MetaGame's Business Model & A Call to Action (how we start to productize services & generate revenue)

Hey MetaGamers,

If you’ve been participating in calls and Discord threads, you know that revenue generation and sustainability has been top of mind for us as an organization. So it’s not surprising that these two topics came up during last week’s Patron Align meeting.

@Chair proposed an idea that I think has serious legs, so I wanted to put it into writing here and open up the floor for discussion.

TL;DR MetaGame should start to capitalize on what it does best: community and content. We do this by packaging community and content into services that we sell to other DAOs, (think Service DAO).

MetaGamers have spent the last three years experimenting with community building, onboarding, and content creation. Collectively, we have tons of know-how and skills, as evidenced by the plethora of Playbooks written, community calls hosted, Bards nights held, newsletters published, subscribers gained, podcasts recorded, and the list goes on and on…

The proposal is not to stop doing any of these activities, but rather to wrap these activities up into a service and sell them to DAOs in a way that would best meet the project’s needs. Over time, we could ‘templatize’ our services, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

This approach would require a mindset shift from shilling our own stuff to instead using our own stuff as resources and a knowledge base for serving the needs of other projects. In other words, we will no longer be working on activities that we personally find interesting, that satisfy our own itch, but rather on activities that are needed and will be useful to the ecosystem, building up our reputation over time as a service provider that cares deeply about the needs of the projects we work with.

Additionally, we would need an experienced salesperson to work with bridge builders and DAOs to finalize and close deals. @chair has already provided a contact.

These are examples of services that we could provide:

The people tagged above are folks who, I believe, have a long-term view on MetaGame, have a proven track-record, and whose skillsets would be a good fit for the job.

I look forward to the discussion!


I like it. I believe with templatizing would help not only for player growth (onboarding users to fulfill these duties when we become busier with these services.)

EG. - I am considering making a playbook for different workflows within my editing process and this would help someone jump into my position when/if I’m not available.

I definitely think this is a good route as you have given many good reasons why we are capable.


We’ve been talking about the service aspect of MG being monetized in some form. I think this makes sense and adds value. I am free to create NFT subscriptions for these services as well.


I wrote about some of this in the Path to Sustainability post a while ago but I think its really time to start acting on it.

As you mention, we’re already doing all of these things anyway.

I think we should be looking for individual sponsors for the newsletter & the podcast to make them self-sustainable independently but it should also all be packaged into a single thing, if that makes sense.

We already got a rough flow of having projects on the community call > maybe on the podcast > onboarding them & writing a thread about them > them having a guild page, profiles & option to integrate onboarding paths that lead to their project > adding them in the group with 30 other guild reps > adding their news to the newsletter.

This is pretty valuable in & of itself.
Then additional things could be a project feature or review in the newsletter & X tweets or retweets per X period in the shilling direction but also a flow where community calls lead to testing their product, giving them feedback, writing a playbook about using their thing etc.

Guilders ring could also easily be rebooted & sometimes good connections & updates shared that led to spontaneous bizdev & collabs.

We already have these packages on the guilds landing page, I think should just revamp them & start actively selling them :person_shrugging:

Down to jam on this during the next Growth call!