Topic archive from Townhall meetups

After the weekly Townhall meetup has been held, a post here will be created containing any links to further information and resources that were shared. (Making it easy to find again - for those who were there, for those who couldn’t make it, & reference for those who come afterward.)

The master list for future topics is available on Notion.

Following is an index to previous topic threads where links and resources were shared.

| Date | Topic | Speaker | Facilitator |

| 2021-01-22 | Occult | Gnomesky | Mprime |

| 2021-01-29 | Bioinformatics | Penguin | Mprime |

| 2021-02-05 | Lucid Dreaming | Drew H. + Metadreamer | Mprime |


Past and future schedule is in Notion here along with a condensed list of requested topics.

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Yes, I think I will remove the topic proposal part of this post - so that we can be sure it’s all in one place. This can then just be an ‘archive’ linking to each post that contains links to all of the info shared around the topic. Sound good @mprime?

However you think is best, I’m ok with @Sparrow

But I feel like linking previous topics from here is a duplicate of what we have in Notion.
So I’d be in favor of removing one of the two, and just leaving a single source of truth.

I vote for the Notion to be the single source of truth. This is just a way to archive resources shared during the talks, as they quickly get lost in the Townhall dump channel. So this topic was just a way to keep an index to each of those - to make it easy to reference.

Hmmm… I can’t see the edit button any more to add the next sessions to the original post?!

So, posting in comment instead.

| 2021-02-19 | Myths | Sparrow | Mprime |