Realigning & Focusing MetaGame

It seems there is a general lack of alignment in terms of what we’re doing.
The website says we’re building a hub for people interested in decentralized organizations & applications in the Ethereum ecosystem, but a lot of what we do is kind of unrelated.

I don’t want to go into details but it really seems we do a lot of random things across raids & guilds, often doing things that are only vaguely related to DAOs & dApps.

We’re creating a lot of value for our own people by allowing everyone to do whatever they want & get rewarded - but we’re not creating a lot of value for the wider ecosystem, making it hard to attract valuable players & patrons.

This is resulting in:

  • Not so many people joining or understanding what MetaGame is about
  • Hard to raise funds for the continuation of MetaGame
    • inb4 “we don’t need to raise”.
    • Yeah, yes we do unfortunately. We are minting something like $150k/month & there is no way in hell we can be earning anywhere close to this without any actually finished products.

We have neither created an Onboarding Machine nor a Decentralized Factory.

As it stands, people in the wider ecosystem have either never heard of MetaGame, don’t understand it or don’t see any value in it.

What we started with


  • Build a decentralized society focused on wellbeing & regeneration; helping people become the best versions of themselves & make an impact, as laid out in the MetaManifesto

Short term goals:

  • Create an onboarding machine into the DAO space for anyone interested in DAOs
  • Create a decentralized factory (collection of DAOs, DAO tooling & knowledge) for anyone interested in starting or already running a DAO

Long term goal:

  • Cultivate a network of people & projects working on building a better future
  • Help people find their own metagame (the most optimal way to play life)

Now what?

It seems we rushed ahead to the step where everyone is just encouraged to do whatever, skipping the crucial Phase I of establishing a hub for DAOists & dAppers - a decentralized factory & onboarding machine for the Ethereum DAO ecosystem.

If we want to keep on with maximum autonomy & people just doing whatever they feel like doing, that’s fine. If we want to expand focus from DAOs & Ethereum onto any chain & anything that’s related to people becoming better versions of themselves, cool - that was the long term idea anyway.

But whatever we choose, I think we should make this decision consciously rather than just slowly drift towards it, not even realizing a decision is being made.

I think it comes down to these two options :point_down:

  • a) If we want to raise funds, we’ll need to laser focus everything we do on the Ethereum DAO ecosystem & create value for people outside of our community.
  • b) If we want everyone to stay 100% autonomous & keep 100% creative freedom in terms of people being encouraged to do whatever they feel like doing, we’ll need to make peace with the fact that Seed price will probably continue trending towards 0.

If we choose a), we should proceed by asking ourselves “how does this serve the goals” whenever we want to do something & be ready to answer this question for others.
We need to try harder to find alignment between what we want to be doing & what MetaGame as a whole needs to succeed.

Post-“Aligning MetaGame” voice session synthesis

The general feedback seems to have been something like “why not both?” :man_shrugging:

We should be putting in more effort into things like MyMeta & getting it adopted, but there should still remain a strong emphasis on the community itself. And if MetaGame is about helping people find their metagame, it should be as wide as people’s diverse interests are.

The problem is, if we make it so wide from the get-go, we won’t really help people find their metagame because we’ll be scratching the surface with multitudes of different domains rather than helping people go deep on a specific one - besides, if we make it about “any knowledge or skill whatsoever”, there are better places to learn about them on the internet…

Actual Proposal

My goal with this whole post was never to “focus all effort on MyMeta & drop other projects” or anything like that. What it really comes down to is focusing the things that we’re doing onto achieving certain goals / serving certain persona. Right now they’re kind of buck shots from a distance, let’s get a sniper?

Make MetaGame more explicitly about:

  • Building dApps & DAOs based in the EVM-compatible ecosystem
    • The projects we’re onboarding don’t necessarily need to be building something FOR the EVM ecosystem, but they should be DAOs imo, at least in the wider sense of the word.
  • Helping people find their metagame, but mainly through “grabbing this web3 opportunity”

This would mean further defining the user persona & aligning everything we do to serve this persona. This would then be the persona until the next stage of the project, when we are ready to start onboarding complete newbies.
This persona, vaguely:

  • Knows a thing or two about the space but wants to learn more & get involved in DAOs
  • Wants to level up & become the best version of themselves
  • Wants to connect with others & live well
  • Wants to make a positive impact

And by “everything we do”, I mean everything we do.
Whatever workshop we’re organizing, whatever project we’re inviting, whatever we’re tweeting, whatever quest or raid we’re starting - asking ourselves: does this benefit the persona?

