MetaGame's Decentralization & Alignment

This was not the first time the concern was raised so I thought it might make sense to address it in a thread for future reference in case more people pop-up.
Instead of discussing & explaining my position every time, I will simply be linking to this post.
Hopefully, other DAO summoners will also find it useful.


It has been said in the past that I’m a dictator telling people what to do.
That people change their tasks, raids & proposals based on what I tell them.
That I “give people roles & then tell them what to do”.
Yeah, I basically go around begging people to come work for MetaGame, they ask me what needs to be done & I tell them. Sometimes they do it, more often they don’t.

I want to note that every player & especially every champion has autonomy to do things & make proposals they want, the way they want them.

  • The fact a lot of people take my feedback to heart doesn’t make me a dictator.

The most recent person who shared this concern before, once went so far as to say that I should be sticking to my own role in MetaGame & not share my feedback so openly “because you have too much influence over the roadmap”.

  • Well damn right I do.

If I wasn’t “influencing the roadmap” - there would be no roadmap.
We would have more of the same - people doing whatever they like, pushing in their own directions instead of making concerted efforts in actually building the a massive online coordination game.

DAO Maximalism

I think DAO maximalism can be a problem.
We never set out to build “the most decentralized of all DAOs” (afaik, the website nor the forums nor the wiki dont even mention us being a DAO) & with democratic 1 person 1 vote voting, we probably are among the most decentralized. How much more decentralized should we be?
In fact, I’d say less decentralized, if we want to achieve anything.

I’m not here to “build a DAO” & I’m not here to be nice to everyone.
In fact, if I think you’re derailing a project or a discussion, I will be the opposite of nice.


I never wanted to be a leader.
I was actually so naive as to think that random people will come, pick up their roles & all row in the same direction all by themselves.
Unfortunately, this is far from reality.

But the truth is simple - without alignment & people rowing in the same directions - projects don’t go anywhere & then they fizzle out. It’s no wonder that failure rate for DAOs is even higher than startups.

I will continue championing roadmap until I am voted out of this position.
(very much open to feedback from other champions but the roadmaps I made were always made out of the calls & forum posts by other champions, not what I wanted them to be)
Whoever has a problem with me trying to get people to align on a single direction & asking people to stick to it - feel free to start a proposal to remove me from this position or fork MetaGame.


I just barely joined and I appreciate any kind of direction I can get from someone who has understanding of where my skills can be used most efficiently, especially if that someone is the founder of this brainchild. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my own voice, and will speak up if I feel my skills are not being directed in the way I think they should be, but I can already see that the big players in this Game are going to lead me to where I can prosper.

I believe the main objective of MetaGame is continuous improvement, that means things will change over time, but I expect the community to follow the paths that are laid out until new paths emerge/are created. What I have seen of the current roadmap is a beautiful thing that I believe should be exciting for all who understand the scope of this project. If someone is giving you a hard time, I think they may be better off directing their energy elsewhere. Otherwise they can re-frame their thinking and realize that this is an opportunity like no other.

Thank you peth (and Nova).

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