MetaGame App Ideas

Post the things you would want the MetaGame app to be able to do.

I’ll start:

  • Profiles
  • Leaderboards
  • Buy SEEDs
  • Spend SEEDs
  • Creating Quests/Raids?

Am not sure which one makes sense to add inside the app from the following I have pointed out. But listing out whatever I think would be needed atleast somewhere in the game.

  • Metagame economy stats.
  • Recent activities.
  • Creating events.
  • Grievance/ suggestion box.
  • Upcoming features.

How about villages inside metagame with each one unique and different from one another depending on purpose, or something that is collectively common?

I think @Polycarp pointed out it would be better to do this on Github, as people could upvote features.
Maybe let’s collect a bunch of them here first, then push them onto Github for prioritization?
At least then the ones that were added first won’t have an unfair advantage :man_shrugging:

i like the idea of a collaboration platform. so any dao/user can collaborate with any other dao/user. for me this is the base layer of metagame. i think all the ideas here should be thinking which collaboration tools / ideas are most useful and lowest hanging fruit to build? its nice that there are so many different ideas and projects on metagame but first the base layer has to be there then you can spread. so i suggest to bundle the attention of the metagame community to a laser focus project which is a role model for how a community can work together / collaborate. i think this project could be a DAO curated registry in collaboration with and
When the DAO registry is ready then it would be nice to have a DAOgarden to plant/invest Seeds into DAOs in exchange for DAO tokens. Seeds are not for hodling they are to grow DAOs in my opinion. Each user will have their own virtual garden. the more DAOs you invest the more plants you have in your virtual garden. the bigger the plant the more mature the DAO. the more fruits & flowers the more revenue, the more bees the more users. the more animals living in the garden the higher the social impact. different plant species represent different DAO Industry. everything is a representation for the real world and by looking at the garden you can see how healthy the ecosystem is.

Also another project could be a social network in collaboration with

Another project could be a DAO matchmaking platform. like a dating app but for DAOs/ DAO-users. so you type in what you are searching and then you get tinder like recommendations with the DAO profiles. For each match the DAOs receive XP. So also DAOs can earn Seed and earn XP and have a level. On top of that there are DAO matchmaker which get rewarded with XP if their recommended DAOs successful match. if they collaborate/partner up they get extra XP.

Another project could be an Idea incubation chamber where Ideas get matured until they can be planted in the garden. In the incubation chamber Ideas get nurtured by users until they are ready for planting outside in the wild. people who nurture the ideas earn idea tokens of the nurtured project. when the idea get planted in the garden / launch as a startup the tokens get converted into DAO tokens with a bonding curve to SEED tokens. to plant an idea into the garden / launch a Startup the idea needs the approval of the community by passing key milestones.

I think that the lowest hanging fruit is a milestone app where people can vote on metagame milestones/projects. perhaps just a milestone category in this forum with voting.