Meeting Notes from Champions Ring call

Champions Ring 31 May 2021

Atendees: Bagholder Mcfomo III, FearlessThompson, penguin, kyle Stargarden, Misanth, peth, geleeroyale, gnomeski

Summary :

  • The format of this call has evolved and needs to continue to evolve! Due to a lack of quorum after the meeting ran over (creating conflict with Headhunters align) I interrupted to ask that we discuss the format of this meeting and suggestions for improvement as the first item of business for our 6/7 meeting. In the meantime, please submit status updates in advance of our call through the #Champ-report channel.
  • We spent most of our time discussing hot topics from the builders guild. Priority items include: a need for a schedule change for the Wednesday meeting, the need for release testing, and a need for support as meeting/scrum master for a few months. Wishing the best for GeleeRoyale and family as they welcome another child in a few short weeks.

Discussion :

  • State of the weather
    • Blue skies above many players today
  • Geleeroyale representing The Builders guild
    • May have to reschedule Wednesday call
      • Giveth call creates a conflict and has 2nd baby expected next week!
    • Need a replacement
      • Serve as Scrum master and keeping conversation going?
    • Builders guild needs some people testing and there needs to be a framework
      • Need user journeys, could be a good opportunity for designers or writers to engage
      • How can we encourage the people of metagame to test?
        • Ideal testers can communicate/share test results, file issues, bring evidence (Console logs and a good description of the bug)
      • Testing last few days before big merge
      • No structure for tests, so may be why no one is doing it?
      • Use Quests?
      • Should be a better workflow between designers and testers
      • We have 136 members with a builder role
    • What are the builders working on right now?
      • Closed 10 isssues
      • Have a staging environment now
      • Fixed deployment previews in vercel
      • Dysbulic working on ceramic
      • New script to help with sourcecred XP and runs once a day
      • DNS permissions?
        • Domain needed
      • Have some new people
        • Heard a request for UI help
        • Saw many interested designers hanging out in the builder’s call
      • transfer to roadmap based planning
    • Builders meeting at 7a PST on weds
      • 2 most active builders on opposite ends of the planet Dan13ram and Alec
  • Shillers guild having a speaker come through maybe thursday
    • Having a speaker and someone requested a recording
  • Misanth on oboarding
    • How long do potential players have to get involved?
    • No real timeline but maybe there should be one

Champions Ring 07 June 2021

Attendees : Bagholder McFomo III, mprime, penguin, tommy, Misanth, Gnomeski, FearlessThompson, Peth


  • No roadblocks to talk about but we spent about 25 minutes discuss about the meeting format. Good feedback on the call and some DMs after, and I have a plan for next week.
  • Metarrhizal network is coming along (FINISHED BEFORE THESE NOTES ARE POSTED!) as is a Writers playbook
  • Hack-a-long looks to be a go for September, look for more information as it becomes available

Any Roadblocks that we should discuss?

Cool sounds of silence, not even a bird chirping in the background.

On the format and goals of this meeting:

  • Penguin: Last week we spend most of our time discussing builders call and didn’t have a chance to talk about anything else
    • Penguin Attended last week’s builders call at 7a local time for him
      • Michiel will cover facilitating the meeting while Gelee is away
        • Builders may benefit from more direction/project management to help make sure we are working on the right things
      • Minor tests are making sure that we are on the right track
  • Historically for this meeting
    • Report on meeting, last few weeks we have submitted updates in advance of the call and had a much looser agenda
  • Penguin: This meeting is a valuable decompression and chance to catch up with others that are taking ownership of raids and making things happen.
  • What’s important?
    • Intra-guild relations
    • Sharing what is coming next and where focus is needed

Updates and discussion:

  • Tommy

    • Helping to champion playbooks for innkeeping and necromancing
      • Pretty good tab on participation as an innkeeper so plays well into necromancing
    • Tommy and Bagsie picked up the sickle from Luxumbra
      • May need purge help soon
    • Playbooks: slight roadblock with Docusaurus
      • Chair might be a good resource to help with that
    • Pleased to report that it is getting easier to onboard new players thanks to the better onboarding effort
  • Peth was running late but should be on soon

  • Bagholder McFomo III

    • Had a lot of fun with MCDC
    • Nervous doing interview
    • Tokenomics to drive liquidity
    • Learn more about twitter strategies with FearlessThompson
  • Gnomeski

    • Working on getting the first writer’s guild call going
    • Figuring out call time (9p locally for Gnomeski) but seems to work for others on Thursday
    • Lots of interest in creative lore pt2
    • Follow up with those with bandwidth
    • Putting together writer’s playbook
      • Found flow and up to about 5k words
  • Penguin

    • Weds did builders call and recorded and scribed for the meeting
      • I asked that those also be shared in Meeting notes channel
    • Caught up with a lot of guilds
    • Enjoyed Jose playing some music afterwards
      • Spiritual awakening center in Venezuela
    • Good social events this week
  • Mprime

    • Enjoyed the onboarding call flowing into community call and meeting new players, but concerned about start and stop times crossing or colliding.
  • Misanth

    • Had a cohort call that transition to community call
      • 30 min each back to back before the community call can be challenging to manage time
    • Curious Octos couldn’t see townhall dump last week, but that is now fixed
    • Seeing more patrons flow in
    • Tested out the stage to invite speakers
      • Downside is that’s its only audio
      • Allows for a larger session
      • Screen sharing limitations so will likely remain in standard discord voice channel
    • Metarrhizal sprint
      • Nearly half of discord channels complete and hope to be complete soon (DONE!)
    • Initially noted that patron needs 5 seeds, just re-did the info graphic because its now about 6 seeds
      • If you see reference to Patronage being 5 seed in Notion or discord, please share in #issues-and-ideas channel
    • Need help: need the framework for cohort
      • Kyle may be working on this already, doesn’t want to duplicate so will check with him
        • Fearless may have info
      • Until we get the framework Misanth is just freestyling
      • Full process and specification for how an engaged Octo graduates to player
        • Few ideas floating around
        • Key take away is that someone should vouch for engaged octos
        • Not everyone should have to wait a full month
  • FearlessThompson

    • Metarrhizal network video still in the pipeline but still some prerequisites needed before some of the video work can begin
    • Misanth and Fearless will kick this out soon
  • Peth

    • Need to activate the Shillers guild on latest podcast episode
    • Someone from builder’s guild to put up meta cartel ventures page
      • Bagholder will sync up with Peth after the call on this
    • Hack-a-long update
      • Italy lets anyone in right now
      • We will end up with less space than we were originally planning
        • Now limited to 7+5= max 12 people
      • September 1-30
        • Will not be limited to just in-person though
      • 21st of September is end of season 3 and beginning of 4
      • What kind of event do we want to do?
        • Some talks or just hacking?
        • Who should be invited?
        • Deposit
        • Are both a vaccine and negative test required?
          • More to come
          • June 9 update: vaccine is NOT required - only need a negative test not older than 24h

Season 2 ends soon on June 21

Penguin will be unavailable in month of August

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Champions Ring 14 June 2021

Attendees : defileZebra, FearlessThompson, metaverde, mprime, penguin, kyle stargarden, Misanth, Bagholder mcfomo III, peth, Michiel

Summary :

  • Our first Shillers guild call will be tomorrow!
  • Seed minting delays are on everyone’s mind as the process is refined

Proposed discussion topics based on submissions in advance of the call:

Dave- Analytics for MyMeta

Peth- season closing/launch

Mprime- meetup master on champions guild


  • Analytics? PR for Google Analytics , but not sure how to help accelerate the effort or what is still needed
    • Michiel motivated to avoid Google Analytics and look for an alternative
  • mprime
    • Feels like meeting master is a grandiose title for organizing 20 minutes of discussion every week
    • Would rather focus time and energy on experiments such as skill bots and brain exchange and forego the Champions call
      • Penguin supports focusing work on skillbot and skill tree
  • Still have no champion for elevate category
    • You, reading this… could that be you?
  • Bagholder wants to discuss the Shillers guild as communication hub for metagame
    • Some debate about Shillers role on Internal v external comm
      • internal comm seen as the domain of the innkeepers
      • Bagholder sees Shillers guild
    • Podcast doesn’t need to be ran by Shillers guild, but could be considered an arm
      • Video and audio could share assets
    • Shillers guild call 3p UTC
  • FearlessThompson
    • Metarrhizal complete
    • Defining cohorting with 3 step process on figmajam
    • Looking for Assistance with scripts for video, has someone specific in mind and will reach out
    • Looking at Social media with a tool called Rows
    • Needs to catch up with Bagholder on twitter threads
  • Metaverde
    • DAO to learn coursework
    • Ongoing thing? Share courses amongst DAOs?
    • Proposing a News station possibly through Shillers?
  • Michiel
    • Here representing Builders Guild, last week call was recorded and is available
  • Penguin
    • Spoke bots with Vy-vy-vi and they will work on Sherpa bot
    • If you leave Chocolate Starfish (Cstar) emoji, it will remove itself and report the post anonymously
      • Cstar update and whisper bot and report to mod log rather than dungeon channel
      • Cstar Not optimized to avoid repeating the same thing over and over again, but that will be an upcoming enhancement
    • Top of mind is minting
      • Better communication needed around initiatives
      • Multi-sig minting
    • Looked at “House of …” writings and haven’t made any progress and are not high priority
    • Metagame shirt is about to change soon? 3 eyes retired
  • Kyle
    • Headhunters call coming up shortly
    • Hack money would be a good place for headhunters to look for builders
      • Starts in 4 days
      • A few different calls leading up to it
        • Most interesting one is the enzyme on chain management call tomorrow at 10PST
      • Still looking for typescript, react, nextjs and graphql
      • Inquired about the Angel list advert
        • Results were below expectation, few exciting candidates
  • Misanth
    • Will organize an “in-depth DAO call”
      • Maybe 5pm UTC after Shillers call tomorrow? Tbd but keep an eye out
  • We all agree that mint needs to have a schedule and stick to it, and initiatives should be discussed as a group on a call.
  • Peth
    • Season closing in a week
      • Formalizing the mint process and schedule as an end of season goal?
      • Open office type of thing to wrap up and retrospective
      • Ceremony on Monday 6/21
        • Define what we want to do next season

Champions Ring Meeting

Monday 2021-06-21

Attendees: Chair, Bacon, Bagholder Mcfomo III, Dave, DefileZebra, Fearless Thompson, Mprime, Penguin, Kyle Stargarden, Misanth, Peth


  • Controller addresses and what needs to be done to fix it
  • Individual updates
  • New DAO meeting, times proposed and Misanth will look into Doodle to try and figure out best time

Individual Updates


This Week

  • Season close/open is today
  • OpenOffice: Peterpan is doing an AMA on Friday’s Community call 2021-06-25 will likely be a larger crowd.


