Season 5 MetaRadio

MetaRadio is MetaGame podcast with 4 series.

  1. MetaView
  2. Autonomous A/B
  3. Humans of MetaGame
  4. Frontiers of Coordination
  5. Share What You’re Makin’ w/ Chair & Bacon

Main goals:

  • Make at least one episode per week. That will be 12 episodes in the season. It will be good if we can make 2 episodes per week so let’s say 16 episode per season is the final goal.
  • Autonomous podcast stopped on Vinay Gupta & Diana Morret should we nudge them or call the experiment a failure?
  • Improve the distribution. We got some really good content but it’s not gettin’ out there enough.


  • There are podcast episodes with nice graphics on YouTube but we are mainly still on
    It will be really nice to have MetaRadio page. We are almost done with dashboard and mega menu and now it’s maybe good time to start with designing MetaRadio page.

To do:

  • Contact Vinay and Diana Morret and decide if Autonomous series it’s gonna continue.
  • Contact designers and builders about MetaRadio page.
  • Cooperate with shillers on promoting strategy.
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