The kind of things I think benefit the persona:

  • Anything related to EVM-compatible DAOs, NFTs, dApps & DeFi
  • Anything related to wellbeing. Yoga, virtuous cycles, meditation etc.
  • Anything fun that makes the community members connect
    • Its ok for fun & social stuff to be non-web3 or wellbeing-focused, but I think all knowledge sharing stuff should be

I think we can easily find enough things to do under these constraints.

  • “Helping people connect, level up & become the best version of themselves” is extremely wide & can include literally any skill & knowledge that exists - too wide imo.
  • Limiting “helping people connect, level up & become the best version of themselves” to
    • “through anything related to EVM-compatible Web3 stuff & wellbeing” - I think is still wide enough to make the community not feel too constrained but still constrained enough to make a focused impact rather than falling apart, stretching into 10000 directions.

There is actually some real science in the design space actually needing to be constrained
for real creative thinking to happen more easily :man_shrugging:

Why not make it about other technologies?

Because this is where we have knowledge & network in. Not to say we shouldn’t expand later but we gotta start somewhere & make a focused effort on that area to make a real impact.


Wow, this post is perfect, thank you for organizing this. We definitely need to pick option a, because as cool as option b is it only results in the deterioration and disappearance of MetaGame at this point.

So moving forward with Option A, I’m assuming our primary “laser focus” is My Meta. I actually think My Meta is looking pretty awesome now, particularly with the new dashboard! Are we at a point where we can start pulling outside parties into this? I mean, our ultimate goal is for everyone to have a Meta Profile right? Should we start with MetaCartel and have all their members join the system, or is there a better path forward? I know we discussed these things on a brief call when you started the fundraising push a few months ago, but then I stepped away for a bit so I’m not sure where we stand currently.

Also, I think we should tighten up our On-boarding Process and become more of a recruiting mechanism. Do we know where we stand with that and what we need to do to succeed?


  1. What do we need to do to bring external parties and funds to My Meta? (Are we even ready? (I think we are :smiley:))
  2. What do we need to do to become the ecosystem onboarding system? Currently it seems like we mostly onboard for ourselves.

we btw now got two “Proposal #30”, other one being Proposal #30: Improving governance and decentralization


Isn’t it ironic… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like recruiting machine yea. Also Willow Tree messaged me to use our profiles or how to implement them. Wellness focus is sort of funny as the house of well-being seems rather fresh. But I guess one case in point. We should definitely choose A.

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Thank you! Depends on what you mean with MyMeta I guess. I see people regularly conflating the whole platform with MyMeta. The dashboard, questing system etc. are all part of the MetaOS, MyMeta are the profiles.
We definitely should focus more on MyMeta as well, bigger push on going out to other communities & getting them to use the profiles. Eventually when its in better shape, we should be getting people to use MetaOS as a whole, but right now it would be good to focus on profiles as that’s the piece that’s ready.

In terms of monetizing it, I’m not sure how to do it beyond charging people to use our ceramic node but not sure how that works - @dysbulic had some ideas.
Unfortunately, I still think that for now our only hope at having sufficient funding is fundraising, not selling products & services. But I do think we should start doing that as well.

That kind of answers 1), the answer to 2) I think lies in this thing.

Not at all! Regenerative & wellbeing stuff was always here. From the WTF is MetaGame & the MetaManifesto.

The long term idea was always to build a socioeconomic system that’s optimized for wellbeing & regeneration rather than profit extraction. It’s just Phase 1 that’s so heavily focused on crypto but it was meant to be just a starting niche before we have enough people & the basic infrastructure built out.


Refining and spreading awareness of MyMeta should definitely be the top priority.

