Season 9 & Ahead!

Note: this is just the very first draft based on other championing proposals & my own thinking, subject to shitloads of feedback, improvements & discussion here & on the upcoming week’s calls

Since we now have a bunch of different championing proposals, I thought it would make sense to try to condense it all into a single post, unifying the roadmap.

Season 9

Season 9 is starting with the 1.0 well behind us & the DAO restructure well underway.


There really isn’t anything special needing to go into the community.
The community has always been one of our strongest aspects, we just need to keep up with what we’re already doing & add more of Chievemints.

In short:

  • Making sure Seeds & Chievemints are flowing out reliably
  • Making sure Community Gatherings are organized reliably
  • Some kind of surveying of players & patrons needs & wants

In more detail:

  • 'Chieves for quest completions
  • Discord integration of 'Chieves
  • 'Chieves displayed in player profiles in MetaOS
  • An improved UI for creating, managing & viewing 'Chieves
  • Dynamic Player card NFTs for all Players & Patrons
  • Add more workshops to the mix
  • Focus on community & player wellbeing
  • Finally get NFTs done for Fallen Ones, Eternals / the OGs

Champion & deputy

  • Luxumbra - taking care of the rewards system (Seeds & Chievmints)
  • Josea - taking care of the community calls


On the content side, we’re also already doing pretty well. We just need more regularly produced podcast episodes & a shitload more Playbooks. We also need sponsors.
Well or underwhelming! Well with tons of room for improvement!

In short:

  • Cont. regularly shipping newsletters, try to increase to 2/week
  • Record 12 more podcast episodes
  • Produce at least X Playbooks
  • Stretch goal: start producing 5min commentary on monthly MetaNews

In more detail

  • Unify all the content production effort into a coherent system (newsletter, podcast, playbooks & great houses)
  • Build a Playbooks/topic prioritization system
  • Hunting for Playbooks
  • Getting people to write new Playbooks
  • Finding orgs interested in getting Playbooks written
  • Improve onboarding content
  • Produce promo content for MetaFest
  • Finding sponsors for Playbooks other MetaMedia projects

Champion & deputy

  • Cami - taking care of the Playbooks
  • Rika - taking care of sponsorships & thinking about MetaMedia’s overall content strategy


We got a decent platform out there with bugs to iron out & features to get added
In short

  • Improving MyMeta Profiles by a shitload with the Ceramic grant
  • Figuring out priorities for the rest of MetaOS
  • Doing maintenance & solving unforeseen problems

In more detail

  • Fix the weird hamburger & card splitting bugs
  • Get MyMeta over to the new Ceramic version
  • Add profile pic to the profile creation flow, revamp the the quick-edit menu & other UI improvements
  • Make MyMeta load faster
  • Finish Playbooks integration
  • Figure out a prioritization system for issues &/or start doing more user research
  • Fix whatever bug or other maintenance related shit pops up

Champion & deputy

  • Alec - focusing mostly on MyMeta with Ceramic
  • Dysbulic - ???


There’s lots of growth to happen! We need to grow the userbase, we need to grow the teams, we need to grow the community, the number of guilds - and most importantly, we need to grow the treasury!

In short

  • Mostly focused on finishing restructuring/relaunching the DAO
  • Doing everything else needed for the fundraise & then the fundraise
  • Surveying existing guild needs & then onboarding more guilds

In more detail:

  • Finalize the thinking & deploy a new DAO on DAOhaus
  • Figure out the tokenomics
  • Finish the roadmap & the purplepaper
  • Produce the pitch deck & other material for the fundraise

Champion & deputy

  • peth - doing everything thats needed for the fundraise & then the fundraise
  • Anna(not confirmed) - taking care of shilling all of the above & the fundraise

Season 9 Success & Meta Quest

I’d say there are a few really important things in season 9, let’s recap:

  • Reliably doing more of what we’re doing on the community side & add Chievmints
  • Take MyMeta to the next level & not disappoint Ceramic
  • Increase production of newsletters & podcasts
  • Start reliably producing Playbooks
  • Do everything needed for the fundraise
  • Officially kick-off the fundraise

Meta quest:

  • Establish shitloads more feedback loops
    We’re kind of stuck in our chambers, pushing forward without thinking strategically & putting much consideration into what people want or need.
    We should start
    • Regularly collecting community feedback
    • Regularly surveying guild needs & pain points
    • Analyzing analytics
    • Maybe start using Mochi

Overall, this will allow us to be more in sync with each other, more in tune with the needs of our ecosystem, will know when things are or aren’t going well etc. etc.

Meta problem:

  • We do too much pioneering & over-engineering solutions, too little user-needs-surveying
  • The above mentioned feedback loops & clearer goals should solve it for the most part
  • Its worth thinking more deeply about our pioneering & over-engineering problem
    • Try to make it a part of the culture that minimum viable solutions are enough & we should focus on bigger problems than trying to solve simple problems with the most epic solutions.
    • Maybe introduce pioneering <> town planning cycles?
    • This could mean splitting up the year like:
      • Springs & Summers are for crazy new experiments & seeing what sticks
      • Falls & Winters are for sober analysis of what worked & narrowing of the focus on it
      • Basically, Spring & Summer seasons to venture out, pioneer (& get overbloated), then Fall & Winter for sacrificing what didn’t work & doubling down on what worked.

It will be a success if:

  • ?x more subscribers on the newsletter
  • ?x more daily active users, ?x average engagement time & their needs well known
  • ??x more money in the treasury

Season 10 & Onwards

Season 10 should start with MetaGame humming & the fundraise well underway.

In season 10 & onwards (until phase 2), in short:

  • Make sure everything is running smoothly, reliably & with a lot more feedback loops in place
  • Finish the fundraise
  • Focus on onboarding a lot more players & guilds
  • Fractalize into more rings
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