Season 5 Onboarding

Season 5 Onboarding (21st Dec - 21st Mar)

S4 stats :
-Players - 89/150
-Patrons - 86 in discord, ~30 outside /150

Onboarding style: Manual, Methodical, Moderate process speed
-The start and progression is entirely in Discord with information from Notion, Wiki and Discourse(forums)
-Users get verified>receive basic information>attend an align call>engage>graduate/disengage

Missing features:
-Automatic role expiration for engaged octos
-MyMeta integration in the process
-Proper Alumni Recognition and position
-Proper graduation reward

Things left to be desired:
-Faster flow
-Better condensed information
-More engaging process
-Resolve the Curious-Engaged confusion

Therefore, our goals for Season 5 are:

Automatic role expiry
A bot needs to be setup to remove the Engaged Octo and assign the Curious Octo role after a certain amount of time for each individual

MyMeta Integration
We should find an efficient way to integrate MyMeta profiles as a step in the Onboarding Flow.

We need to figure out a way to bestow the alumni role to long standing players who are no longer active. Which position and benefits will they hold.

Graduation Rewards
We should get an nft contract running and a process to reward graduates after promotion.

Other than that, minor improvements should happen regularly on the fly and the flow is prone to changes

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Thank you!
I think integrating MyMeta should be fairly straightforward but it brings up the question of what to do with the rest of the documentation - like the Welcome to MetaGame doc.
If the onboarding starts on the website with the profile creation, it would probably be time to start moving things like the “welcome” doc into the website so people don’t have to open it in a new tab & the UX/UI is more consistent.
Have you had the chance to talk to Guru about his buddy system? I remember we had that idea a long time ago on the Better Onboarding raid, maybe time to start integrating it if Guru figured it out.
Also interested in what happened to the idea of making a presentation to make the onboarding sessions better.

EDIT: Kind of outside the scope & probably too soon, but interested in what are your thoughts on building an automated system for a more web3-general onboarding to add before onboarding people to metagame

I was thinking as having the mymeta after graduation as a player requirement or smth along those lines.

I’ve been on a call where it was discussed shortly but nothing other than that, need to follow up with him. Would be cool to assemble it for sure.

I made the presentation but didn’t like it and started adding and deleting. Forgot about it tho and didn’t touch for the past 2 weeks

Gotcha gotcha. So should it be added to the roadmap or nah?