Last updated: 14.9.2020

MetaRadio is MetaGame’ podcast that wants to be a podcasting & music network.
Currently, it is just a podcast that can be found here.

The podcast is called MetaView because it is supposed to be giving a wider view of the ecosystem & the world as a whole. There will also be 2 other episode types: 1 in which we’ll be talking to people from different guilds about ways in which we could collaborate & the other is about interviewing MetaGame players.

Other than this, we have a few other podcasts ran by players of MetaGame, such as Wizard of Dapps & Mess Adoption and a lo-fi music station Loft Radio.

The idea is that we should bring this all under one banner that is MetaRadio, which will be easily accessible through MetaGame or playing in the background when browsing the wiki.

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  • You can read more about the type of things that need to be done for the podcast itself here.
  • If you want to help, there’s a channel on Discord for it.
  • If you can’t see the channel, contact petheth.

What if metaradio and metalibrary are linked so each episode there is a different metalibrary topic which get explored. In this way people producing the podcast also contributing to metalibrary

Yeah it’s all connected. How would you further connect it?

thats not a helpful feedback, because its a facts that everything is connected. Its like saying Yeah the earth is round.

What would i how connect with what further?

Well this wasn’t a very useful feedback either :joy:
Wiki already links to the podcast & podcast already links to the wiki. Podcast topics are inspired through the wiki & the people producing the podcast already are contributing to the metalibrary.
EDIT: Also, MetaRadio will have a page on MetaLibrary.

You suggested they should be linked, so how do you think they should be linked?

haha perhaps for some is would be useful that the earth is round. It’s always impossible to generalize.

I just read your post don’t know anything else about metaLibrary and MetaRadio. Probably linking was the wrong word. I was just saying what you are already doing:

With Wiki you mean the MetaLibrary of MetaGame correct?
And MetaRadio will have a MetaLibrary within the MetaLibrary of MetaGame?

Yes, Wiki = MetaLibrary
MetaRadio will not have a MetaLibrary, MetaLibrary will have MetaRadio on it.

Set up the radio backend today.

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To further clarify: I set up an AzuraCast instance in a VM on my homelab server (with gigabit internet right next to a datacenter). AFAIK, it will be pointed towards a subdomain.

I chose AzuraCast because I have previous experience using it for a now-defunct internet radio station. It allows live broadcasts, playlists, live DJing/playlist building, ad breaks, upload access, and robust admin tools for management.

I gave 30gb of access for library storage, but can expand it as necessary as it’s a .qcow2 virtual disk.

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This is awesome. Thank you.
Seems like will be the domain via @c0mput3rxz

Cool, ping me on discord when it is live- may need to fiddle with the backend load balancer to make sure it resolves correctly.