Wat Do Next, MetaGame?

There was a lot of great points made today, I think it would be great if we don’t lose them…

I suggest everyone writes what they think are the biggest problems & how they think we should address them.

A lot of this will require follow up calls & further discussions but I don’t see why not start it async & have it all written down while its fresh :man_shrugging:

Suggested format:


A paragraph defining the problem, multiple if multiple problems.


However long is needed to address it, more succinct as possible the better.

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A bit of a challenge for me was speaking into the void. Solutions are right in front of us. As I watched the MF2 guests closely, in the light of hundreds of other presentations I have heard on the subject, there are common themes and solutions. Unfortunately, the individuals that possess the skills to organize and execute these types of things are in high demand. Let me use an analogy: a boat docked in a harbor. MG has a neat looking boat that seats 150. Now we want to take that boat around the world, and some have got on the boat with zero experience and say “yeah! let’s go!” Others with some sea-legs and sea-worthy skills have come on board and have said “whoah, you are going to sink in the first storm”, and get off the boat. Others in between have got on and said a variety of other things and the boat still remains safely in the harbor; fun for day cruises, but may never leave bay. Whether something is a blessing or a curse is not always easy to figure out.
I don’t think I can bear to repeat the obvious, but there are ways these things can work, but everyone needs a little sea-training. And if this boat is ever in a storm, everyone better be able to do their job, or that boat is going to the bottom. Now that is not always the end of the story. Some boats are actually brought back to he surface and repaired. But the story remains the same.