Help Peth turn 3K into More Money (conference = business expense)

This proposal is to cover my business expenses so I can travel to ETHPorto to help fundraise for MetaGame.

I am standing on the shoulders of @Peth, who recently set a precedent and posted a proposal to cover his business expenses to attend ETHDenver. His proposal received unanimous support in a Discord Poll, with 16 votes, to date, for Yes and 0 votes for No.

This funding request certainly has strings attached. As seen in the comments on @Peth’s forum post, members are suggesting 1) a tiered model where attendees can ask for only a portion of total expenses to be paid; and 2) a payout split where 50% of expenses are covered in-advance and the remainder is covered upon completion of agreed-upon results/metrics/milestones.

My Qualifications

I am championing MetaMedia and have been quickly getting up to speed on MetaGame. If you are reading this, you probably have heard from me on a MetaGame call and know that I am Product & Strategy oriented.

I have been working in crypto since 2017, in roles that focused on Product and Content/Writing. I believe in MetaGame’s vision of solving crypto’s onboarding and adoption problems through fun and educational choose-your-own adventure style games.

My Commitment

I commit to attending EthPorto and finding values-aligned investors. Before the conference, I commit to researching the current investment and fundraising landscape and identifying investor personas. I also commit to evangelizing MetaGame during ETHPorto and scouting potential new players at the hackathon and other conference events.

Relevant Links

ETHPorto Twitter (
ETHPorto Website (

Thank you!!


Do you have a cost estimate?

I think ~2-3k (Flight from US + Lodging + Food)

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I do support you going specially with your current role and responsabilities of growth, idk how much we had on treasury but if you see the funding potential and we still can run with both funding, peth and yours ,it would increase our range for call to action.

Lets see who else jumps into adding feedback


Just a though - since peth is already in Europe and you are in US - wouldn’t it make more sense for you to shill at Eth Denver and peth at Eth Porto?


yeah that would make sense financially

I believe that ETH denver is a MUCH bigger event, like 10-20x bigger. I could be wrong there but that is my impression.

Per this proposal:

  1. a payout split where 50% of expenses are covered in-advance and the remainder is covered upon completion of agreed-upon results/metrics/milestones.

What can you agree to as far as results / metrics? Some things are hard to quantify but I think we need some tangible evidence


Agree with this

Yeah, I’ve thought about this when she told me about the proposal, it makes complete sense on the surface but I think I should really go there personally to renew connections with existing patrons & guilds, get introduced to new potential patrons by them etc.
I also have 3 years of explaining MetaGame & full context of the fundraise, everything we did, what we plan on doing etc. & Rika has been with us for about 3 weeks…

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@vid totally, that would make sense except that EthDenver will have a lot of OGs, people who already are familiar with MetaGame. It would be weird for Peth not to be the face of MetaGame there. EthPorto, on the other hand, will have people who have never heard of MetaGame, so it won’t make any ears perk up to see me instead of Peth representing MetaGame.


@alec Totally agree about tangible evidence. My preliminary thoughts are: 1) a roladex of contacts/investors to follow up with and schedule meetings with after the conference, since fundraising takes time; 2) a write-up of what attendees are talking about and where money seems to be flowing (i.e., Intel); 3) a list of potential new Players, scouted at the hackathon, as well as Partners

I’m definitely open to more suggestions. Anything you think I missed?

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@b0gie @vid I will put together a cost estimate tomorrow. The flight will be the most expensive part but lodging, food, and transportation cheaper than the US.


@b0gie @vid @dysbulic

Here’s a more detailed cost estimate (5 days):
Flight: ~1k
Lodging: ~$350
Food: ~$250
Transportation: ~$50

Total: ~$1,650

Ultimately, this trip is cheaper than I originally thought and ~40-50% cheaper than @peth 's ETHDenver expenses.


I completely agree with the everything you’re saying.
@peth has to go :slight_smile: :100:

I was only 🎐'n in bc @vid brought up a pretty solid point.
playing geography in our favour and stuff, could mean more
players at these events and stuff which sounds super cool…in my head :sweat_smile:

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$1,650 is reasonable for 5 days and I believe would help push MetaGame’s presence/agenda with @peth there.


As I was involved in Peth solidifying the idea of asking to fund his trip, I know it was more of an exception than a rule to set as precedent for everyone else. He’s the most prepared person to talk about the history and future of MetaGame, and he’s already travelled to fundraise without asking MG to cover for his expenses.

That said, as much as people supported MG’s vision in the beginning, it’s been 3 years and this tells a story. Promises have been made, and they’re now able to see if they were fulfilled or not, or how others have executed on some of the ideas MetaGame was sharing from the start. At this time, it seems support has been decaying, not the other way around. Peth himself might have a challenge fundraising, which is why he needs to focus on that.

I can hardly see how anyone who’s been here for just a month, and still learning about what MG does and how things work, can do this efficiently. First of all it’s not like this is easy to fundraise for, and people want to start seeing results. They’ll have challenging questions to gauge if after 3 years MG’s offerings will take off and real value will be provided to the space. If Peth properly coached you in how to talk about MG and answer the tough questions, I’d give it a bigger probability for success. Unfortunately that also takes time away from him, and we don’t want that, nor do we know about his ability to successfully transfer this knowledge, and I don’t even see this being suggested as part of the preparation.

Providing you with 50% upfront under the circumstances I’ve described, doesn’t sound like a smart investment. I also don’t think we want to set that precedent for other people to start asking the same. Besides, that was suggested for people who would otherwise have no chance of affording the trip, and I don’t see that’s been established as your current situation here. We’re also not drowning in funds, and it’s not like it’s absolutely impossible to fundraise outside of conferences.

:arrow_right: That said: Repaying some % or all of your travel costs AFTER you successfully raised some amount during an event you attended, based on the suggestion of tiered reimbursement, sounds fair enough to me at this time :white_check_mark:

As a side note, the title apparently has been misleading and it should be “Rika” instead of “Peth”.


Hi Cami, I hear you and your concerns are valid. Although I have not spent much time in MetaGame, I have actively contributed, since 2018, to DAOs in the MetaFam so I have a good grasp of the ecosystem, ethos, and values. I’m quickly catching up on MetaGame and by the time of the conference, in ~1.5 months, I should have a good-enough grasp on MetaGame’s use cases/value prop & will be able to formulate a pitch for investors. I don’t need to be up to speed on everything – just enough to form a cohesive and persuasive pitch and answer questions. Whatever I don’t know, I can always direct to the right people in MetaGame. If you want to help me get up to speed, please let me know! (As a seasoned member of MetaGame, your insights will be super helpful!)

Regarding payment, as previously agreed-upon, 50% will be paid up-front and 50% upon completion of agreed-upon metrics/results. If you want to help formulate these metrics/results, please let me know. (Once again, your insights will be super helpful!)

The title is actually a play on words. I meant that since Peth and I will be tag teaming fundraising (him at EthDenver & me at ETHPorto), I will help him turn his 3k of ETHDenver expenses into more $$ (profit). Sorry if it’s confusing!

Sorry I’m missing where the 50% for your proposal was agreed upon if it’s still under voting?

I included it in the Proposal’s content and there was discussion about it in the comments. So the assumption is that people who vote are aware of the ‘strings attached.’

I see it’s in the content of your proposal, which is under voting. I saw, as you say, that was just a suggestion in someone else’s proposal. So I don’t see where the previous agreement in “previously agreed upon” occurred. Anyway, that is where it falls for me.