Workshop Shares/Ideas

What workshops do people want to see? What workshops can you offer the community?

Ref: #brainexchange, community roadmap

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There doesn’t seem to be much activity in the # :brain:-brainexchange channel, unfortunately. The attention is directed more towards the community gatherings.
Roaming around other DAOs I see a lot of workshops going on.
We need to step the game UP!

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I think we should have a multimedia NFT workshop and collaborator space.

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We had someone offer one about a month ago, then said they were busy with a newborn… any other suggestions of people to lead one?

I asked @HBesso31 about a proposal he did some months ago and he was positive:

Am down to craft a workshop on DAOplomacy, however this month is a no-no. Feb looks better.

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This sounds great! Will it be live, pre recorded, or written? There is a Workshop board on the Innkeeping Guild page of Notion

Any ideas here? I have started to comb the brain exchange in discord and message the posters if they are available for workshops.

We can do it live and record it so it keeps going :slight_smile: I would need to know when and for how many ppl is this of real interest

Recorded so infinite people with increasing interest?

I thought you were gonna do one on fungi networks?

I think I found someone else that can do it better, I’m hoping to coordinate it soon. They are currently at a conference for mycoprenuership

Though I also received feedback maybe it wasn’t in the scope of workshops to offer via Web3 focused MetaGame. .?

Nah, we gucci, we can totally offer that workshop. Do mprime proud! The only concern would be how much interest/attendance we can generate.

I see a mobilization in terms of workshops and scouting on :brain: brain-exchange so that’s very nice. But there is a great deal of them. Should we move some of these workshops for MetaFest if people agree to that?