Meeting notes from Playbook Jams

tags: MetaGame Playbooks

Playbooks Jam Thu Sept 2 2021


  • Bagsy, Tommy, Misanth, TenFinney, Michiel, Chair

TenFinney NFT Distribution

  • Working title: “How to receive your player NFT”
  • Is issuing nfts to mgame folks
  • Will recreate steps taken and write guide/playbook from that point
  • High Level
    • Create nft
    • Distribute
    • Confrim champions have claimed
    • Include steps taken in playbook submission
  • Mint will happen today (best case scenario), maybe tomorrow
  • Once folks have claimed and confirmed success of the steps
  • Super Duper: Done by Next Playbook Jam
  • Goal: Two week deliver
  • TenFinney to post in Champions ring
    • Needs unlocking / visibility for TenFinney
  • TenFinney Nice to Have: A playbook partner to document and catalogue the steps taken to write the playbook in tandem.
  • NEED: A query that easily checks whether a player’s 0x address is indeed a Champion / Player

Guide to Tokenomics

  • Is not a Playbook, is a RAID
    • Tenfinney
    • Fearless
    • SoulSista: TokenEngineeringCommons member
      • Youtube vide available of metafest talk given
      • Is in Playbooks Chan now

TenFinney Donut Resource

  • The tool itself requires a playbook
  • The donut/tree is an excellent map for playbook writers to follow, to drill down and determine/discover content that needs expanding upon.
  • Creates a local ipfs instance which allows the users to create their own content


  1. Are current playbook writers still in progress?
    • Musashi
    • DefileZebra


Action Items

  • Champions Ring Unlock for TenFinney for NFT distribution
  • Chair: Study TenFinney’s donut
  • Chair: During Champions ring on Monday, call out TenFinney’s NFT claiming process within CryptoVoxels.
  • Chair: Follow up with in-progress playbooks authors:
    • Musashi
    • Gnomeski
  • Chair: Cleanup Playbook after chat with authors
  • Alignment with Adam Stallard and team about CryptoVoxels
  • HOW TO CLEAR TABS PLAYBOOK - TenFinney created a video and system


  1. NFT creation and claim playboooks pushed
  2. Clarity on what is in progress
  3. Expand / think / create pipeline for playbooks with TenFinney’s Donut system as inspiration.
  • metafactory donut ties