UX Squad - Part 2 (July - August) Sero - Dave - Nitegeist

Monthly Progress Report for Metagame UI/UX Design and Project

  1. What We Did This Month:


● Display Dashboard without Connection: Sero and Nitegeist collaborated to implement
the feature that allows the dashboard to be displayed even when a user is not
connected. This improves accessibility and enhances user experience.
● Design Unified Roles/Playbooks Page: Dave took the initiative to design a unified
page for Roles and Playbooks. The design aims to centralize information and create a
smoother navigational experience.

Onboarding Page:

● Speed Up Onboarding Text by 2x: Sero made optimizations to the onboarding text to
make it twice as fast, thereby reducing friction for new users and expediting the
onboarding process.

Landing Page:

● Logo Leads Back to Landing Page: Sero implemented the functionality where clicking
the logo will navigate back to the landing page for better navigational consistency.
● Testimonial Section on Landing Page: Vid worked on integrating a testimonial section
to add credibility and social proof.
● Design Merging Player/Guild/Patron: Dave developed a design that combines the
Player, Guild, and Patron information into one unified interface for better user

XP & Leaderboard:

● Fixed Total and Seasonal XP and Ranking for Metafam: Sero and Dysbulic
collaborated to fix issues around total and seasonal XP and rankings, enhancing data
● Bug Fix in XP Leaderboard: Sero, Dysbulic, and Alec identified a bug that prevented
Metafam players from being displayed on the XP leaderboard. Alec is working on the fix,
and a PR is open and in progress.
● Task Creation for Guild-specific Leaderboard: Sero created a task for Dave to
expand the guild membership form to collect necessary information for guild-specific XP

Players Page:

● Dework Integration: Sero integrated Dework into the players’ page to provide additional
functionalities and a more comprehensive profile view.
● Uniformity in Player & Guild Links: Nitegeist and Sero worked to ensure that links for
Player and Guild match in formatting, improving consistency.
● Fix Username and Display Name Confusion: Alec resolved the confusion between
profile usernames and display names, enhancing clarity.


● Hasura Issues: Sero, Alec, and Dysbulic identified, fixed, and documented various
issues related to Hasura.
● ComposeDB Branch: Alec, Dysbulic, and Sero merged, tested, and debugged the
ComposeDB branch, enhancing database capabilities.
2. What is Pending:
● Dework Calculations for Seeds Earned: Sero is tasked with adding calculations for
seeds earned via Dework.
● XP Rehaul: Sero and Dysbulic are responsible for a comprehensive overhaul of the XP
● Gasless Minting for NFTs: Dysbulic is working on implementing gasless minting for
● Updating Links Display: Nitegeist and Dysbulic will be updating how links are displayed
across the platform.
● Global Search for Players and Guilds: Udit is developing a global search feature.
● Fix Guild Membership Sync: Alec will work on fixing issues related to guild
membership synchronization.
● Improve ComposeDB Profiles: Alec is tasked with fine-tuning ComposeDB profiles.

  1. How We Should Proceed:

● Close out All Open PRs: Allocate 1-2 weeks for focused work to close out all pending
PRs, preferably with the help of Sero and Dysbulic.
● Complete Design Work: Ensure all remaining designs completed by Dave are fully
specced and developed.
● Reprioritize Tasks: Conduct a comprehensive review of open tasks and reprioritize
based on current needs and project direction.

Issues Encountered:


● Technical Debt and Complexity: The speed of development is hampered due to
technical complexities and existing technical debt.
● Hasura Skill Gap: Most of the team lacks proficiency in Hasura, causing delays and
● CI/CD Issues: The Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline has been
unreliable, requiring attention and debugging.


● Sustainability Concerns: The UX Squad has raised concerns about the long-term
sustainability of the project infrastructure.
● Financial Stability: Dysbulic has expressed concerns regarding the project’s financial
● Monetization Pathway: There is a lack of a clear pathway to monetization, which poses
long-term viability risks.
● Frontend-Backend Collaboration: Frontend developers have expressed difficulties in
interfacing with the backend, indicating a need for better coordination and

This document provides a detailed account of the past month’s activities, pending tasks, and
issues encountered. It serves as a basis for planning next steps and strategies for Metagame’s
UI/UX design and project management

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UX design - July & August

  • Finished the design for “unify playbooks, paths & houses”
  • Unify Player, Guild and Patron signup pages
  • Various (implementation support, etc.)

1. Finished the design for “unify playbooks, paths & houses”

This ended up being a fairly simple design (Figma link) from a visual standpoint, once we aligned on all details.

2. Unify Player, Guild and Patron signup pages

This was huge. I started mapping out all the journey paths for the signup already in May & June (FigJam link). During July & August we’ve done a complete overhaul of the signup pages:

  • @peth streamlined the content for all pages :pray:
  • we explored possible ways of transitioning from the last section of the landing page to the signup step
  • designed the above-mentioned transition
  • designed a completely new unified signup page, bearing the distinct MG look & feel
  • designed interactions for the page
  • designed both desktop and mobile versions
  • produced prototypes with every new iteration of the design, gathered feedback, and went on to iterate forward

What I listed above are just the final results. On the way we’ve had many discussions, and many of the smaller parts had to be designed from scratch – e.g. guild tiers, both for desktop and then for mobile.

Here are a few demos


I wrote this report retroactively, from memory, some time after the contribution period has ended. As a result, I have probably missed adding some details. Moving forward, I will do much better in keeping track of all the work I’ve done and report it in a timely fashion :blush:

Happy to hear any feedback. Thank you in advance!

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