This Week

  • Clarifications on overlapping issues. Misanth clashing with Fearless and Penguin. Redundancy abound. What is the difference between the onboarding sub-categories, perhaps only needs one champion? Ex: Better Onboarding vs Onboarding specifically. Perhaps a name change for better clarity is necessary.
  • Clarification on OpenOffice. (Peth answer) OpenOffice is about opening calls to outsiders to come see how Metagame works. (Kyle answer) maybe calling Onboard(ing) vs Onboard(ers).
  • Some players are engaged, some not, looking for opinions on certain players. Some specific players mentioned for potential shoutouts during graduation process.
  • Call times: Proposing 10am Pacific / 5pm UTC for call times. What says the crowd? Better Monday or Sunday? Kyle objects with HeadHunters call conflict.


Past Week

  • Headhunters created a list of actionables. Looking to create an official process and code of conduct, due to the external facing nature of the headhunters role.
  • Many dev responses for TypeScript/JS devs, less Hasura and GQL adepts. Devs find MetaGame sexy.
  • Entry is closed to the hackathon, 1,000 contributors. 170 completed the team building exercise. This gives us many resources to spread across the communities.

Help Needed

  • Needs ability to pin messages in HeadHuntersGuild Chan.
  • Needs help HeadHunting until July 5th, then big push on the 5th/6th.


Past Week

  • Went to HackMoney, met with David Choi (metacartel) reconnected, yeet. Good resources at the hackathon, project is looking to bring additional funding to DAOs that need it the most.
  • Working on youtube videos, scheduled a few to go out.
  • Seed distribution went out last week, discussions have been resolved. Metadreamer was on vacation so Penguin executed the proposal and updated the Merkle root. Was able to follow MetaDreamers steps and recorded a video and was able to share to folk. Video needs editing over the stumbley parts.
  • Zebra: The ledger has been updated, does that need to be added to the list of things that need to be done when minting.

This Week

  • Metagame shirt is changing this week for MetaFactory.
  • House of Defi: Working on drafts, probably going to make a PR.
  • Kyle: Working wth idea of using SuperFluid for contributions in the future. Penguin has reservations.

Help Needed

  • Needs help with descriptions for the Youtube videos. Looking to start pushing work through. Bagsy has done a bunch of the work alread. Still needed: go through videos and collect socials. Bagsy will elaborate on help he needs.


Past Week

  • “They who shall not be named” was boothammered from RaidGuild, should they be on the MultiSig?
  • There was miscommunication between Mprime and Peth re: Meetup Mater role. We have achieved clarity on the role. Mprime will halp.


Past Week

  • Better onboarding call was interesting, 10 people starting, 2 people at the end. Decision process was discussed. There are now boards created with Evergreen quests.
  • Blender skills leveling up, looking to spend more time with videos.

This Week

  • Better onboarding toolshed was created, only a few action items left to complete. Questions, onboarding, 2 videos, NFT award (design) and NFT award (tech).
  • FreecodeCamp camp CAMP: Happening perpetually across the next 3 weeks.
  • Shillers guild: Speaking with Bagsy re: approach and marketing. There is a figma for mapping. The guild needs to come to a consensus on how to track and review.
  • Playbooks UI is in the mix, will get done.


Past Week

  • FiltersUI: Made progress with Dan, will post link to staging. Mobile version is live in figma.
  • MegaMenu: In progress, Trolleo workin on assets. Struggling to catch up with Blake outside of the 2 alignment meetings.
  • Analytics: Has been assured there is progress but no visibility on it yet.
  • Add block: Personal customized profile pages. Paired with Luxumbra. There is a figma prototype.
  • Playbooks: Taking surveys, in early stages, waiting for feedback. Looking at Docusaurus personalization functionality, are users to be able to login and save bookmarks, etc.

This Week

  • Role Selection: Making sketches and scoping. Alex/Peth also working on scoping.


Past Week

  • Shillers guild: first meeting was last week, discussed the nature of shilling. Conversation is not yet finished. Next step: establish formal schedule and processes.


Past Week

  • Started working on knowledge working things, discussed with Mprime.
  • Spoke with Misanth (gah i missed this part)
  • Talked with Musashi an setup Defi channel with Metagame discord.

This Week

  • Looking to create content on specific Defi content.

Help Needed

  • This meeting time isn’t great for Bacon.


Past Week

  • Pushed Eth Coaching playbook

This Week

  • Working on Video and Written content for Playbooks with Bagsy

Controller proxy Issue

  • High level: we need to adjust how it is setup. Cuz bad actor. You know who.

S3W2 Champions Ring 28 June 2021

Attendees: Bagholder Mcfomo III, Misanth, DefileZebra, Peth, Gnomeski, Bacon, Chair, Tommy, Mprime, Durgadas, Luxumbra, Metaverde, penguin, Dave


  • DefileZebra had connection challenges throughout the call. Thanks to everyone for the patience and keeping the call moving as I faded out and dropped connection repeatedly
  • SundayFunday is a go on July 4
  • DAO operations call with Misanth will be scheduled for 7/5/2021. Do not miss it.


  • Misanth not many votes on the Doodle request for availability thanks to the 7 players that did

    • DAO meeting
      • Transparency
        • DAO and minting
      • Pinpointing core issues
        • Lets hash though big picture concerns and get to the bottom of them
    • 1 hour before champions ring will have DAO call on July 5th
  • SundayFunday and rap battle tournament

    • Reward for battle?
  • Fearless- Rows integration

    • Still need a few key contributors to get setup
  • Bacon

    • Refocus on knowledge management
    • Put together who’s who, dynamic org chart
    • Wiki feedback
    • Interview idea- may be tough to sustain over long-term but Tommy welcomes bacon to innkeepers align to develop the idea further
  • Peth

    • Wiki editing process there is no playbook category so that is why defileZebra couldn’t see it to collaborate on
    • Luxumbra jumps in and explains that we use Netlify CMS to try and simplify contributing, but because the playbooks include custom mdx extensions, they are not well supported. JonathonP is looking into wiki upgrades so that custom components can be easily added.
  • Fearless

    • During Thursday call tried to run through exercise
    • Assembled a video team last week
  • Chair

    • Working with design guild and doc started
    • Playing around in Adobe Premier Rush
    • Hack md playbook pushed
    • Will focus on Video playbook series and slow down on written stuff
    • May need help by end of the week, will reach out
  • Bagholder

    • Shillers stuff was already well covered with Fearless and Chair
    • We do have upcoming meme raid
    • Monday and Friday as days to have metagame tweets go out
      • Would like to crowdsource some subjects
  • Penguin

    • Doing xp fairy stuff and excited for DAO call
      • Will crush some of the communication and coordination issues
    • Busy headhunting at the hackathon
      • Building a protocol that will push unstoppable liquidity
        • A token index
  • Fearless

    • Will continue doing video descriptions
  • Tommy

    • Taking over better onboarding time slot with innkeepers align
  • Misanth

    • Working on awards with mushashi
    • Trophy art is basically made

S3W3 Champions Ring 05 July 2021 was cancelled for the DAO minting and Strategy call:

S3W4: Champions Ring 12 July 2021

Attendees : DefileZebra, Bacon, Chair, FearlessThompson, Gnomeski, mprime, penguin, tommy, Misanth, Kyle Stargarden


  • Hack Money team returns with prizes. Congrats Luxumbra, Penguin, MetaVerde and Kyle Stargarden!
  • Lots of action around playbooks
  • DAO call topic prioritization and subsequent calls will be scheduled

Discussion :

  • Misanth

    • Cohorts: how to Cohort and Cohort tracking created
    • DAO call follow-up
      • Lets circle back at the end
  • Tommy

    • Innkeepers align was productive
    • Migrated Notion expanded on it
      • crypto voxels scavenger hunt/tour
    • Playbooks sprint
    • Move content factory started Kanban board
    • Necromancing
      • Eowolia is helping
      • Troubleshooting the landslug role
        • Users are being pegged as robots and then not seeing the captcha
  • Penguin

    • Splitting calls at the moment, check back later
  • Michiel

    • DAO call
    • XP of players
    • Tenfinney
      • Has a skill tree and should connect with mprime
  • Gnomeski

    • Seasonal work has kept him busy
    • Writers’ guild has many members but not many active contributing
    • Worked with Lux on PRs
      • May have created controversy and resulted in review of the workflow for the Wiki
    • Started writing another playbook
    • Taxil did some glossary work
    • Lore 2 is huge and longer left it feels like it gets bigger and bigger and gets daunting
      • Uncertain about how much interest there is with all the focus on writing playbooks
    • Anticipating mayhem with a pending move and some travel coming up
  • FearlessThompson

