MetaGame's Focus Synthesis

In reference to the Proposal #31: Realigning & Focusing MetaGame

As the proposal left some concerns & loose ends, thought I should write a followup to clear things up, dispel concerns, set the next steps & use as reference in future decisions.

Goals of the proposal

  • Figure out what should we be prioritizing
  • Align all guilds & raids in the same direction

Seems the main concern was…

  • Does focusing on MyMeta mean we will stop producing content, doing community stuff & everything in between?


I wholeheartedly 100% agree with @luxumbra in that there is no MetaGame without the community & with @Bagholder_McFomo_III in that narrowing the focus by excluding all activities except those that we want to focus on would be detrimental to the community.

What I did wrong:

I failed to acknowledge the community-first ethos which MetaGame is based on. I thought it goes without saying that whatever we do choose to focus on, we are still a community first & foremost.

Everything we do comes from the community & is for the community.

Other than that, I also didn’t address the wellbeing aspect - which I think is critical.

If we want to help people find their metagame (as in, the most optimal way to play life), then its not just about meaningful work & being productive but also making sure to do that in balance, to live well, not burn out etc.

Vote outcomes


The top voted option was focusing on MyMeta adoption & bridgebuilding which kind of go hand in hand. Bridgebuilding, however, also goes hand in hand with the second most voted option - “onboarding people to the EVM DAO & dApps ecosystem”.

The latter being the original goal of MetaGame, I think the former won because of MyMeta - our first real product finally being ready for adoption. Rightfully, people think we should focus on getting it adopted rather than doing ecosystem onboarding - for which we don’t yet have infrastructure ready until we build Quests & Web3 Onboarding Game.

Here’s what I think it comes down to…

In the short term:

  • Focus on MyMeta adoption & bridgebuilding with other EVM based DAOs rather than expanding into anything & everything related to Web3
  • Passively onboarding people to the EVM DAO & dApps ecosystem while building out the ecosystem onboarding UI.

What I think this means:

  • That we should be reaching out to more DAOs, inviting them to our community to present their projects, talk or do workshops, integrating their tools & services into MetaGame/MetaOS, having them adopt MyMeta. Making new projects a part of the network as well as improving relationships with existing ones.
  • Start mapping onboarding paths & ways for people to join our network as well as the wider ecosystem while the onboarding & questing UI gets built…

In terms of producing content & organizing events:

  • Primarily: anything related to EVM-compatible DAOs, NFTs, dApps & DeFi
  • Anything related to wellbeing. Yoga, virtuous cycles, meditation etc.
  • Anything fun that makes the community members connect
    • Its ok for fun & social stuff to be non-web3 or wellbeing-focused, but I think all knowledge sharing stuff should be

Long term (unchanged):

  • Build a general coordination platform, a decentralized society focused on wellbeing & regeneration over profit
  • Help people level up, connect with others & find work that’s meaningful to them
  • Make MetaGame about finding the most optimal ways to play life on a personal & collective level rather than just “an onboarding machine for EVM DAO ecosystem” :upside_down_face:

Next steps

  • See if I got this right by getting more feedback on it
  • Further define the personas
  • Revise & update the Phases of MetaGame page
  • Make it a part of the culture to ask ourselves “is this taking us in the right direction?” & “does this serve our community & goals?” with everything we do.
  • Not start any more new raids for the foreseeable future unless absolutely crucial :sweat_smile:
  • We have many things going on, we don’t have enough people helping.
  • Every raid & guild is understaffed.
  • Think more about sustainability. If we want to be doing 1000 projects, we need to be thinking more in terms of how each of them can be self-sustainable rather than just draining Seeds.

Wait, WTF is EVM Ecosystem?

EVM is the Ethereum Virtual Machine. EVM Ecosystem implies Ethereum, all the EVM chains like Polygon & xDAI/Gnosis & L2s like Arbitrum & Optimism.
Initially we started with just Ethereum itself but as gas prices rose & ecosystem expanded…

Why no other chains?

I know a lot of people will instantly think “but why? there are so many cool projects on other chains :man_shrugging:” & I agree, but here’s a few points against:

  • I think it still makes sense to focus on this area of crypto because this is where we have most knowledge & understanding of tools & projects, where all of our existing network of guilds lives, easier to figure out the scams etc.
  • Crypto as a whole is just too vast at this point. Even mapping just this area is not going to be easy, already great houses require updates of projects & links a week after they’re made and we can’t onboard as many new DAOs as are being created.
  • Technological differences in integrating with MetaOS as well as on the player level (needing multiple wallets). But also, helping people with projects. They know that every tool they find in the house of DAOs will be compatible because they’re all operating on the same technology. That every guild in service providing guild in MetaGame will be able to help them & that project-guilds are interoperable.
  • If we focus on this area, we’ll be able to produce a much higher quality map & ecosystem navigation system than if we try to map all of the crypto world, where our maps would be low resolution & constantly out of date.

Understanding the Persona and doing everything for it SHOULD BE our fact of consideration when rewarding things in did a thing as well as in our Season’s 5 actions.

From my side:
-Cross-DAO HH event.
-ESO Web Three Gate guild (fun and social)
-Bridgebuilding more web 3 tools to MetaOS like MeetwithWallet, DeWork, Huddle01, etc and making use of network effects for MyMeta adoption.
-Onboarding paths IRL.
On this last one, I am already working in a monthly event for post-capitalist/crypto-commoning/solarpunk transition. This event will be hosted in a FabLab with 3D printers, computers, CNC, etc.
If we can think of ways to host workshops about Writing, Marketing, Building (like the pair-programming sessions) would be awesome. An idea could come from: where you pay a deposit to learn and when you finish the course you get a 100% refund. Getting the refund in our terms would mean having these people fully onboarded in MG or any other MetaAlliance DAO.

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Still think we need to align on MetaFest and HH event as an aspect of it to minimize confusion and double bridge building.

I want to come to this 3D printer etc event. Also can offer a space here possibly to host one of them in Tulum.

So everything and nothing changed. Got it. Haha

I made a diagram and detailed it in a new post/topic that I think might help. You can find it here:

Although maybe I should have just posted it here? It just felt like a new topic. In any event, let me know if this is helpful and helps bring clarity.