Season 9 Technology Ring

This is a proposal for what MetaGame should concentrate on in the technology domain.

Domain Scope

  • MyMeta codebase (everything in this repo)
  • Our deployed services: MyMeta frontend, backend, our discord bot, IPFS node, ceramic node, github actions runner, etc

Goals for Season IX

  • Keeping our deployed services up and running (see above). This is the unseen, generally unappreciated work of maintaining a large and complicated tech stack.
  • We won a grant for upgrading MyMeta to use ComposeDB and accomplishing the milestones detailed here. Milestone #1 should definitely be doable, goal is for that to be done and part of a big release before EthDenver 2023
  • A stretch goal for this season would be accomplishing the items in Milestone #2 in the above link

Potential Roadblocks

  • The usual pitfalls of maintaining infrastructure: inevitably, underlying software changes and breaks things, network issues cause unexpected errors. See: our sourcecred instance. These often cause fires that derail other generative work
  • I will call out our sourcecred instance as a particularly consistent and egregious example of above. I have to spent a few hours every month diagnosing / fixing stuff
  • We are building our ComposeDB integration on top of alpha software which is subject to breaking API changes. I am expecting some work to have to be redone in the next few months due to this.

Any feedback is appreciated in the comments. I may have left some context / content out.


What I want to achieve over the next Season (3 months)

Primary goal is to complete the remaining items for our Ceramic grant, so we can pay folks out. This includes:

I commit to a project management role for the first two items (e.g. defining and scoping the work, creating dework bounties, reviewing PRs etc) and doing the implementation of the third.

Why this is important for MetaGame

  • Honoring our commitments (in the form of our grant proposal) is important.
  • A significant portion of the ceramic funds will likely end up in our treasury

Why am I the right person for it

I am likely the only experienced builder willing to do project management as well :wink:

How might I fail at it

Spring is a busy time of year and I’m going to be spending some time getting our garden in :slight_smile:

What I’ll need help with

  • I will likely need help scoping the first two items, and definitely implementing them, however we have had success with dework bounties thus far.

What I hope to get out of it

A portion of the Ceramic funds, commensurate with the time I took off another paid gig to get the work done. More experience with project management in a DAO context.

I pledge…

to commit a minimum of 5 hours a week to MetaGame, though that won’t be sufficient to actually get this all done, so I will need to work a few spikes of 20+ hour weeks as well.

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Thank you, Alec. I’m excited to see how your commitments will come to fruition.