@peth I have the sense that you are looking at the wrong places. The last month or so I have been venturing all over the DAOspace and spreading thin between different DAOs. What came to me as a shocker was that people were actually aware and discussing about integrating MyMeta without anybody in here knowing! I’ve joined TEC’s 0mega group which is focused around web3 ethics and interdisciplinarity and they had been talking about integrating MyMeta on their roadmap. The fact that MyMeta awareness reached so deep in another DAOs documentation should be very encouraging.
I also had very positive reactions from some people in Gnosis Guild and RnDAO about the MyMeta thing. I have also talked about this with non-web3 folks and everybody was hyped about this.
And of course The Willow Tree now directly contacted us to integrate it:

@peth Honestly I think that the MetaCartel peeps have a quite antiquated approach to DAOs and should not be our main focus for cross-DAO MyMeta integrations. Our main focus should be newly born DAOs and I can’t stress this enough.
What is more we can focus on building partnerships with projects that can make use of MyMeta like dework through a cross-DAO product management strategy that @HBesso31 mentioned. And rather than trying to find if people around Metafam find the project valuable or not we should rather go the other direction and search which projects could actually make use of it and you know… pitch it to them! There are people here who have very good knowledge of emerging and promising projects (such as @Pronoia42) and some other who have a keen eye for spotting a need in other projects for a system like MyMeta (such as @HBesso31). I am good at convincing people that this is worth exploring and using so why not make a team!

But what I think that we should rather focus on Game B people in the space. The Ethereum ecosystem is not the only place that can bring funding and awareness. It is much easier for GameB peeps to see the value of Metagame right away and there is also a really cool network effect in this “liminal” space because most projects and people there know each other. Want a solid shilling strategy? Have a few minutes of exposure in Rebel Wisdom, or Stoa or Jim Rutt and let people know that we are accepting funding for the long run.
Also, if don’t know already there is a rush of Game B people in web3 lately with the most notable example being Liminal DAO.
I am thinking of focusing on solidifying a Metagame X Game B alignment and I will make a proposal shortly.


The TE community has been a part of MetaGame & shilled to for a long time. I shilled it to Gnosis Guild as well but never heard about RnDAO. And either way, great to hear all of them are talking about it.
I think MyMeta is great & my only regret is not focusing on it more / taking us more than a year to get it to this point where its still barely 1.0… We lost headstart but we still have a chance.

I agree & I’m not saying “MetaCartel peeps” are right & there are definitely people in MC that still love MetaGame, but having the founder of MetaCartel think we’re ngmi & MetaCartel Ventures not backing us up sends a bad signal.

Couldn’t agree more! With the last bit merged, we’re starting to do this & would absolutely LOVE to have you join us in this effort :). @Pronoia42 also more than welcome.

Overall, I think MyMeta is going in the right direction & if we were to be really radical, we’d cut down on anything that’s not MyMeta for the foreseeable future.
I’m not concerned about the direction of MyMeta but more about the direction of MetaGame in general. There are other internal guilds & raids that concern me more in terms of doing things that don’t seem to be aligned with the mission of creating a web3 onboarding machine & a decentralized factory.

Agreed! We should try to make more use of other people’s channels rather than just keeping on pushing our own channels… I added it to my bridgebuilding strategy to start getting other guilds to invite us to their community calls & I plan on getting on some podcasts but it would be great to have some of this other-project-channels stuff in the overall Shilling strategy as well. Thoughts @_Anna ?


I mean for a total bootsrapping project with a very ambitious initial aim it is understandable that we have not yet been as successful as fully funded projects…Amazing to have gotten this far. That lack of security of money to pay wages etc has meant a high turnover etc… So yeah it seems to me the focus has been developing to this point where it needs to be made a more conscious, formal, lazery thing. I mean if even the MyMeta profiles things was widely adopted it would make a big splash and bring attention and recognition. So the evangelism/missionary work Alec is pioneering with MyMeta seems an essential start that should be supported big time. In chaos is opportunity! :pray: :crossed_fingers:


Given the limited time I can dedicate to MetaGame, my personal approach from day 1 has been to “build the onboarding machine”. IMHO it’s the only meaningful and sustainable thing to do in the current context—or phase, if you will.

I fully recognise myself in this persona :vulcan_salute:

[Great point on the importance of having clearly and strictly defined constraints, @peth. In that vein :point_down:]

My 2 cents:

Be extremely tough with prioritisation. I see MetaGame primarily as a place for getting more web3 skills. Everything else—fun & wellbeing—can be learned and practiced anywhere else in the world.

