Wrapping Up Season X: Content Champion & Growth Contributions

Hey MetaFam,

As Season X concludes, and I step down from my role as Content Champion and Growth ring contributor, I want to make for an easy transition and hand-off. In this post, I will briefly discuss the activities that worked on in Season X so the next Champion/Contributor can pick up where I left off.


  • Updated and organized the Content board on DeWork to accurately reflect the tasks and activities across MetaGame’s content channels: podcast, newsletter, playbooks, Youtube, Lens, Twitter

  • Wrote a detailed outline for a post on the MyMeta & Ceramic/ComposeDB integration. Also had several calls with the Ceramic team (Corrado et. al) to discuss the grant payout, partnerships, and product strategy for MyMeta on Ceramic.

  • Created a Dive Into Decentralization Quest Chain using the DAO Research Collective’s peer-reviewed paper on Decentralization. Led many build-in-public sessions. Detailed resources are in Notion here. The QC is ready for publishing and sharing on social media.

  • Wrote-up a sample business model strategy that discusses how MetaGame can start to generate revenue by productizing its services.

  • Met with M&A and legal professionals to discuss creating a legal entity for MetaGame & a strategy for legal structuring and risk management. I also researched Colorado Co-Ops and wrote-up a detailed document with insights.

  • Tried to re-activate Patrons with a Patrons Call.

  • Coordinated the testing of Praise (a contributor recognition tool) and oversaw the creation of an internal Playbook for the tool

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