Season 5 Builders

We want to make the Builders Align more productive and concrete.
I feel we can do this by taking the following format:

  1. Builders post their progress and plans before the call in the thread.
  2. Quick roundtable for players to add things to the agenda.
  3. Address points from agenda.
  4. During the call we go over the issues in ZenHub and sort out responsibilities.
  5. Finalize agenda for next call

Finish Ceramic integration and explore moving more parts away from Hasura to become as decentralized as possible
Finish Quest system incl. Raids
Ability for people to hire other people with smart contracts
Start with easily forkable and deployable MyMeta instance

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Thank you! Great to see you plan on adopting the champions ring practice :slight_smile:

Wasn’t this finally finished in Season 4? I thought we’re just waiting for the review & merge.

Also, these are the goals from the Season 5 Roadmap page, most of them are from Season 4.
Do you think some should be removed or does this look good?
Should I add the “make builder calls more efficient” on there?