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Sounds like alot of emphasis ended up being in the comments bout Cross DAO pollination and shilling out Just how Amazing My-Meta and the meta-Game group really is!

Sounds like we are becoming an “OnBoarding Machine” in the sense that we are Technically onboarding even other “Daos” into the meta-game mindset by getting them to use My-Meta.

Are we coming up against to barriers “memetically” in the sense that because we have this 300 Members rule that we are potentially limiting our Ability to Onbaord?

I’ve tried to onboard lots of “Normies” over the past couple of months by shilling meta-game but what I always feel like ends up being said is some variation of it not feeling very inviting??

I would like to second the idea specifically of creating a “Dev Shilling Team” that is essentially there just to onboard people into using the my-meta system.

Maybe approach the OHM community and ask for us to get paid in these very expensive “Bonds” in order to roll up something for one of their communities or sub-communities.

Approaching DAO’s like TokeMak or maybe something like the baby Ape club that @Bagholder_McFomo_III rolled as a PFP for a while.

I think because the NFT space is just so fast paced… That it might be a perfect place to look for onboarding Pre-Built communities potentially full of “web3 newbz” that could REALLY REALLY benefit Collectively from having better organization and potentially “reward” via better tracking/understanding of the potential of their community.

Seed Price-Do things.

I think we are struggling through that muddling stage… A little more focus would help. But how do we get the incentives to work so that everyone CAN focus a little more…

““The long term idea was always to build a socioeconomic system that’s optimized for wellbeing & regeneration rather than profit extraction. It’s just Phase 1 that’s so heavily focused on crypto but it was meant to be just a starting niche before we have enough people & the basic infrastructure built out.””

This is why I joined and continue to play the Game… I believe we can #changethegame we’re just still playing the old one Cause the new one hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet.

With that in mind… Would it be bout time for us to potentially push for some kind of “NFT” project?

I think we have the Asynchronous Power to run a pretty Savage one… Even if we were trying to compete with some of the “Big Boys” out there in the ecosystem…


Show-Casing My-Meta and the power of our Protocol Tools.


Fuck yes! What do you have in mind?

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I feel we are still working in silos, with the name Meta becoming pop culture I feel we need to focus on aggregating A grade data and clarifying the value we create as part of MetaFam not just another Meta named hype project.
We should not be extracting value from the ecosystem but with our knowledge and resources combined we could create an economic source of value and extract savings (the bit in-between) and not be gouging value from the ecosystem through collaborative consumption.
Could we partner with MetaFactory to establish best techniques in decentralized factory development.
and or, Wholesale order some productive tools to members, things like informative subscriptions or courses to desktop pc’s and then onto printers; 3d, vinyl stickers and t-shirt transfers.

Supply chain issues seems to be the talking point of this year and also production price rising with inflation. while profit margins are at their highest.

Their is so much hype and chum in the waters we maybe losing time trying to do it ourselves without tracking progress. I suggest a Decision support service that runs on proposals with a Decision ambassador. Could introduce a weekly subscription like bespoke post for crypto + NFT’s and custom rarity, if you don’t like a product end of month collect seeds instead. Hold more seed for better deals etc.

I think this is a why not both answer, that fits the current and future persona

For general context : I was just reading and wondering about iROBOT joins MetaFactory as the fourth official working group — alongside the Fashion Production Squad, the DAO Research and Tooling Squad, and the Virtual Reality / Metaverse Crew

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I so wish I understood any of this :man_shrugging:

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We are just onboarding for ourselves. I’ve been sending some ppl to other DAOs that do not match with us or that they want to build something that already other DAOs are working on.

However, the proper way to cover what you are saying of the onboarding machine is bringing all aligned DAOs into a Cross-DAO Headhunting event

Becoming an Onboarding Machine requires two things and a plus, imo:

  1. Headhunting for everyone that is part of the MetaAlliance.
  2. Improving our onboarding experience into one that is easier for the persona (which is not a pro in web3 only an enthusiast, but a pro in other fields!)
  3. MyMeta adoption by the MetaAlliance and Quests to appear in there.

