Use a two-tiered Coordinape to allay some of the dissatisfaction with SourceCred

Coordinape is a system akin to SourceCred for the determination of value added to an organization. Whereas SourceCred uses data analysis, Coordinape is essentially entirely subjective. Users are given quantities of a GIV token in a quantity decided by an administrator. They then gift those token to the members of their team, and, once the epoch is complete a value-laden token is distributed in proportion to the GIV distribution.

The method of allocation which intrigued @Misanth & myself on the Champions’ Ring call was the idea of a two-tiered distribution. In the first distribution, the recipients are the guilds and raids. We would skim a modest number of tokens from the mint after the SourceCred calculations, and distribute them to the guilds based on a GIV distribution. The guilds would then distribute those tokens to its members.

The implementation that @tenfinney & I started on today was to create a “Champions’ Ring” circle and add the champions to it.

I think this could be improved upon in two ways. One, rather than creating a champions’ circle, I would create one for “Guilds and Raids” where the members are the guilds and raids by name (Builders’ Guild, Writers’ Guild, etc.) rather than the leaders. That both makes it clearer where the funds should be allocated (not everyone might know who is what’s champion) and it reduces the possibility of the popularity of the champion affecting the distribution.

All the users in the circle can be “Force Opted Out”, so they can’t receive tokens, only the groups will be able to.

The second thing is I would distribute GIV to any player who is marginally active or who requests it. Champions can still be preferenced by giving them a larger GIV allocation, say 10–15⨯ a simple player, but it makes the system more egalitarian, and gets everyone more involved in the processes.

So far as implementation, I got on Coordinape’s Discord and was directed to a publicly accessible Hasura instance that can deliver the data we would need for a two-tiered approach very easily. I estimate a day or two to write the programs to do the calculations.

On the subject of adding a bunch of new users, I’ve recently been working with Puppeteer, which is a scripting framework for programatically driving Chrome, and I think I could work something up to automate much of the process in relatively short order.

One last question is how to distribute GIV within the guilds. You can have the champion and their deputy with 10⨯ & 7⨯ multipliers respectively, but does everyone else simply get the same amount?

For the Builders’ Guild, I was thinking we might base it off # of pull requests. Having created one gets your foot in the door and the base amount of GIV allotted. Having more than ten is worth 2.5⨯ & more than 25 is 5⨯.


I’m also against the champions circle and think that guild n’ raid circles make more sense. Things can always be tweaked within circles in terms of distribution and permission. Are we separating Internal Guilds from Raids is something to consider.

  • we need to determine what % do we want to allocate to base internal guilds and what to current Active Raids. Is it 50-50? Do we want to push more funds towards Raids or Internal Guilds, do raids fall under guilds, etc…

  • decide on the allocation model

-merit based (the more you contribute, the more you get)
-group ranking (champion gets x, deputy y, regular contributor z)
-everyone gets an equal amount
-each circle decides for itself or something else

If this works out, it would be cool to see a hybrid of sourcecred and coordinape where we have sourcecred for UBC (universal basic cred) and coordinape for Raids. 20-80 Ratio (reverse pareto XD)


I like both these ideas @dysbulic and @misanth . Let’s experiment with shorter epoch times and keeping them Guild specific. I got caught up in the Champions ring part because that is the only time/place that I see us coming together as doers/managers. Once MG is +/- 100 deep of contributing players, and each guild has a handful of active participants, the Guild Coordinapes will be more useful. At this point I agree that some guilds don’t even have a champion so the point is moot.
Let’s experiment as discussed above to make the Coordinapes guild-centric and letting the guild members decide the metrics whether it’s GH pull request for builder raids, and something like content submissions for artists, and message output for shillers as examples.