What're you workin' on?

A thread for sharing projects we’re working on :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I’m only working on MetaGame so there isn’t much for me to share :rofl:

But actually, I’m currently working on the “Web3 Onboarding Game” & I’m opening this thread as a part of it.
If you’re coming from there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, well, why not just share what you’re working on?


Quest Chains :smiley: https://questchains.xyz/


Nice idea to revive the forum a bit!

I’m working a bit on leveling up myself lately. Having more time outside and away from screens and working on boosting my creativity. Also trying to get myself to write more and also working on learning smart contracts with the goal of reaching to Zks.

Project-wise, I’m Cross-Pollination project in SCRF to do ecosystem-wide mapping of problems and who’s working on them, as well as contributing to the Nexus Zine by Black Sky and getting more deeply into lunarpunk stuff in general.


right now I don’t even know or rather I cant even tell what I’m working on. I’m stuck in between jobs and a lot of near deadlines to meet mostly due to late responses, but all cool I’m trying to get them all done before on deadline at least, its so interesting, exciting and stressful all at the same time. LFG


The Onboarding Game is getting so much better :wink: I’ve been waiting watching learning and expanding my sphere of influence for the last two years. Can’t wait for what Meta-Game drops next!! We are going to ChangeTheGame!


Bard’s night and currently im following dework task about bridgebuilding, i’ve found this first draft about bards night, hope to soon re activate the interview format Proposal: Bard's Night (Musical interview experience)


Exited to join the MetaGame. I am working on a DAO for tomi dot com
We have a number of different mechanisms we want to implement depending on the proposal type. I listened to peth on GreenPill and wanted to get involved. Right now we are implementing rudimentary DAO operations for our initial launch (the platform already works but we need to figure out the moderation mechanism). I’m hoping to write and get feedback on some of the ideas we are developing.


I am a developer advocate for Scaffold-ETH, a toolkit for rapidly prototyping on Ethereum based chains. Looking to give workshops on the topic or learn about integrations! :slight_smile:

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