Season 9 Technology Ring

This is a proposal for what MetaGame should concentrate on in the technology domain.

Domain Scope

  • MyMeta codebase (everything in this repo)
  • Our deployed services: MyMeta frontend, backend, our discord bot, IPFS node, ceramic node, github actions runner, etc

Goals for Season IX

  • Keeping our deployed services up and running (see above). This is the unseen, generally unappreciated work of maintaining a large and complicated tech stack.
  • We won a grant for upgrading MyMeta to use ComposeDB and accomplishing the milestones detailed here. Milestone #1 should definitely be doable, goal is for that to be done and part of a big release before EthDenver 2023
  • A stretch goal for this season would be accomplishing the items in Milestone #2 in the above link

Potential Roadblocks

  • The usual pitfalls of maintaining infrastructure: inevitably, underlying software changes and breaks things, network issues cause unexpected errors. See: our sourcecred instance. These often cause fires that derail other generative work
  • I will call out our sourcecred instance as a particularly consistent and egregious example of above. I have to spent a few hours every month diagnosing / fixing stuff
  • We are building our ComposeDB integration on top of alpha software which is subject to breaking API changes. I am expecting some work to have to be redone in the next few months due to this.

Any feedback is appreciated in the comments. I may have left some context / content out.