Proposal: Bard's Night (Musical interview experience)

Bard’s Night

What is Bard’s Night?

Bard’s Night is a space for broadcasting material focused on music and crypto, offering a
variety of content blocks derived from interviews, news and music within the framework of
Blockchain technology, allowing a cultural exchange beyond language barriers.
The purpose is to be a concept of leverage, onboarding and retention of users in
Blockchain through the Metagame community, offering a space for entertainment and
coordination of initiatives.
The structure of every episode would be divided in blocks, such as:

Opening: Starting point of the podcast where we welcome everybody and give a brief
about what we expect to experience on that episode, announcing our upcoming

News / Updates of Metagame: Give a live follow of the WIP (Work In Progress) related
to Metagame ecosystem.

Interviews: hold a space to know better the top artist on the blockchain and to onboard
new artist to the crypto space by arranging interviews focused on their project,
also, to be an open space for any topics or projects that are directly contributing
with Metagame.

Giveaways / Iniciatives/ Onboarding sessions: as this space is a concept based on
leverage, onboarding and retention, we want to coordinate with the crew to arrange
conceptual activities aligned with the mision, vision and values of Metagame that
we could hodl on time.

Live Music: Our activity Host Jose Cabrera and Co-Host Vanessa Gil are live
performers who will seek to develope an atmosphere of magic and reconnection
with our ancestral roots, spreading a message to promote this kind of actions
drived by the concept of ¨Connecting roots to the wireless¨. Also, most of our
musician guest to be interviewed are going to be able to perform their music as
well. We could arrange open Bard’s Night where we could host an openmic for
performers and invite all our previous guest to be part of and Hodl the vibe.

Expansion plans:

As I (Jose Cabrera) am doing my artist career and bridges with comunities aligned to my
values, I will hodl different productions on the statement of: “Connecting Roots to the
wireless”. There are several projects I’m working on right now to hold that statement

MIP: Mip is an activity i want to develope over Tokensmart that borns trough this 1 and half
year of doing music over the Tokensmart Community every monday at 7:30 EST with my
friend Ezincrypto who haves his show and who motivated me to develope the MIP as a
music space developed there being a host by myself on this one.

Fractal Yoga: we have over 6 months doing Fractal Yoga every saturday over the
Metagme Discord and this last 2 months we started doing it on thursday as well over the
Raw Realm (Fashion + Ecology).

Hive Blockchain bridges:

AdiwaThrive: This is a project that right now is paused but that I created more than a year
ago. It is basicly a Curation/Magazine Project over the Hive Blockchain where we value
permaculture+self reliance content, from any field that share this value on their content. I
plan to re-launch it soon and I could share Metagame content directed to the people we
onboard and retent with our initiatives, making a window for the people to hear Bard’s
Night and learn about Metagame, offering the oportunity to develope a concept of
permaculture+self reliance backed by Metagame trough initiatives aligned with both
Adiwahtrive and Metagame (example: initiatives about gardening our 3d lands, Bard’s
Night music contest, etc.)

3Speak: Uploading Bard’s Night recorded Sessions to 3Speak (Decentralized video
platform) will allow me to have a direct window for each activity over my social media,
specially on the Hive Blockchain.

This time surfing blockchain I’ve made bridges with a variety of communities of early
adopters/users/artists who are doing their own journeys and that we could coordinate to
invite over Bard’s Night to have a first impression and know the project, create sinergy and
also use for difusion and catch up.


  • In terms of infrastructure the requirements would be guaranteed and reliable connection
    and a two channel audio interface, cables and microphone that could be bought directly
    with crypto on a store over mi city. This is the best option found:

  • We need somebody able to help us record the activities.