Proposal #30: Improving governance and decentralization

We currently have an Aragon DAO on mainnet that we use to mint seeds and that needs SEEDs for voting.
This has multiple problems: For one voting and therefore governance is expensive because of the high gas fees. It also requires the voters to hold SEEDs on mainnet for voting instead of bridging them to Polygon like all the others.

I propose the following:
We transfer ownership of the SEED token contract from the Aragon mainnet DAO to the mainnet multisig. This would free up the voting SEEDs and make it possible to completely migrate all SEEDs to Polygon.
Next we set up a DAOhaus DAO on Polygon (not Aragon because it’s apparently pretty buggy on Polygon) so we can start to do some actual on-chain governance.

Another possible alternative:
Instead of creating the DAOhaus DAO on Polygon we could also create it on xDAI since DAOhaus will drop a new feature soon that enables an xDAI DAO to control a mainnet multisig (not available for Polygon since apparently the message bridging infrastructure doesn’t exist yet).
This would enable us to add the DAO as a signer to the mainnet multisig and remove all other signers, which would mean that we could mint and bridge seeds with just some proposals on our DAO and dont need to assemble the signers every single mint.
This would also be better for collaborating with other DAOs since most of them are on xDAI.


I love these ideas, I just still have no idea how to actually proceed.
You said your problem is that you don’t have any Seeds on mainnet to get the transfer of ownership started, I’m happy to send you some of mine & vote yes if that would solve the problem.
Otherwise, I can go beg @METADREAMER to do it but I already got pending requests so it will happen when he becomes less busy, which may be never :rofl:

About transferring ownership of the SEED contract:
It looks like we just have to get the current owner of the contract (0x3066195DC63C4B8c8e1dc4e1ABa031D7f36e933c aka our Aragon DAO) to execute the changeController function of the SEED contract (Etherscan). I don’t know how to make our Aragon DAO call this contract though (Agent app most likely won’t work, since it’s it’s own contract with a different address than the main DAO contract). The DAO can mint new tokens though, so it must be able to call the contract.

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Where did this end up?

Looks like i forgot to put a status update in here :upside_down_face:
Ownership of the mainnet SEED token contract has successfully been tranferred to our mainnet multisig.
Currently waiting for DAOhaus to release the cross-chain management feature (very soon).

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