What separates us from vapourware in the ecosystem, what value can we create to the common persons IRL. What keeps them coming back after onboarding and generating discussion. Actually I think this is how amazon started, with review process of products. but with no ethics or attachment to a community.
I’d rather get my stuff from a MetaGamer with this persona.

  • Knows a thing or two about the space but wants to learn more & get involved in DAOs
  • Wants to level up & become the best version of themselves
  • Wants to connect with others & live well
  • Wants to make a positive impact
    Throw in a NFT and a sticker kit, and take my money. This would be a short term goal to create a source of funds but in the long term could be a similar feature to Youtube or FB marketplace in MyMeta

Champions basically designing monetizable projects or activities that can be used as focus points for metagame activities.

Then MG becomes a way to train up new daos in how to make monetized projects.

Some examples:

  1. a youtube channel incubator.

The monetizable youtube channel - specifically in the dev / diy / personal finance space - not just specific web3 platforms or dao talk — but channels designed to reach a broader audience - built and operated by MG members - not as MG official channels - but MG sponsored channels decentrally managed by a each member of that guild.

You end up with youtube adsense income - which is fiat sourced - which alleviates seed pressure.

The incentives to support this can be hybridized with 1hive grant. And there can be a structure created to try and as an active group of participants - hold each other accountable for moving accounts to monetization.

  1. Skillshare Courses:

In the areas of art and writing and daily living skills and development or whatever - business - marketing — but again - not DAO focused — but skill focused.

These can be created as publically accessible skillshare courses (which build up youtube channels) since their content can be posted wherever — or paid skillshare courses - which serve pre-existing skillshare audiences - (branded metagame).

These can onboard new skilled members and create fiat revenue streams.

  1. web3 projects with specific target audiences.

How do you get a grant from the uniswap treasury?

You build something which the uniswap dao decides benefits their ecosystem.

  1. client marketing packages. — basically can form an inter-dao marketing guild that uses all partners that are excluded from cre8r dao and create a collaborative client work and client onboarding system — give them shills / education / projects / and merch packages from MF.

  2. a personal vision of mine - alt front ends.

Training up a group of designers and front end developers and musicians to intermingle skill sets to be able to execute alt front ends for projects. Things like imagine a sushiswap bar - with illustrations and music and cool design - all for the polygon sushi pairs that have autocompounders.

  1. NFT projects with purpose. And other novel web3 experiments.

  2. Create a PvP guild - focusing on tradebots - liquidation bots - strategic short positions which act as a hedge fund strategy which bolsters MG ecosystem through bear seasons while still focusing onchain.

The combination of these monetizable income streams according to peoples skills and interests.

Lastly - i think a fork of cre8rdao’s bonded client structure with with a more inclusive initial token distribution— specifically i think a lord of the rings type or infinity stones type multisig distribution - where the umbrella financial structure welcomes (1hive - colony - daohaus - based - metafactory - metagame - etc) by equally distributing initial tokens to multisigs for each group — and then shares clients that each group brings into the system.

I think this dispersement of responsibility and ownership will allow for outcompeting cre8rdao via the above suggested (or other) income streams.

This places metagame as a node in a group of people who are all facing the same issue as MG - and offers a shared solution which binds treasuries together of clients and shares resources - and focuses on creating more resilience as income streams are both fiat and token oriented.

Happy to discuss or help implement any of these approaches.


Twitch is now the best place to monetize video content.
I like the skillshare path in video and IRL workshops that provide a % to the DAO while also paying the MGamer giving the workshop

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I think having some concentration at MetaFest slash cross dao whatnot will help yes.

Playbooks will help, and is a constant request. Headhunting dao representatives and good followup Bridgebuilding and sharing each other’s info will help

Knowing the persons of contact and having a calendar of all dao things to share with people would help.

Us getting on more community calls of others would help.

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MetaGame’s branding is very strong and can be used as a profit center (obviously) and we have a pretty deep bucket of cool assets. So, I like this idea.
MetaFactory is one good option but also an on-demand printer that deals in large volume quick turnaround promotional products may also be a good resource like using and ASI distributor I have a lot of experience there and was and ASI distributor for a while and can help navigate the system pretty well.

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