    • Playbooks UI small working group
      • Lux, dave, Jonathon P
      • Docusaurus instance up
      • User story mapping for each
      • Focus less about writing playbooks and pointing people in the right direction
      • 20 unpublished videos to get through but interested in other things that are perceived to be more important
    • Fell down a rabit hole of Peths older blog posts after his note about vacay
      • We are essentially a Cloud city and has been reflecting on what we lack as a city
        • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: we still need security
    • Looking at My meta in more depth
      • Provide utility based on how much contributed
    • How we can slash coordination costs?
    • Idea: video content and a quiz
      • Expected to reduce pain for innkeepers
    • This week:
      • More playbooks UI and more video work
  • Chair

    • Last week
      • Not productive in the game, consumed with other things at the moment
    • This week
      • Playbooks scripts
        • Get at least one script through writers editing approval and into production pipeline this week
        • we have 10 videos outlined with a script in some state
      • Establish that cadence and maybe pump one out per week

    • Vacation all week last week so not much MetaGame work done last week
    • This week
      • Back on track
      • Wants to push on org knowledge
      • Put that in places where people can read it
    • Quality control in the wiki
      • System for editing it, github to Notion to editing directly?
      • Iron out best case that enables us to edit without encouraging minor edits to be cred farmed
      • Batch pull requests?
        • learning how to do it was very useful to Gnomeski
        • Editing creates too much XP
        • Centralizing PRs to batch them in takes away some motivation to create
  • Kyle

    • Hackathon
      • Next few days on engaging other hack money participants
      • Nearly 60% positive response rate where people are joining either raid guild/ 1 hive/metagame
      • 296 messages?!?!?
      • Headhunting, outreach, bridgebuilding on this project
      • Participants as a service?
        • DAO to DAO
        • Have our own hackathon teams
        • Hackathon project took 3rd place as a yield farming strategy!
    • Peth is a meta machine, Kyle knows burnout.
      • Break will also be good, but his long-term concerns are legit
      • We need to focus on
        • creating incentives and possibly some revenue
        • getting serious about sustainability
          • FearlessThompson shared: We are taking it serious but we need security and financial buffer to survive longer term.
    • Look at Olympus DAO
      • how their treasury is performing and we can survive
      • Kyle – that’s a great idea and they have a binding mechanism. And Kyle thinks that may take over from liquidity
        • Offer bonds at a discount and purchasing LP tokens. Makes so much more sense than creating an incentive
      • Fearless- Cloud Cities!
        • There a few critical things for a healthy city that we don’t have yet
        • My Meta
          • Look at Ray Dalio principals in recruitment process
        • In society we measure wealth based on GDP
        • In this new era and new town
          • New way to define and measure
          • It could be pretty simple and we do have the talent to do it
      • Kyle expects DAO to DAO services to be significant long-term.
  • DAO call with Misanth

    • We went through each topic in the Notion board and voted to prioritize what we focus on first via Miro
    • Alec will work on XP calc for us and propose the amount of seed needed
      • On track to do XP calc this week
      • Hoping to be mint ready in the second week
    • Create and initiatives raid
      • Current raids start finding their places in this DAO doc
      • If you are part of the active raid gets a way for each initiative to be self-sustaining
    • Opolis referral code

Champions Ring 19 July 2021

Attendees: Chair, Dave, FearlessThompson, Michiel, mprime, misanth, bagholder Mcfomo III, Defile Zebra

• Lots of work on playbooks this last week
• Midweek storming Weds from 17-18 UTC will be used to continue the discussion from DAO call

Round Table Updates:

• DefileZebra
o Updates in the #Guild-and-raid-reports channel were a bit sparse prior to the call today. Props to Misanth for posting prior to the call. Dave later reported that Designers Guild is now meeting bi-weekly, so status report previously shared is the latest. Still interested in any ideas or suggestions on how to ensure that this is a good use of everyone’s time.

• Misanth
o Biggest cohort ever with over 20 participants and will fill up pretty quick. Could redesign onboarding system. 300 engaged ottos? Map out hierarchy of quests. What are we doing and why, what is
o Next week: hoping that we do some follow-up on token and treasure

• Michiel
o Notice that new developers join the Builders meeting but they do not tend to stick around, this is an opportunity and something we should make a concerted effort to resolve.
o Maybe its good to see what is really ht priority or the min viable thing that we need to get cash flow running to offer some services.
o Do we have a map of the whole customer journey and from the user point of view?
o Dan13ram is picking up a lot of work

o Fearless
 building my meta and gated features as the priority.

o Misanth
 about the playbooks we need to separate them into categories (guides and tutorials versus what we define as a playbook)

o Bacon
 What is the difference between a guide/tutorial and a playbook?
• means something different to everyone.
 Misanth Elaborates
• Playbooks are short lessons written by those that have found their way through the muck. Best existing example is Coopatroopah’s: “How to make it in crypto without a line of code.” Provides 10 steps.
• Playbooks and guides should go into notion first. After completed in notion, needs to be reviewed rather than all updates into GitHub.

o Michiel
 Think of Playbooks as how to play part of the game. How do we come up with our playbook topics?
 Barrier to entry is that one must already consider successful in the space.
 Where you get the playbooks? Probably Innkeepers, right?

o Fearless Thompson
 Internal focus and getting our house right can create credibility, versus being perceived as dictating to the wider community.

o Misanth
 Tired of seeing people’s work being discarded because it doesn’t conform to the definition

• Penguin
o XP faire did minting and Alec did calculation and updated merle root.
o Sherpa and necromancer bots.
 Allow the bot to check last message sent, how many sent. Idea is also to track XP at purge versus current (season) to determine fallen or remaining a player.
o Next week document steps taken for the mint.
 Not currently in in the video session is updating the fleek deployment.
• Will be helping and facilitating this week and drive further decentralization
• Prime
o Reminder that if you hear something interesting or uncover someone’s passion please refer them to mprime to see if we have a new rabbit hole topic for the Friday community calls

• Fearless Thompson
o added things to DAO followup in Notion
o Working on mapping out seed ecosystem.
 Lots of supply pressure but not much buy.
o In the guild and raid reports.
o Working on videos. Bogey has been helping out with shillers video.
o Could use help: more videos and help planning them. Haven’t wrote specifics in all areas, but still an opportunity to help get things scripted.
o Penguin on videos: noticed on YouTube.

• Dave
o Usually write or record sports on Tuesday but Designers Guils is meeting biweekly these days.
 Will have another report next week.
o Jumping over the first plan iteration for playbooks.
 Next steps and who will be working on them.
o Opened up path to start sketching wireframes.
 Filters on leaderboard/player list.
 Dan is working on this and they have been collaborating a bit recently
 Think they have a solution for timezones. Demo is already available.
 Fixing sorting and adding seasonal XP (will be default).
 Planted idea to someday replace spinner because chakra UI has a readymade component for this.
 Worked on top 3 skills on profile setup.
o No desk or big screen and won’t for a while, so limited to mobile.

• Chair
o Goal to build out more scripting videos, but didn’t get much done last week.
 Plans today to figure out what tasks should be and get caught up.
o There is a builder issue that needs more scaffolding.
o Will focus on video and video playbooks.
 Looking at fearless’ doc.
 Apologies for lack of productivity but will catch up in group chat

• Bagholder McFomo III
o Less sorry than chair about having little to report
o Looking for someone to take over shillers guild for summer.
o Had a few thinks come up
 Spouse has a new job and will be full time training next week
 Bagholder will be watching the children and will be unable to commit to specific times.
 Will have a somewhat sporadic schedule that will make it tough to commit to static meeting times

• Bacon
o Also has not much to report
o Focus on the wiki now.
 Getting 2 new houses up to date and reviewing new submissions.
 Better landing page?
 Lots of wiki stuff.
o Org knowledge
 Raid map- dynamic updating map?
 For the OrgKnowledge stuff will start in the wiki for now but would like to get into mymeta eventually
o Bacon has some Figma challenges, but not to worry Chair will sync up and try to help
o We really need some tutorial on primary tools- GitHub, figma, miro or notion.
 That might fall under videos?
 Every playbook should have text and a video.
 Figure out how to get link between wiki and videos.
 Incorporate that into wiki, at least with a link to the YouTube page.

• Open discussion
o Tokenomics and Treasury topics from the DAO call
 prioritizing actions and raids.
 Need to followup on prior DAO call, will use Weds midweek storming 5-6p UTC on weds.
o Olympus DAO their ecosystem and bonding systems?
o Staking tokens and depending on lock length get ecosystem token at a discount. Answers exist just need to replicate them in this space.
o Bacon suggests that we need utility or something to sell
 Merch and patron rewards?

