Follow up links and info shared during Bioinformatics discussion

In the townhall meetup 22 January 2021, @c0mput3rxz introduced us to Bioinformatics.

Links shared:

Genetic screening before prescribing could benefit millions

"Better selection of medicines based on a patient’s genetic information could mean less side-effects and better treatment outcomes. This not only benefits the patient but also the NHS, as patients may not need to return to their GP so often to change their medication.

“It could also reduce hospital visits related to side effects of medicines. The testing process is quite simple in most cases, with a cheek swab sample collected and DNA analysed for genes related to medicines. As the cost of this testing continues to drop, the technology is more likely to represent good value for the NHS.”

Next Generation Sequencing in AML - On the Way to Becoming a New Standard for Treatment Initiation and/or Modulation?

From the introduction:

“Here, we systematically review current literature on the use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for the diagnosis, risk stratification, treatment initiation and/or modulation, as well as for response assessment in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). We conducted a literature search using the PubMed database and screened titles and abstracts with relevant data for the use of NGS in AML (search terms used: AML or acute myeloid leukemia and NGS or next generation sequencing). For targeted therapies we used the search term AML or acute myeloid leukemia and filtered the results for clinical trials within the last 10 years. Papers were included if NGS was used for either diagnostic, prognostic or therapeutic purposes or for response assessment. Medical therapy was included if a molecularly targeted therapy was used alone or in combination with other substances. We searched for ongoing trials with targeted agents.”