Learning about Web3: Tutorials, Resources, and Dapps

Share the best web3 tutorials, resources, content and guides that you can find!

To start:

WTF is Ethereum
DeFi Tutorials - Decentralized finance tutorials and guides
ETHHub - Great resource on general Ethereum information and roadmap
Dapp Store - Awesome list of Web3 Dapps you can use today.

Web3 Development:
Crypto Zombies (DApp development course)
List of Developer Tools for Web3/Ethereum

What is Ethereum?

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There was a really cool technical webinar on Ceramic the other day and what they’re doing to create a platform to empower web3 ecosystems. The technical stuff ends at ~min. 50 after which there is an interesting Q&A that includes a less technical summary of what the protocol does.

Here’s this great thread on Ethereum development stacks:

As far as Dapps go, here are 2 pretty comprehensive lists.

This link has a few more, as well as plenty of other fun things about crypto in general.

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Will update this post with resources on NFT’s as I find them.


  • Track historical market sales data to build valuations of individual nonfungible tokens.


  • Tools to register, and manage your ENS domains.
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