XP & Seeds DAO

Last updated: 14.9.2020

The XP system, the Seeds DAO & the Seed market are the basis of MetaGame’ economic system.
The XP system is based on Sourcecred, then we use the Aragon DAO to mint Seeds based on XP earned & allow people to sell Seeds for ETH through Uniswap.

The circle between the time & money contributors:

  • Time: Contribute > earn XP > get Seeds > sell them.
  • Money: Want to contribute > not enough time > buy Seeds.

You can read more about the whole XP & Seeds system here.

Join the raid

  • You can help by buying some Seeds here.
  • Or help us with finding more people that would be interested in buying Seeds.
  • Don’t want to affect the price so much? Get in touch through Discord.

I like it more if users get checked monthly. So when no one create a dispute for the seeds a user gets for the xp s/he earned in the past month then s/he can request the seed with a simple click of a button. So you get the seeds always one month later. Within this month the community can dispute the automatic seed claim .

Ok, so the current issue with the Seed market is that it’s illiquid.
Luckily, we have ~$15-20k in the treasury, ready to kickstart this process.
Problem: Treasury only has ETH, no Seeds.

Solution 1: Mint a bunch of Seeds and use them to match the ETH we have.
Problem: When we installed sourcecred, we agreed not to mint any Seeds outside the XP system.
“The Seeds may only be created by labor contributors”
This was the meme:

Solution 2: Install a Seed farming scheme to incentivize liquidity providers.
This is currently a very popular solution, but I think it’s more fit for kickstarting financial protocols than for what we’re trying to accomplish here.
Problem: Same as above, goes against the idea of only workers being able to create Seeds

Solution 3: Use half the ETH from the treasury to buy back Seeds directly from contributors at a guaranteed price, then provide liquidity. I like this way the most because its true to the original values, fairer to workers and in favor of sustainable growth.
Problem: That still won’t be a lot of liquidity, but I’ll go on to get a grant from MetaCartel and continue the process & some of us will be providing liquidity with personal funds regardless of whether there are farming incentives or not.


I think a mix of sol. 2 and 3 would be a nice combination. Community would have to agree to implement LP farming, but it has my vote :+1: