What're you workin' on?

A thread for sharing projects we’re working on :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I’m only working on MetaGame so there isn’t much for me to share :rofl:

But actually, I’m currently working on the “Web3 Onboarding Game” & I’m opening this thread as a part of it.
If you’re coming from there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, well, why not just share what you’re working on?

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Quest Chains :smiley: https://questchains.xyz/

Nice idea to revive the forum a bit!

I’m working a bit on leveling up myself lately. Having more time outside and away from screens and working on boosting my creativity. Also trying to get myself to write more and also working on learning smart contracts with the goal of reaching to Zks.

Project-wise, I’m Cross-Pollination project in SCRF to do ecosystem-wide mapping of problems and who’s working on them, as well as contributing to the Nexus Zine by Black Sky and getting more deeply into lunarpunk stuff in general.