S3W6 Champions Ring 26 July 2021

Attendees : DefileZebra, Michiel, mprime, Misanth, Bacon, FearlessThompson, Gnomeski, penguin, Bogie, peth


  • Necromancer bot in-progress
  • Bogie joins the Champions Ring as Video Overlord


  • Misanth
    • Warned DefileZebra changes coming to Notion meeting notes to help with support filtering organization
    • Last week
      • Cohorts 10-15 minutes late, then 45 minutes of gathering and then to townhall
        • Hard to do all the things without a clear ruleset, enforceability
          • Really good thing that we have cohorts, but use them as a time to troubleshoot and help people having issues connecting
          • Activate at the moment of engagement defeats the purpose of separating curios from engaged Octos
          • Refine that flow: how do we reward newcomers?
          • A waste to try and push every single person
          • We should really discuss, maybe next week?
      • Penguin: thinks it’s important that we gate signup a bit more. Also provide rolling addition to patron requirement. Increase patron requirement by 5 pseeds each season?
        • Common thing in these requirements: Every month requirements increase
        • Bacon: Use patron ranks more. Increase base patron level slightly. Base patron= roughly engaged octo level
        • Michiel suggested that we borrow from the idea of twitch subscriptions?
  • Penguin
    • Working on wrapping everything up and heading out on vacation with the family
    • Need to circle up with devs on merkle tree stuff
      • A few people have what they need for xp calc
      • All in the repo for how to run it
  • Mprime
    • Not much updates since only doing Friday meeting
    • Will be moving and traveling for next few months, next Friday will be last one and back end of September.
    • Bacon has been stepping up and has ideas and might be a good facilitator for community calls
    • Will not have the computer while away but may also switch to patron in the interim
      • !join will give the patron role.
        • No bonuses to innkeepers for converting a patron and is self serve
      • Penguin will throw in the hat for NTFA?
        • Maybe next Friday since we have something coordinated for this upcoming Friday
  • Michiel
    • Mega menu almost there
    • Filters working
    • Forum Dave posted about search option to create a global search and we only have search for players.
      • Would need some decisions made and some prioritization.
      • That change would need further discussion, but uncertain about what is best as far as prioritization.
      • Computational wise, this change would be a bit expensive.
      • Implementation would need to figure out whether its worth spending time on now.
      • Interesting discussion with FearlessThompson about Metagame being a “Cloud city”
    • Dove into SourceCred after session with penguin
    • One thing with source cred, sometimes for 3 days in a row isn’t updating and cannot figure out why that is. Need someone to help with that.
      • Ongoing/repeating issues in the past- Why does this constantly need to be fixed? Sync up with Alec to better understand the most recent patch
    • Penguin: how is the deployment done?
      • Is there a timer that runs the job? For SC there is a daily timer that runs some github actions, SourceCred goes out and accumulates data and then stores graphs.
      • Go to the repo and click actions and see the output.
      • Interesting note that this runs locally just fine?
    • Prioritizing features- help with SourceCred
  • Gnomeski
    • Crash course on MG after some time away- ready to publish a 3 week newsletter
      • Tommy was going to be on it, but having some power issues
      • Created some draft but then crickets
    • Mushashi has put out some writing relates pieces
    • Some proofing happening within Writers Guild
    • Currently working on imposter syndrome piece
    • Needs substack permissons help
      • Peth granted status, but still needs admin

This exercise made Gnomeski keenly aware of champions feed/guild reporting importance.

  • Onboarding plans that we had from the raid have not really be effective.
  • FearlessThompson
    • Videos recorded
      • Invited bogie who is a media god, and now the champion for video lording!
    • Focus on things like tokenomics and treasury
      • Working on figma file
        • Play to earn
        • Add stability to seed price
      • Spoke to Dave about creating interface for money market
        • On DAOmoon- we clearly have the skills to create money market and build out an interface
          • Seed bonds
          • Exchanging
          • We need a simpler interface to add liquidity to balancer
      • Working on smaller random projects
      • Will be available for more screen recordings
      • Working through shillers strategy stuff
        • We don’t have a customer profile or market research
        • Will try to create these and present that to builders guild
    • Help
      • Define treasury and tokenomics raids……been discussed for 2-3 weeks and excited to see some action
      • Put some things in motion, because we need to put some of these great ideas into action
  • Bacon
    • Pushed through great houses of defi and dapps
      • Almost fullfills great houses
    • Followed up with Dysbulic on raid map but it still needs some work
    • No access to miro stuff…anyone have access to grant access?
      • crickets
    • As for DefileZebra’s solicitation of how we might use this time more effectively- Lets focus this time on tokenomics rather than focus on weekly updates
  • Penguin has a few more updates
    • Necromancer bot had specs defined and Vy-vy-vi working on it as a priority
      • Want to capture XP at season start and currently- show the delta
      • Mogo db stuff demo’d for check in bot
    • Wearables in cryptovoxels- tenfinny has been really active with creating walk through for CV and web3 merit badge system that he setup
    • NFTs- bogie has been awesome with NFts in the past- help support/revenue
      • Low hanging fruit?
  • Kyle
    • Primary focus is completing headhunting raid- doesn’t want to leave it incomplete
      • Great opportunity- prove value creation as a test case/case study.
    • Set the trend for what it means to be a decentralized community
    • Get metapath POAPs out into the wild here in 30 minutes
  • Bogie is welcomed as a new Champion of video
    • Short video shared on guilds and requesting feedback
    • Start with royalty free music?
      • Penguin bought royalties for a set of music
  • Bacon suggested that we move the champions role up within the order of discord roles
    • Misanth suggested that Onboarder should be moved up too
  • Peth
    • Was shilling this last week at EthCC
    • Gave 2 talks and met many people that expressed interest in what we are doing here

S3W7 Champions Ring 02 August 2021

Attendees: Misanth, B0gie, Peth, Michiel, Bacon, mprime & FearlessThompson.


Got back from the Holiday with a not so bad message - reiterated with MetaGame is not well post.

Need the deliverables put into the context, the media needs to be created, to get people humming from the same perspective. Biggest problem is now the competition is intensifying on social media within DAOs.

Spread the message a bit more to help with recruitment.

Met a lot of connections. To do the raise in good conscious he needs more of myMeta created.


Asks for a LinkedIn.


Job boards & Freelancers in localised areas closer to Europe, Profiles & Playbooks. 3 More Playbooks - 1) Onboarding to the DAOspace 2) How to contribute as a non-technical person 3) ???

Need Help - more Developers, StoryBrand & General Roadmap.


Another Cohort completed, adjust our accepting of new people could change slightly.

Initially they are happy but after a week or so certain types of people are catered to MetaGame. Offer these Cohorts as a way to get your hand held a little bit… get to know each other & leave them to either become a player or not!!! Due to the MintGate

Shows his overhaul Figma

  1. Explicit emoji use warning
  2. Explaining the participation & rewards with links
  3. Introduce here & check pinned messages here & here

See. Figma for other ideas…

Including the ability to see the Feedback Loops as a Curious Octo. Without Octos only giving a min. Amount of effort until they become a Player.

Adjust Weights + Functional Emojis. Expanding the high effort emoji to the guild crest.

Editing of the MintGate for Engaged Octo’s becoming Players. In the game registered but inactive in SourceCred. Role Assignment & activation after graduation.


Working on the MetaGame Explained video, all the scenes are being created & animated atm.Finding audio to go with the graphics & utilise MetaBob for our video.

Open the floor, to engage players on Video Content.

Shows us the Wearable NFTs being created & the Discord Bot for creating NFTS. xDAI NFTs Bridged to ETH with ease.


Building is going a lil slow, they have Tom who is new. It’s not the most used Stack but they need to learn the stack to get to that place. Probably one of the things creating peoples hesitation. You only earn when you contribute & learning isn’t paid for.

Working with Dsybulic & the amount of errors & the time taken to fix it. That’s reducing the flow, there’s more work to do regarding that.

Spent time collating what MG is, that explains it in a OnePager. To be shared later on regarding what MG is. Explaining the Jargon in Laymans Terms instead of the Jargon.

Again reducing coordination cost via content. Michiel spent time on Sourcred & there is some useful information. The fixing of the channels is needed so is happy for that & looking to make a proposal on new channel weights.

Explains how to implement the MintGate. Connecting with Sparrow & Aragon regarding SourceCred. Likes the idea of utilising Video for now instead of Playbooks, make that priority instead. Utilising Twitch as a platform for streaming on - wen access for Twitch?

We need to Lower the noise, & focus on the small group of people who are ready to engage. Meeting requirements for New Players.


MetaGame Streaming - Should we make a Twitch Channel.


Videos & MyMeta should be the focus. Shows us his Functional Map of the MetaGame.


Talked to pETH got perms on the Notion, Added Admin field for each page. Add Admin access for contacting the relevant person to get access to stuffs!

Notion is a pain in the ass for the cost but we utilise the guest access & looking for alternatives to Notion very soon - Add & Manage Content. Maybe Obsidian maybe Airtable?

Notion Perms have been added & also the Github. Talked to the Reflexer Team w/ Fearless adding RAI to our pool one of the best stablecoins unpegged to the US dollar & backed by ETH. Has been pretty resolute for our Cloud Community & incentivising our pool of ungovernance pool token called FLX.

It’s exciting because they like our platform & it will bring more stability to our pool away from the $USD, buying into the pool to earn the farming rewards. pSEED conversation.

Need to connect up with Jeremy Balancer for RAI. (Which has been done).

FearlessThompson Explains

  • Treasury Proposal:
  • Arranged to AMAs with Babylon Finance & Reflexer Finance
  • Recorded Upskill sections for Guild Innkeeper videos & wrote the Video Descriptions also
  • Had a talk with the might @mZ regarding tokenomics on Sunday & recorded video that’ll be coming out soon & should help us guide our tokenomic decisions
  • Helped fill out the Video Content Threads with Useful Links (I think we should thread the whole Discord)

S3W8 Champions Ring 09 August 2021

Attendees : Michiel, DefileZebra, FearlessThompson, Peth, Bogie, Bacon

Summary :

Open vote about moving this meeting time to start 1 hour earlier in the champions ring discord channel

Discussion :

  • Michiel: propose to do this meeting an hour earlier?

  • Michiel

    • This week:
      • working on random stuff
      • sourcecred
        • trying to understand why results vary when running local versus Alec’s results
      • some coding
      • some thinking
      • Guild stuff: clarification on service guilds, and external versus internal guilds
    • Next week:
      • Will dive further into Sourcecred with Alec
      • Busy with aragon setting up sourcecred
    • No help needed at this time
  • FearlessThompson

    • Last week:
      • Uploaded AMA and tokenomics talk processed 100%, but not posting for some reason
      • Completed meeting notes last week
      • Shilled
      • worked on Preso for myMeta focused towards helping builders
        • What and addressable market size?
        • Pitch decks to raise for particular products
    • This week:
      • More on the Mymeta preso
      • Create 2 videos
      • Davinci resolve is now working
      • Need to post some accomplishments in #did-a-thing
    • Help: Nothing in particular at this time
  • Bogie

    • Last week:
      • Metagame internal guilds explainer videos
      • Unlisted copy on YouTube and incorporated feedback
      • Tommy helped with Audio
    • Next week:
      • Working on explainer video and “how to make an explainer video”
      • Working on scenes and writing script
      • Exploring a tool for natural speech
    • Help: none
  • Peth

    • Last week
      • Followed up with investors and connections from EthCC
      • Recorded new podcast episode
      • Making story brand board
        • Didn’t save so had to do this 2x
      • Working on copy for landing page
      • Wrote newsletter
        • deleted and restarted
      • Posted role openings
        • Balkan freelancing website
        • Workable
          • Recommended by doing gud crew
      • In contact with Raidguild and they are doing another cohort starting this/next week
        • Should we hire Raidguild for playbooks UI?
          • Bacon asked how much would it cost and can we pay in seeds?
            • unknown
        • maybe combine playbooks with skilltrees?
    • Next week:
      • Follow-up with writing proposal for Moloch DAO
      • Clean up navigation board
      • Do a roadmap session
        • Midweek storming next week will be about roadmap
      • Almost metagame’s birthday
    • Help:
      • More people headhunting!
        • A few active builders but no one is building fulltime
  • Bacon

    • Last week:
      • Started going thru wiki issues
      • Posted on discourse about adding RAI to v1 pool
      • Engaging with Balancer and RAI
    • Next week:
      • Find someone to nominate as admin and run some commands and then reassign to Aragon DAO
        • Peth will reach out to Metadreamer and if he is unavailable for this then Bacon is willing
    • Help:
      • Who is admin for discourse?
        • Issue on the wiki for the UI on discourse where wiki link up top disappears when scrolling down
      • Check the toolshed
  • Liminal Village discussion

    • Several open questions
      • Bathrooms, kitchens, refrigerators, accessibility, etc??
        • We are going to try and get a representative on to field some of these questions
      • The host Family also lives onsite
        • 2 houses
      • Originally planning for space for 14, but there will only be about 7 of us…8/9 tops

S3W9 Champions Ring 16 August 2021

Attendees : Misanth, FearlessThompson, Peth, Michiel, DefileZebra, chair, Gnomeski, penguin, bacon, Bogie

Summary :

  • This meeting officially has moved to 1 hour earlier, 8a PDT/11a EDT/15 UTC
  • Please remember to submit timely updates in #guild-n-raid-reports. This information is vital to newsletter preparation and going forward we will focus our discussion on this call to where help is needed.
  • Next mint will be our first after changing weights in discord. Going forward, engaged octo’s will no longer be automatically activated for seed minting after registering an eth address.

Discussion :

  • Peth, Misanth, Michiel, FearlessThompson and DefileZebra began the meeting today at our new time and the discussion ran for ~2 hours as additional Champions arrived.
  • Michiel is thinking about a DAO dashboard for ethOnline hackathon
    • Would be swell to see something that could support MetaOs
  • FearlessThompson
    • Still working on the Tokenomics videos- we have very rough audio and is still working through trying to make it listenable
      • Machine with Davinci is currently inaccessible but hopes to work through it this week
    • What should we do with MyMeta presentation, can it be used as a pitch deck?
    • Midweek storming session on Wednesday for technical roadmap
    • Peth clarified that Mymeta is profiles and metaOS is the platform
      • Gnomeski suggested that we think of mymeta as the phone book and metaOS as the whole city
  • Mint
    • Concern raised about initiatives added and subsequently removed without a group discussion in previous mint
    • Frontend Website deployment for claims is still MetaDreamer reliant (fleek account)
    • Michiel wasn’t getting full XP numbers last week
      • Is corrected now, but this case should be shared with SourceCred
        • Was running API over VPN and suspects lost data or API timed out
        • retry continuously could be a solution?
        • could create discrepancy over a single missing discord channel and would be much less than obvious
    • This is our first calc with updated channel ratings
  • Peth
    • Not sure we have any active headhunters
      • Made a call to action in newsletter for headhunters
  • FearlessThompson
    • Wants to focus more on design stuff
    • Return back to other things
  • Bagholder mcfomo III
    • Joining us today but still on break, no updates
  • Chair
    • Help: Chair will sync with Tommy on playbooks to better understand what is needed
    • MSG13
    • Potentially jump in to help as a headhunter
      • Will dig into Notion and see where we are at
      • has already recruited 2 octos
        • Monkey Man is a video maker
        • Virtual_lobo is a Dev that knows angular & typescript
    • Playbook videos- has an intro template
    • Look for MSG13 and/or NTFA tweets this week
      • please engage with the likes and the retweets
  • FearlessThompson
    • Help with more video stuff as bogie transitions into videolord role
      • Looking for help with someone that can do screen recordings
  • Gnomeski
    • Feedback has been helpful on putting together the meta of the newsletter, thanks!
  • Michiel
    • Lux is picking up quest editor and testing
    • Need to add internal guilds to database
    • Slow moving bc many people on holiday
      • Alec is back soon
  • Penguin
    • Tagged Metadreamer in #guild-n-raid-report
      • Need his help with access to fleek for frontend deployment
    • Ready for merkle mint and working to support both Michiel and Alec
    • NTFA release this week, so will be consumed with while working to catch up
  • Misanth
    • Last thing that we need for mint gating: flipping back to manual
      • How to do that, who can do that?
      • Let’s not auto activate engaged octos for mint
      • Can check XP when not activated
        • Would still get seed distribution for accumulated XP after activating as a player
      • Can bot commands be set to roles?
        • negative
      • Are engaged octos contributing to github?
        • Yes, but some PRs are less impactful than others
          • People are submitting relatively minor edits as PRs rather than actual code
      • Michiel suggests that the easiest solution is to remove auto-activation and make #set-eth-address channel visible
      • Penguin- effort may be on innkeeper and guild to activate player- now will need to bug people to get activated. Is that Ok?
        • Consensus seems to be yes
  • Peth
    • Roadmap session this weds on midweek storming- don’t miss it
    • Focus on finishing MyMeta
    • Moar playbooks
    • Need headhunting
  • Bogie
    • Working on metagame explainer videos
      • Compile the shots
      • Have audio
      • Aim to complete by the end of the week
    • May need help next week
  • Additional signers requested
    • Current signers are Misanth, Peth, Metadreamer, Alec & Penguin
      • Luxumbra and/or Michiel volunteer
    • In Aragon:
      • Anyone can submit a proposal. But we need 10% of seeds need to vote and for the proposal to pass with a majority
    • Add merkle root to claim distribution and then need to update frontend with new root
      • Updating the front end is still in MetaDreamer’s hands
      • Cannot just use something else because DNS

S3W10 Champions Ring Call

Attendees: Michiel, Misanth, Gnomeski, peth, b0gie, Fearless Thompson, Bacon, penguin, Dave
Quick-ish Summary:
Much general discussion about value management was a theme. This ranged around XP Fairy development for monitoring fair value at MG esp in did-a-thing. Balancer V2 and other possibilities were discussed and a way forward sought for beginning an actionable flow in this regard.
Multisig permissions vote agreed to be made and more decentralised ownership of minting keys to software accounts and SEED account ownership to be transferred from Metadreamer to MG sigs.
Otherwise a general catch up with Champs looking at where help is needed. Updates on Mint process.

• b0gie
      Anchorman me and  wonfiddy loving Neos links into OBS and is free, VR studio, VR chat. Make virtual newsroom. Metanews.
• Peth
    â—¦ Shilling newsletter. Roles and raids. Roadmap timeline. Misanth and Bacon will help with that. 
    â—¦ Raidguild coming in for Mymeta  Michiel will be there with peth to help greet/guide  them. 
• Misanth
    ◦ Smaller cohort only 2 peeps, both quite passionate 1 seems very confronting!  Could use a builder onboarder on the cohorts to explain tech stuff. Fearless -Youtube onboard vid, shorter codebase be useful? Maybe start at builders align 20 mins earlier for new people. Michiel agrees to this maybe half hr earlier. Add to Calendar​? Dual host for Friday as well? May break up flow with tech jargon etc penguin can come in before community calls Michiel will also give it a go. 
• penguin
    â—¦ Mint stuff merkle root is done and seeds sent, Merkle root transaction failed for some reason maybe gas?? SEEDS were minted and waiting for update, send seeds to the UI. Lux made metafam fleek acc for hosting, now hammad needs to point the dns there still. Be done soon. New few days. Vote up for MCON about sponsoring them vote is for that, so they will get paid. Add Michiel and lux to multisig? Looking to move away from Aragon longer term cos of costs. Add a vote in voting channel to make transparent. Multisig is main thing for speed and efficiency.
    â—¦ NTFA launch with lots of freebies at the NTFA discord server.

• michiel
       Good no further help needed.
• Fearless Thompson
    â—¦ Help wanted for vids and internal comms in general, more vid help. Creating twitter schedule for headhunting. Anna is helping for twitter schedule. Retention is super important.
• Dave
    â—¦  No help needed, slow week at home working, 
• Bacon 
    â—¦ SEED pool is currently owned by MD directly atm. Make new pool on Balancer V2 maybe for extra benefits still possible. Roadmapping is a collab thing do that is helped already. Discussion went into extra time, further discussed below.

• Did a thing being misused, poor focus and noisy posts. Evergreen quests do include IRL general improvements such as cleaning up a beach or whatever though.
• XP Fairies maybe go through list once a week together? So then no individual is a villain. Also discussion about initiatives and XP Fairies should understand this better, seems hard to see how these work these days. Michiel is into spending an hr a week on this with penguin. Time is made weds at 4 am EST.
Discussion about future of the pool. Have to develop it but fears around effects on the pool, price, split pools, maybe we should jump straight to DAOHaus, in which case we should not make 2 jumps.

Maybe we can add RAI to phase 2 so that us delaying with Reflexer is more palatable/ understandable. Then we make changes all at once.
Bacon saying this was originally to stabilise things rn but, cos we have a bull run now it makes it look like we are stronger again, but another bear run and SEED will plummet so we need stability asap.

It has also been voted for so we should do it for that reason? Maybe we can do a more detailed explanation of pros and cons before a final vote or at least in an exploratory way.

Metadreamer needs consulting on a number of aspects of this and to transfer ownership of access to a decentralised multisig form. Is acting as resident expert.

A doc to be created about all pros and cons of each pool change idea. For full transparency and better understanding.

Balancer V2 does want to happen and is a great opportunity to add RAI.

Checklist of what needs to happen as a workflow for this process will be developed further by Bacon and Fearless. Discussion, call for multisig members also is agreed is wanted to get this going more.

S3W11 Champions Ring 30 August 2021

Attendees : defileZebra, Michiel, Misanth, penguin, chair, Rankko, AnnaKaic, Bacon, Bagholder Mcfomo III, Tommy


  • We need to get Penguin reimbursed for sponsorship cost paid on Metagame’s behalf for Mcon
  • We welcome a few new Octos to the Champions Guild, AnnaKaic and Rankko.eth!
  • Remaining open question: what about that Balancer migration proposal?

Agenda :

  • Ideally, this agenda would be built on the “help needed” portion of the Guild-n-raid updates channel.


  • Penguin would like to be on record as not being a fan of this time
  • Penguin to get on the bill for Mcon Penguin put out the $5k
  • Multi-sig is 3 of 6
    • Metadreamer objected to doing 3 of 7 signers due to concerns over security (being less than 50%?) so we remain at 3 of 6.
  • In lieu of items noted as needing help from guild and raid reports, we will go round table to each champion starting from the top
  • Chair
    • Still needs some help working out how to distribute cred equitably amongst writers of future playbooks
    • Held meeting thurs and last sat, at this point it looks something like:
      • Focus on getting writers up to speed with using github
        • onboarding a single non-technical player is estimated to take at least an hour
      • PRs will then be picked by playbook builder for a single batch commit per week
        • Dev submits the PR and writers get cred within the PR by being tagged
        • What this still doesn’t account for is 1 page versus 5-10 page playbook
    • Michiel shared that Luxumbra had reached out reference to this-
      • Michiel believes that the easiest way is let writers make the playbook in markdown and builder can submit the PR
      • However, XP would be divided equally (50% per player for 2, 33% per player for 3, etc.)
        • Similar challenge to development PRs in that not all efforts within the PR may be equal
        • For example, if someone did 80% of lifting but tags a single contributor, they would then split all XP rewarded in half
      • What about just putting playbooks into did-a-thing?
        • Chair likes that suggestion
      • Can easily export into markdown, so don’t even need actually know how to use markdown
  • Welcome 2 new champions that jumped in just after started: AnnaKaic and Rankko.eth
    • Hi! Nice to have you
  • Michiel
    • Supporting new builders with Builder’s guild meeting 30 minutes earlier
      • This was mentioned in the newsletter: will start a half hour earlier for new builders.
    • Then at normal starting time will plan to go over issues
    • Will aim to give new builders give them small easy tasks to work on.
      • Maybe split some bigger items up amongst multiple people
  • Penguin
    • After mint, a few players had json issues. Spent some time troubleshooting and confirms that cache had been cleared and tests failed on multiple browsers within the same machine.
      • Limited number of complaints but will circle back this week
      • Michiel suggests that we take a look at the latest commit of erc20 redeemable and see if there are any sus changes outlined there
    • Minting numbers were different than what Metadreamer was expecting.
      • Numbers were a little off, like 1-2%
    • Michiel wants to re-run the whole process and review it
      • Old calcs thrown out and MetaDreamer’s numbers matched the seed totals, and were used for the mint
    • MCon sponsorship in 2 weeks with MetaCartel in Denver.
      • Will be working the event for Divine Pixel Society (spelling?).
      • Personally paid for MetaGame sponsorship out of pocket after vote passed because of time constraint.
        • Transaction was done within a loan via CREAM so currently paying APR on the loaned funds
        • Getting reimbursed- Since Eth is in the Aragon DAO will likely cost $200 to reimburse from there
        • Other option suggested was that Peth has some Metagame eth in his wallet.
          • Maybe he can it from that part for less gas expense?
          • Penguin will reach out to Peth
    • XP fairy meeting last week and will have another tomorrow at Midnight, PST
      • Anyone can join the XP fairy meeting.
    • Critical note on funds put into claim contract accidentally:
      • If enacting a vote for minting, seeds must go to the multi-sig.
      • Seed should not be sent to claim contract directly
  • Misanth
    • The biggest problem as Misanth sees it today is defining what kind of people we ant as players versus patrons.
      • Similar to personas like FearlessThompson was working on
      • Need to clarify exactly what kind of people we want here, otherwise its mixed signals
      • Not like skillset but in terms of motivations.
      • What kind of players or patrons do we want?
        • Once defined we can more effectively incent
      • Rankko- Need to keep a balance
        • Wants to propose mandatory introduction for curios octos. Would like to put them on the spot and have folks explain how they found metagame.
        • Penguin- to be engaging as an engaged octo, one can’t just be consuming but actively contributing
      • Michiel- can we make an introduction template?
        • yes
      • Internal guildkeepers should meet up prior to mint to review engagement
      • Penguin- doing something is our measure.
        • Should be able to demonstrate something in their field.
  • Rankko
    • Will be an Innkeeper deputy and Tommy will be champion
    • Need to sort out incentives for innkeeping
      • Hard to track effort and measure results
      • Will be discussed in detail on Wednesday Innkeepers align 330p UTC.
    • Decide some amount of XP and active innkeepers make a list
      • DefileZebra: sounds like this might be a good example where an initiative is needed to award XP
      • Misanth: new UI for initiatives is coming, but would initiatives be a good place to recognize the effort
    • At the beginning or end of the meeting go round robin and give props similar to a few other DAOs?
    • Michiel shared that they are not a big fan of props
    • Penguin- We should be trying to show how the system works rather than creating a separate work flow
    • Rankko would like to propose a new role for use within the innkeeper’s guild: “librarian”
      • Under that role you will understand metagame and wiki and be able to guide people on contributing content.
      • Make this one step before innkeeper
    • Re-approach each guild as every guild has an innkeeper.
      • Should be aligned so can communicate in a more detailed fashion
        • have a follow-up and clear path
        • Innkeepers now need to know how that octo is progressing and be able to follow-up on activity
      • Anna- Likes the idea of doing a follow-up to get feedback to see understand and continue improving onboarding efforts
      • Presentation for new octos from Misanth
        • Misanth shared that there is a structure, just no presentation
        • DAOist preso might be usable for onboarding?
        • Anna will send to Misanth
  • Bacon
    • Been engaged on other things recently but planning to double down
    • Wanted to check in on where we are with balancer pool migration but without Peth or MetaDreamer present it seems like we don’t have the right audience.
      • Anyone have any updates to share on this item?
        • Crickets
  • Anna
    • Attending as a deputy of Shiller’s guild
    • Here to help promote the things on twitter!
    • Had Shiller’s guild meeting last week and decided we should diversify social media
      • Structure for outer communications versus internal
      • Gather analytics to see reaction to our message
    • Currently attending Crypto Commons Gathering in Austria and will be doing a workshop on MetaGame and writing playbooks
  • DefileZebra
    • Will be available for this new meeting time going forward
    • However, will be travelling in late September and will likely reach out in the next week with dates that I will be looking for help covering with meeting notes/facilitation of this meeting
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S3W12 Champions Ring 06 September 2021

Attendees : DefileZebra, FearlessThompson, Michiel, Tenfinney, Bogie, Tommy, Chair, Peth and AnnaKaic joined at the end

Summary :

  • Have a couple newer builders stepping up to work on issues, a few new PRs are born.
  • A couple new playbooks published and a process is shaping up, the meta playbooks playbook.
  • NFTs are coming together for mCon, as well as merch.

Agenda :

  • FearlessThompson
    • Video creation
    • NFT hub and graphic assets
  • Tommy,
    • Sherpa bot- automated landing pages
    • Membership applications
  • Misanth (in absentia)
    • Setup a date for a monthly Guild Innkeepers call?

