding_head: