What's next for metagame.wtf? (after UX/UI raid is finished)

As the end of the UX/UI raid is in sight, its time to start thinking about whats’ next.

  • What’s the next big feature we should build?

Imo there is only 1 big feature missing to make MetaGame a full coordination game - the inverse of quests, the bazaar, for people & guilds to post tools & services they offer.
…But there are also a bunch of other important things we could build.

I have no idea in which order we should build this (or whether we should build all of them at all), but here’s what I’m thinking.

Would love to hear what y’all think about this list, what you think we should prioritize & if you have any other ideas you think are equally important.

The Bazaar

The Bazaar - or however else we want to call it - is a place where people can post their offers.
It’s the offer side of the MetaGame market, the opposite of Quests.

Why do we need it?

There’s a lot of things on offer in MetaGame & for Web3 builders in general, that are not obvious.
There should be a place to put:

  • Our offers of running ads in the newsletter or the podcast
  • Other guild offers, like all the services from Raid Guild or dOrg
  • Other tools & services, like Coordinape or whatever else DAOs need
  • Whatever good or service people decide to list

Long term, it could have a Smart Invoice integration or a reviewing system for people to stay safe.
Short term, it can really be as simple as possible, like the questing system.


Tho we started Quests with the idea that they will be used for tasks, there are now products focused specifically on that - eg. Dework, which is like 100x better than what we have, realistically.

Our questing system doesn’t even have a way for people to attach bounties & pay people for completions, its highly unlikely we can catch up.

My proposal is to instead make it different. Make Quests about quests.

How? I’d split the page into 3 tabs:

  • Personal quests, where people can post things like “stop smoking”, “learn programming”, “reignite my local community” or “complete Playbook X” & get connected into cohorts of people with similar goals
  • Guild quests, where guilds can post their open roles & calls to action (or tasks if they really want)
  • Meta, where people can post quests like “stop global warming” & the “submissions” section is projects that are actively working on this issue

Of course its more complicated than that & some things could fit in all 3 categories, but we can cross that bridge when we get there.


There should be some kind of a matchmaking system. When starting a quest or a guild, it would recommend you the people to invite. To begin with, it could be based on skills & personality type. Long term, we could have more data points such as skill level or “personal goals” or something.

It would also require some way to notify people who have been invited - either an internal messaging/notification system via something like XMPT or EPNS, or the discord bot messaging you.

To begin with, there could just be a discord channel where the bot posts all calls to action across guild servers.


To make the platform more engaging & informative, I think there should be some kind of a feed.

We already have it, but its only surfacing the newsletter & the podcast, no user actions.

The feed should be surfacing things such as:

  • New player or guild profiles created or edited
  • Contributions added on Coordinape
  • New playbooks, quests or forum posts published
  • Messages with >X reactions on discord?

We could make it in a completely web2 way to begin with, or we could make these updates auto-post on Lens for additional promo, with MetaGame offering a filtered view of the Lens feed.

Discord bot

We already have it - but it could be a lot better.

Before expecting people to actively use metagame.wtf, I think we should meet them where they are.

A few features that would be great to have:

  • Ability to publish quests from inside discord
  • Sharing updates about quest applicants
  • Posting the above mentioned feed


I think we would greatly benefit from integrating some kind of an AI, like Chatbase https://www.chatbase.co/.

It can be trained on the wiki, playbooks, discord conversations etc. - then answer any questions by newcomers. It would offer instant responses & full context of MetaGame.

So far, a lot of newcomers have been asking lots of questions that they waste time on waiting & that are a waste of time to answer as 99% of newcomers don’t stick around.

Seed membership & boosting

There really should be a way to easily subscribe to buying Seeds.
After that, we can have some actual usecases:

  • First, obviously, the membership fee paid in Seeds (should be auto-deducted from the monthly subscription)
  • Then, Seeds as the default currency on the Bazaar
  • Spending Seeds to upvote & highlight quests/roles
  • Upvoting Playbooks & other content (curation)
    Bonus points & virality if we can make upvoting Playbooks ponzi-like. If you’re early to upvote a new Playbook that ends up really popular, you earn. I think there should be similar mechanics (less severe) as on friend.tech, except used to curate eg. Playbooks, rather than speculate on friend’s popularity.

Why I think these are important

  • Bazaar - can’t have a society without the “offer” side of the market. There are plenty of tools & services on offer, but no page in MetaGame to list them.
  • Quests types - Quests are unfinished product that needs a story. Cohorts are proven to be the most effective way for people to finish what they started on personal level, we need “open roles” on guild level & visibility into “bigger picture problems” - this Quest upgrades proposal does all 3.
  • Matchmaking - Because sifting through the expanding list of players is just not scalable, every multiplayer game has a matchmaking system for a reason.
  • Feed - Would bring visibility into whats going on & make the platform feel a lot more alive, promote engagement with people who are active etc. etc.
  • Discord bot upgrades - Meeting people where they are, on discord
  • NovAI - It’s become really easy to deploy & it would save people hours of time
  • Seed membership & boosting - Making it easy to buy & having actual uses will prevent Seeds from going to $0 & killing MetaGame.

Anything else?

Is there anything else you think we should build ASAP?

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