Proposal #31: Realigning & Focusing MetaGame

That would be great to see. I think you have a pulse on how to tackle revenue streams and it’s very valuable. I hope that MG proper takes you up on that offer soon.

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The best idea I’ve considered for MetaFactory is basically connecting them as an included service in any sort of income stream MG captures.

Any sort of marketing – any sort of NFT project, or protocol – Anything that has some degree of income – basically just sacrifice a part of that income as a “marketing budget” and fulfill orders on MetaFactory.

So, it’s not about people shopping for individual clothes on MF, but more like – MF connects and serves batch orders as a value add for whatever else anyone is organizing.

Just adds a cool physical layer to whatever is going on.

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I’m not sure I can properly comprehend your vision in tis fullness but it sounds pretty awesome and as a musician I am especially fascinated by the integration of sound into front end design. Happy to learn more about it :wink:

@rootdraws you seem to have a lot of interesting ideas, and we should better start realizing one or two of them. Especially the educational side with the use of skillshare or any other platform is something I am looking forward to. Care to join the Rainmaking Raid?


Hey PVF - sorry i faded this.

Ive been working on some skills for nfts — making a minting page - and learning a bit about my own minting contracts - and some stuff about portfolio management.

At the moment im angling for a grant from Optimism - cause that seems like a nice income source and i have a cool project idea for them that i can execute.

Im still a patron and would like to ascend the patron ranks.

I also have some ideas about metafactory integrations - and i think metacartel and metagame is hip.

So — yea.

I think something i was needing more of was just some skills that ive almost got now.

I could see myself pursuing rainmaking guild sometime.