December 2nd 2022 - Urbanika & Sage Valley


Join us tomorrow in our Townhall ( for a nice ending of the week. ✨

Come, ask anything, hear more about Urbánika & Sage Valley and have a good time.

See u tomorrow at 5:00 PM UTC, anon. 👀

— MetaGame 🐙 (@MetaFam) December 1, 2022

Community Gatherings are every Friday at 5pm UTC in townhall of our Discord

Opening Community Topic or Workshop:

Urbanika’s virtual/irl post-capitalistic adventures path:

What are the Commons? (Anna from Urbanika and MetaGame)

Guest 1 - 530pm UTC
Urbanika & the Solarpunk Awakening

”Urbánika teaches about the intersection of Web 3.0 and regenerative urban governance. Our immersive approach focuses on turning the learning experience from a passive video course watching to gamifying impact-making in both local and digital communities.”

Guest Discord Handle: Anna #1854 WebThreeProphet🐙#4560
Guest Twitter:

Giveth Projoect:Urbanika and the SolarPunk awakening | Giveth
Gitcoin Grant:Urbanika and the SolarPunk Awakening | Grants | Gitcoin

Mattermost :

Guest 2 - 550 pm UTC

Sage Valley Ecovillage

”As a 501(c)3 registered non-profit, Sage Valley operates as an event space, an education center, and an ecovillage. Sage Valley represents many things to many people, but at its core, it is the foundation of a community of people who believe that better ways of living are right before us, and are dedicated to sharing these through action.”

Guest Discord Handle: wanderingwolf#8075
Guest Twitter: n/a
FB: Sage Valley

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