Discussion :

  • FearlessThompson
    • Congregating with Bogie and tenfinney and things are in order
  • Tommy
    • Needs to sync with penguin and Vyvy-vi on Sherpa bot
    • Purging engaged octos-
  • Michiel
    • A few new builders from raid guild and beyond have arrived
      • New people are picking up issues
    • Will continue onboarding new builders in the 30 minutes before the Builder’s Guild meeting
  • Bogie
    • Shared a preview on the metagame explain video
      • Hoping to have finalized by end of this week
    • Tenfinney suggested a slight (maybe 5%) speed increase
  • Round table:
    • FearlessThompson
      • Speaking with huxwell on Metagame money market
      • Notion doc soon
      • Look at Olympus DAO contracts and see if we might do something similar
        • Build out more incentives
        • Lending but subsized
      • Shared DAOmoon
      • Check out video with MrZ, but audio is still tough
    • Tenfinney
    • FearlessThompson
      • We are likely looking to migrate to Balancer v2, so sit tight until sorted with latest UI in v2
      • Tenfinney anxiously waiting on balancer v2 w/Arbitrum
        • Support a few assets, but keeping fingers crossed for more soon
        • Arbitrum has instant transactions but costs roughly same gas
      • group chat w/Bacon- and RAI crew
        • Next steps would be to setup proxy contract …with either current Gnosis multi-sig as owner or possibly a new multisig… tbd
    • Tenfinney
      • Working on the NFT drop and learning about on chain SVG with Loogie
    • Chair
      • Playbooks update coming- guild and raid report due
        • Down the path of implementing donut feature
        • Published 2 playbooks last week
        • Will aim to maintain that cadence
    • Penguin
      • Need to do reimbursement will submit today
      • Making merch for mCon and has a speaker spot!!!
        • Talking with Moonshot Collective and Austin G and MetaGamma Delta about lowering barrier to DAO entry
      • Sherpa bot update: Vyvy-vi has been doing other things and touched base briefly about discord update
  • We wrapped up with a quick CV tour with Tenfinney and talked about upcoming NFTs
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S3W13 Champions Ring 12 September 2021

Attendees: DefileZebra, Bacon, Michiel, Misanth, Peth, Rankko.eth, FearlessThompson, Bogie, AnnaKaic, Tommy

Summary :

  • Season ends soon, one last Champions Ring call this season
  • MetaGamers are in Liminal Village Italy and at mCon in Denver this week


  • This week’s community call we have 2 things scheduled, Liminal Village and Opolis
  • Season ends next week, but we have one more Champions Ring call next Monday within season 3
    • Shall we do opening/closing ceremony?
    • Yes, but speaker/workshop/activity is still tbd. What ideas do you have?
  • Peth asked for help identifying missing champions:
    • Headhunters- Sounds like Chair will pick this up
    • Meeting Master- Bacon will continue but not terribly excited by the role
  • FearlessThompson
    • looking for help this week on several items and focusing on marketing assets for NFT Tokeneers and Balancer V2 migration explainer/info
  • Addressing changes for Aragon/ and the very high cost of creating a reimbursement request
  • Bacon on trying to catch up with MetaDreamer at mCon
    • Do we have a question list?
    • DefileZebra encouraged Bacon to sync up with Penguin on this topic, there may already be a list. If not would be good to have them on the same page
  • Misanth
    • Had another cohort recently that went well and wrapping up the presentation that is given to the curios/engaged Octos.
    • Who owns the Doing Gud wallet?
      • 0x32aF096d6d479e3d022caAF3603A7306706D10A8
      • Some activity in the wallet on etherscan
      • Has 330 seed to be claimed
  • Jumping into the rabbit hole of trying to sort out who owns the keys to the address where the Doing Gud funds have been made available to claim also brought up a question about Gitcoin GTC tokens in Peth’s wallet.
    • Last update was that Peth needed to sort out which of those were his personally versus GTC for MetaGame. Sought out Owocki but is still unclear
    • This still needs to be addressed and I can only assume that Peth stuck on mute or was distracted from the call. Crickets
    • These GTC should ultimately be moved to the DAO or the multi-sig
  • Bacon:
    • Michiel talking about Aragon upgrade- ownership transfer?
    • Link to wallet address in the doing good address entrty
  • Michiel
    • Going well and some new people
    • Things to deploy before season end- mega menu (probably)
    • Alec has been working hard on chosing roles and sync on discord
    • Misanth- we have a merge needed “dabuilder” on michiel’s radar
    • Message from Gnomeski- worried that he may have lost seed
  • Bogie
    • Still working on videos and working on
    • Nft submission for mCon
    • Incorporating defilezebra’s feedback
      • Found a bunch of assets on a shared spot for making videos
      • Use the wiki or the substack
    • Fearless wanted templates and he is working to deliver that
  • Tommy
    • Scheduled power outage delayed arrival today
    • Help- no rankko and him have it covered
      • working on community roadmap
      • revaluating membership application
      • updating links
      • signpost rehaul
    • need more innkeepers at meetings!
      • purge some engaged octos this week
  • Bacon
    • havent been doing much
    • will not be available next Monday
    • balancer pool v2?
      • Pin down some multi-signers this week?
    • Voted to add RAI- not easy on v1
      • New pool for the next phase
    • Tommy- Sidechain?
      • On abritrum
    • Multiple pools?
      • Donating through giveth …xdai would be cheapest
      • Giveback tokens has not kicked off yet
    • V2 balancer on mainnet and have that be primary and then make a sidepool on xdai and polygon
      • V2 mainnet will have 3 coins
  • Peth
    • Problem with other pools is that it will prevent airdrop on new token
      • This is why we don’t have any layer 2 pools
  • Tenfinney
    • That’s what he did, bought a bunch of matic and bridged it one time and they stay on polygon sidechain
    • Keep the seed on v1 at 4%, then incentivize patrons to create a new pool
  • Bacon
    • Bake a new pool in v2 and have everyone move over to v2
    • Target 2-3% in new pool?
  • Tenfinney
    • Hack md did not go out yet
    • Tour and then click play now
    • Players journey to a location
      • X##
  • AnnaKaic
    • Needs to mint NFTs soon
    • Hard thing that Tenfinney needs help with is building the JSON file
      • Artist name, title, when created, etc
      • Will post a template and ask for help in filling it out
    • Updates: NFTs collected, 1 will be sent today
      • Bogie made some NFTs for sale
      • This week will be focused on newsletter
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S4W2 Champions Ring 27 September 2021

Attendees: DefileZebra, Gnomeski, Misanth, Peth, Penguin, Rankko, FearlessThompson, Michiel, tenfinney, Bagholder Mcfomo III, B0gie, AnnaKaic, MetaDreamer, Apeiron Creations, Dave, Bacon, Tommy


  • Seed Distribution guide available for review on github
  • Graduated 8 new players from cohort, welcome!
  • Penguin stretches thinner with a new fulltime role, congrats?


  • Penguin- minting
    • Bacon and Michiel explained some pain points and Metadreamer helped come up with some action to move forward.
    • Still don’t have minting but will engage with Metadreamer
    • Last time numbers were wrong so he re-ran them
    • MetaDreamer wrote a guide on the github repo- seed distribution guide
      • Calculation updates are being reviewed by Michiel
      • MD wanted fleek login to move the files
    • Last week took a fulltime role and is pretty busy
  • Michiel
    • Builders’ guild is moving along and people picking up issues
    • Assign issues and Dave and Udit are working together on an issue
  • Gnomeski
    • Moving house over 1 month and will have limited availability
    • Can keep up with newsletter, but will be busy and leaning on deputy (penguin) for Writer’s guild
    • Need to lean on Writer’s guild deputy, currently penguin
  • Peth
    • Last weds season opening and closing…this week proceed with roadmap and setting season goals
    • Besides minting
    • Building side of things being overpowered
      • Seems pretty imbalanced
      • Add an action to the minting call? Compare contributions for impact
      • Michiel and Dysbulic dove into SourceCred
    • Michiel- next XP Fairey meet and pick out some interesting ones and compare and show
      • Need to set a different time though, previous time no longer works
  • Penguin
    • Reimbursement for mcon sponsorship
      • $5k sponsor
      • Peth put up a proposal to do buybacks and reimburse….DAI was how it was paid…but willing to accept eth
  • Rankko
    • Will align with Tommy on onboarding and innkeepers.
      • Would like to find someone to start a raid for Meta academy
  • Misanth
    • Graduated cohort last week…8 new players!
    • Wondering if tool can be made to make it easier for deactivation
      • People purged are still active in SourceCred
      • Deactivate on receiving certain role?
      • Penguin- this sounds like the opposite of set eth address
    • Reminds him to honor older members and contributors
      • Legendary status- did well and disappeared
      • Find a way to commemorate them
      • Rankko reached out to Taekicks for purge
        • Allow others to report for contributions in addition for self-reporting?
    • Sadbirds went to post in did-a-thing and no longer had access to any channels
    • Innkeepers call and forum post
  • Luxumbra
    • Joined bc MD was about
  • Bogie
    • Wrapped up explainer and will premier tomorrow on the 28th on youtube around 2pUTC
      • Analytics show that time is best
    • Doing rd and motion graphics, intel gathering…meat and potatoes for next videos
    • Anyone willing to jump into the studio and record anchorman?
    • Editing videos
  • Tenfinney
    • Fell into busyworksbee record producer will do an event near Metagame assets across from MetaFest
      • First one in a series of beats battles
      • MG is branded all over
      • Will see wearables
    • Interested in chakra, scaffold eth doughnut
    • Rolling that on the front side of meetings
    • Willing as an incentive 1000 matic for help
    • Donut …creating a customized json file and then scaffold down on it based on whatever journey
      • Drhongo helped with some dev
    • Discuss that as a group this coming week
    • Playbooks
      • Chair wanted to use doughnut to explain playbooks
    • Balancer pools- runs a balancer pool …when that turns into an initiative would like to be involved
    • By the end of this week- web3 wire scaffold eth templates with Austins branches and plug in chakra elements. Integrate donut into it. Will start doing training sessions
      • Help with getting launch ready
    • Penguin please reach out with any Vinay stuff
      • Carbon emission thing in Prague
      • Penguin going to Prague to present
  • Metadreamer
    • Group chat about seed minting wrote up guide on seed minting…. has all the steps
    • Discussion on path forward for the DAO, moving beyond Aragon and using Zodiax from Gnosis since it works with existing DAO tooling.
      • Should eventually move to that.
    • Aragon released off chain voting with on chain governance
    • A few different paths we could take
    • Liquidity pool in balancer
      • In control of p1…would need a proxy to migrate ownership
      • Migrate v2 pool and then move to multi-sig
    • Need to figure out l2 strategy
      • Arbitrum can move seed over
      • Arbitrum is not supported by Gnosis
      • Arbtitrum bridge will allow you transfer token, and Metadreamer was able to do it with seed
        • No longer needs whitelisted
    • We may want to do Aragon govern migration for incentive of free Aragon tokens
    • Give multisig ownership over Aragon DAO and then change multi-sig to change on snapshot votes
      • Can control the DAO through off chain voting and then through Gnosis safe
    • Soft inexpensive offchain votes- quorum is almost impossible…Aragon govern
    • Sourcecred question from Micheil
      • Multiple loopback variable set to 1
        • Interval is 1 week
      • 20 seeds per week per active contributor
      • Interval is used for balanced distribution
        • will lookback X weeks based on configuration
        • Eventually for the really old contributions we don’t want to continue to reward year old contributions
        • Set to 1 is not ideal because the balanced policy looks to distribute seeds for any inconsistencies in the minting policy over time
      • Set it to 24 in recent PR… so 6 months is the timeline for fixing inconsistencies
    • Claim page is still broken for some players
      • Json broken so page never loads
      • Impacting Bagsie, KyleStargarden and SandyMagical
    • Gnomeski cannot access 200 seeds from blocked eth address
      • Michiel added this to group chat…possibly 2 solutions according to Misanth
      • Minting again is against the rules
  • FearlessThompson
    • Focused on hackathon…as head of shillers to delegate F2F
    • Also like to get event planning process notion, get it sorted
    • Need more help with videos- screen recordings
    • Distribute tasks to champions – dealing with videos
    • Making videos a higher financial incentive
  • Dave
    • Apologize for being a bottleneck with new and eager builders
    • Being outnumbered in people and output…started talking to active member to join as a designer
  • Bagholder McFomo III
    • Pass
  • Bacon
    • Coming back from mcon
    • Podcast with chair will focus on metagame
    • Requirements for being champion
      • Address how we assign champion and what we do when a champion takes action or behaves in a way that is not aligned with our values?
      • This is a longer discussion that we will take up next meeting
  • AnnaKaic
    • Moving in the last 2 weeks
    • Next 2-3 days will need help engaging with twitter
    • Meta Education thread going on from FearlessThompson
  • Tommy
    • Purge update happened…down to 90 players…30-35 active
    • Innkeeping going alright and rehauling welcome messages
    • Highlight and maybe mentioned by fearless- seeing Axie folx and seeing it a lot in the onboarding applications
  • Apeiron Creations
    • Championing Doing Gud and using the 8k PAN
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placeholder for S4W3 Champions Ring…I took notes but seemed to have lost the file. Will remove this post once I give up hope of finding them.

