Gamified Onboarding/Knowledge Attestation

I’m testing out a Multi-Party-Generator (MPG) as proof of concept for a MetaGame onboarding … it’s basically a quest to find the scraps of Manifesto (draft) and reassembly the puzzle … thus satisfying Pet3r’s requirement that knowledge of history of MetaGame should be tested … I just try to make it more fun than TLDR (ie 5-15min bot-game).

Here;s the approx 60 rooms onboarding journey which you can look in more details

Anyone who can extend a XLST to go from mindmap to SVG (graphics done just need rollover) can have a sneak preview at the rooms … eg

You stumble across a gallery where elaborately carved ice-sculptures are glowing with magical lights and intricately engraved runes. You admire the artistry, sheer attention to detail, and collective teamwork to bring such art to life. However, many of the statues look half finished when examined from the rear, in fact behind one rather ugly figure of a broken-winged minotaur is a grimoire with numerous pages scattered about (alas, frozen to the ice). It does look rather spineless inside so you wonder what you’ve got to fill in the missing pages rather than tackling the imposing mountain NW.