Metagame Court / Metagame Fellowship

the metagame court or the Metagame Fellowship is very similar to aragon court. users need to stake a cerstain ammount of seeds + a brightID to become a member in the fellowship. you don’t get selected more likely if you stake more then the required Seeds. every time there is a dispute within metagame, three random fellows will get selected to solve the dispute. if a user is not satisfied s/he can stake Seeds to apply for the next dispute round with more fellows and so on. the fellowship of the metagame can also be used to curate stuff or as an oracle etc. The Metagame Fellowship can be harnessed in exchange for SEEDs to extract the wisdom out of it. It is an important infrastructure for metagame.

I think this makes sense. For now we can get away with solving disputes by top stakeholders, but we should definitely transition to a more decentralized system with time

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1Hive has been working on exactly this! Its a really high priority for us, as we are building an Aragon Court integration but our main DAO isn’t on Ethereum.

Perhaps it could be an opportunity for a 1Hive x Metagame collab, or if its not an immediate thing perhaps @Mauro you would like to join up and work on it with us?

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For what would you need me? I am not a programmer.

Metagame Fellowship is not connected to Aragon Court. It just has similarities with aragon court. You need a brightID and stake Seeds so that you can be part of the fellowship. Members can apply/select different fellowship jobs like forum admin, juror, curator etc.

We are planning on deploying an instance of Aragon Court codebase with some modifications that limit stake based on BrightID, I thought that this is what you were suggesting the Metagame Court/Fellowship might look like. Most of the discussion for that is happening in the tribunal channel on the 1Hive discord.

If your not a programmer but want to be involved there is always ideation, documentation, communications related tasks that would help push things forward. :slight_smile:

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ah ok so you fork aragon court. So i need a valid brightID and stake honey and then i will become a juror or member or 1Hive Court/Fellowship ?

I like 1Hive I will join your discord soon.

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