S4W4 Champions Ring 11 October 2021

Attendees : DefileZebra, Michiel, AnnaKaic, B0gie, Misanth, tenfinney, Dave, Chair, peth, tommy, Bacon, Bagholderr McFomo III

Summary :

  • JSON errors are still being observed even after recent changes, issue is still being investigated
  • Headhunters raid resumes, headhunters will meet again on 18 October, be there
  • Get those Rainbow Rolls and wipe away medical debt


  • Claim page JSON error is challenging to replicate, a change was recently pushed and that fixed some players but not all. This is still under investigation
  • B0gie shared some 3d art that will mint soon
  • B0gie
    • How many people do you need for a guild?
      • Floor: Unknown
    • Newscast with reporters
      • Want something said via newscast any player can request it
      • Tenfinney- guild doesn’t know how a newsroom works and how to format
      • In the news world “sweeps” and that’s a pitch opportunity, make a report about each guild
    • Reach out to B0gie if you would like to get involved
  • Anna
    • Discussing strategy with shillers guild
    • How to engage more on twitter and get more followers
      • Make a strategy bigger than twitter and on a wider scale for our socials
    • Many figmas and notions, and Anna is confused on how to structure all of that
      • Will reach out to Fearless when they return
  • Misanth
    • Wick bot is broken, tried to give curios octo role to land slug and it made him a landslug
      • Security update- Bot roles were erased on update
      • Today is Penguin’s anniversary, so will look at it but needs to be swift
    • Defile asked if this is centralized with Penguin
      • Nah, Peth is also server owner of Wick, Role 11 or 12 anything should be able to administer it
  • Penguin
    • Mentioned NFTP last week and doing launch this week
      • Did some development and generative NFT part
    • Troubleshooting the mint!
      • Going thru some reasons why claim page is not working for people
        • Looks like it’s the JSOn stream…in the last part it chunks the first part
        • Lux, Michiel, and Penguin, tried to make a push yesterday but seems it didn’t fix for all
      • JSON data is not getting strung up properly…no opening parenthesis and why its breaking
      • Tested with Brave and it worked, B0gie same app working for someone on one device but not working with another device…
      • Move from cloudflare to Tenfinney would be supportive of that move.
    • Hopefully we can come up with a workaround
    • Thanks for reimbursement for Mcon- that is closed!
  • Michiel
    • Discussing next steps with MyMeta and creating
    • Open file in cloudflare it breaks, but in IPFS it works
    • Move the other files, the previous distributions to the metafam account… will need to sync up with MetaDreamer on that
  • Tommy
    • Filling up the community roadmap with speakers, etc, for a Sunday funday? tbd
  • Tenfinney
    • Playbooks
      • Will post a link to upgraded template
      • Web3 wire templates
      • Will do pair programing style
    • DBSA- Disputable buy seller agreement
      • via Lex DAO
      • its already wired up and can be used for Metagame
    • Beat Battles across from Ten’s CrytpoVoxels space and will be advertising Metagame
      • 5p on Mondays
      • Maybe have an event that piggybacks on/after?
  • Chair
    • Rainbow rolls premint today and launch tomorrow
    • Met with defile and will continue forward will have a meeting on Thursday
    • Clean up notion
  • Peth
    • Roadmap stuff, but still lacking some parts of it
    • Rannko asked for help on shillers guild
    • Mymeta call tomorrow
    • Starting a headhunting raid for DAO global hackathon, will resume headhunting meetings Mondays 2 hours after Champions Ring starts
    • Have a call about XP and seeds for next mint
      • Analyzing the XP graph together
      • Will use Doodle to find a time that works for most
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S4W5 Champions Ring 18 October 2021

Attendees : DefileZebra, Misanth, Michiel, B0gie, Penguin, Bacon, Tenfinney, Gnomeski, Anna

Summary :

  • Playbook work is rekindled, join us on Thursday
  • Want to earn some XP for Spanish translation? Anna will need some help, plz reach out.
  • Metaverse Music Festival later this month will have wearables created in the most recent Sunday funday


  • FearlessThompson, Gnomeski, Misanth, Tommy -thanks for completing fresh guild and raid reports
  • FearlessThompson
    • Prioritizing next actions- caught up with Anna
    • Caught up with B0gie on videos and have workflow and working group
  • Gnomeski
    • Had some playbook progress and will meet again later this week
    • Loading van for move so will be caught up in the irl
    • Playbooks are a major bottleneck in effort to get funding, so here are thoughts on specifics:
      • Michiel: Aligning/organising Builders in a DAO
      • defileZebra: Van Nomading as a DAOist…
      • Feasrless/Anna: Breaking Jargon, Shilling guide…
      • penguin: Optimising sleep for extra time!
      • b0gie: Basic intro to 3D Art for Web3
      • Misanth: Herding Cats
      • tommy: Organising events
      • Bacon: Rabbit holes, community talk organisation thingy!
      • tenfinney: getting started with Chakra UI
  • Tommy
    • Would love to see more Innkeeper participation, we have like 160 innkeepers but only 3 show up to meetings
    • Piggyback on fearless with retention and shilling
    • Made wearables for music fest in last Sunday funday
      • Music fest is the last 3 days of the month
  • Michiel
    • Needs to connect with Peth on My Meta but event in Lisbon might make it tough to connect
      • Spoke about roadmap and delivering a product
      • Need to follow-up
    • Already working on it with Alec
  • Bacon
    • Progress with Lux on the wiki
      • Turns out wiki was completely broken on mobile
    • V2 balancer pool
      • Can just make it and assign the multi-sig
      • Will screw around with this on test net
      • Do it on Arbitrum? Hoping to save on gas
    • We should review who our multi sig signers are?
      • Some are not active
        • Add lux and remove others, possibly?
      • Adding more signers may not really solve challenges on availability
    • @Octovian role was already created by Misanth
      • For players that have done a lot and are likely patrons, but not super active
        • We need to gather and discuss this role a little further. Unfortunately, Misanth had a microphone issue but mentioned in chat that would like to take that up in midweek storming
  • Penguin
    • Working support with Wick bot
      • Having issues with land-slug so everyone gets curious Octo, this was not a change penguin made
    • Issue created because verification channel was killed
    • Tuned settings on the bot
      • They have since been changed
    • Verify here- channel was removed and this creates an issue
      • Tommy mentioned that in speaking with Adam from Brightid
        • We need to buy sponsorships from Brightid as a DAO
  • Tenfinney
    • Created a player profile
      • Edit profile not working
      • Will sync with Michiel and may need to file bug report, tbd
    • Will continue with on the chakra stuff
      • Created proxy accounts with Matic, will use these proxies
        • Preloaded with 10 Matic
      • One way bounty rewards
      • Thursday morning sesh
  • Anna
    • As Rankko said- 2 week strategy for fund raising
    • Getting in contact with Block Chain academy Mexico
    • Likes the idea of each guild contributing a playbook
      • Suggest gathering content that is already present out there, too
      • Help with orientation and retention of new octos
    • Blockchain Academy in Mexico and translations
      • Looking for Spanish speakers from the different guilds
      • The most active Spanish speakers Tommy could think of in the moment would be Joseacabrerav and PiedraDeMar and then maybe Parsley_3d, CMD Burrito, or TralfamadorianNode
  • B0gie
    • Not a rush thing, but get perspectives on new/existing players what its like to be in metagame. Wants to understand the journey and curate that into a video story
    • FearlessThompson suggests to catch with Misanth
    • Finished rendering metagame rank NFTs
      • Eggs on the twitch stream
    • Working on Materium NFT submission
  • Misanth
    • Still has no microphone
    • Gnomeski has several and offered to send some in the post