Redefining Interspace

Again, a thread for interspace alone stuff. As I was adding the starfield animation to the interspace app, I thought that this needs some redesign and cleaning. Currently this is highly used as a virtual conference platform and am not sure if that’s gonna evolve into something else. But at this moment, we need some updation and cleanups for interspace.

Brief problems

There are various rooms for virtual conferencing like RaidGuild, House of Adoption, etc. And I think, we mostly use House of Adoption. Is the other rooms are being used too? I don’t know. Also, the rooms lack some purpose as I/we don’t know which room is used for what? and when? There’s also some non-conference stuff like Loft Radio but still don’t know how many uses it. Also, do we need the youtube and virtual hub windows? I think those are either unused or not defined properly. Regarding the platform we use for conferencing, is Jistsi gonna be permanent or will it change?

We need to rearrange the rooms and define what each one is? How each one will be used and when? Maybe a calendar inside the interspace app makes it easier to find what’s upcoming while keeping the rooms, utilities like Loft Radio, Libraries separate from each other.

Also, why the octopus (or maybe a giant kraken) is upside down? We need to update the designs out there. Currently, the rooms, earth and the octopus is designed in a single image file. Maybe some separation needs to be done there so that it’s easier to animate.

Improvents needed

  • Need to redesign the Kraken.
  • Define the purpose and need of each rooms.
  • Separate utilities and rooms.
  • Integrated calendar for upcoming conferences.
  • Allow people to mark on the calendar about their presence.

There’s even more that I can think of like 1-1 virtual rooms, events, etc. But before going further, it’s time to define what interspace is going to be and it’s limitations while making it organized and look good.


There are issues open on github for some of these updates, but we decided we won’t be further updating it as we’ll be getting over to Interspace v2

Oh… What do we have in Interspace v2? :face_with_monocle: