The Wikiverse is a virtual space for individuals and communities.

There is a space for Individuals (personal dApps)

This is your personal space to manage everything around you. its your control centre.
The personal Space include dApps like profile, chat, contacts, finance, roles etc. so only dApps which are relevant for the individual.
dApps can be added or removed

There is a space for communities (DAO dApps)

This is the control centre for DAO/Community/Org
The community / DAO Space include dApps like profile, proposals, finance, roles etc. tailored to communities / DAOs.
dApps can be added or removed

There is space where individuals and DAOs come together (Wikiverse dApps)

This space is for all the dApps where stuff gets done. Activities from those dApps gets managed and displayed by the control centres (personal & community dApps).
The Wikiverse includes dApps like Problems, Ideas, Solutions, DAOs, Markets etc.
dApps can be added or removed

all dApps can be integrated into the Wikiverse like Aragon Apps, 3Box, Defi dApps, social dApps, etc.

this is super cool! really like where this is headed

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i was thinking of a platform which has only structure but is empty and can be filled with any dapp that respect the structure. an adaptive shapeshifting platform which fits to any individual use case. It’s like an interface for different application like a desktop in combination with a social network.

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what do you like about it and what do you think are the problems?

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im a big fan of the community/DAO space, seems like a handy place to have all your favorite links :slight_smile: also really like how it seems to make organization much simpler. struggling to find any “problems” with what i see here!

Congratulations @Mauro, you invented MetaGame :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
This idea of making it a huge composition of existing dapps is why it was called “The MetaGame Puzzle”, definitely need to write more about this idea of MetaGame as a lego project.
I love the way you’re thinking, but why are you always hiding out here on the forums? Isn’t it kind of lonely here? Why don’t you ever join us on Discord or voice calls? :slight_smile:

This is an interesting question, conceptually, isn’t it? I think what everybody wants is a comprehensive + up-to-date directory to discover projects, people, onboarding, etc. When looking around, there are several groups and individuals building such resources, but there’s always something wrong, or there’s just a bunch of them, so the task becomes to meta-integrate/-coordinate them. And hence, another directory gets created :slight_smile:

With MetaGame’s and Metaverse’s, the data and functionality and accounts for access and name/branding/memes are specific to your particular instance/effort, which might not be considered useful or well-presented to others who have a different idea what they want to do with the data, functionality they want to offer, meming they want to meme.

Wouldn’t a meta-project maybe try to collect and offer the data in open formats, provide agnostic, universal tooling, support others in contributing entries, corrections, updates as well as enabling other groups to import/convert the data for whatever use case they have in mind, under libre-free licensing? That’s of course more difficult to set up and pull off implementation-wise, architecturally, in terms of social processes and coordination. Plus, it could indeed happen that somebody else takes off and runs with it, so it’s always easier to concentrate/center under one brand, technical programming stack, administrative control, etc. But still, Wikipedia despite it’s bad parts or OpenStreetMap or libre-free software development might suggest an example of how such an collaborative practice can be designed and set up to serve many wider peer interests/needs, as long as such are not exclusive or conflicting with others.

Just some thoughts/questions, if these are in scope and of concern for MetaGame, if these are the kind of activities the MetaGame meming is hoping to invite and encourage, or on the other hand MetaGame and Metaverse and similar projects want to carry them out on their own for themselves, which is very understandable as well.

I personally don’t have a particular strong opinion nor would mine matter, curious what’s the thinking in that regard, but also want to indicate that it would be quite difficult to do much with the data beyond the boundaries of where it is typically, currently collected.

It reads as if the Metaverse idea/proposal (maybe implemented already or is it mock-ups?) suggests to build a dashboard or app for better overview, aggregating the data from multiple sources for the user to offer convenient and efficient discovery/usage. To obtain/gather the data easily enough in a decent form, that’s potentially related to what I’ve wrote above. If the Metaverse is itself a dApp, fine, I personally haven’t wrapped my head around yet why UI and data/networking would be vertically integrated, rigidly dependent on each other in Web3 and not agnostic/separate/interchangable (also considering the reinvention of wheels), or why the entire concept of apps/applications as appliances like a toaster which can only do one thing, demand that the human has to operate it in lack of proper machine interfaces and have to be thrown away once some little thing is broken inside because you can’t open and fix them now becomes an even more dominant, even more manifested/cemented concept in the dWorlds, but hope to learn about it from you guys, not knowing if I’m either too young or too old for that, so please apologize :slight_smile:

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i also think that MetaGame has a very strong branding and is not like wikipedia this more neutral looking tool.

Thats what i like! Why care about copycats? Everyone can copy. One tool with infinite faces. Everyone is working together egoistically for the benefit of all. If you are such a neutral tool you will be the party everyone is working with.

Metagame will be a part of this “Wiki of Metaverses”. the metaverse of metagame would be one face of the "wiki of Metaverses ".

Neutral-looking is a certain, deliberate branding too :slight_smile: Agreed, it’s less recognizable, less of a statement/lifestyle-appearance.

I once did something with Wiktionary, very likely the same applies for the Wikipedia. Wiktionary provides monthly dumps of all of their articles, everyone can make use of according to the libre-free license. Technically, the downside is that it’s in Wikitext, which should be more of a writing interface/convention and not also used as a data format, in lack of semantics (as their syntax is parsed by server-side plugins, and independent clients have no knowledge or implementation covering such). Wikidata is probably a huge project to extract data from Wikitext to eventually make it more useful, fine.

Many times, data storage and format and presentation are locked to each other, for no particular technical reason. Furthermore, people are used to a certain interface language, or the layout of a particular Website as a service or location, but for MetaGame/Wikiverse, a more universal, flexible approach is perfectly feasible. Doesn’t necessarily lead automatically to prominent adoption, exponential growth or other metrics of “success”, but would make it quite easy for developers, users, projects, apps to make more use if it. Wonder how it wouldn’t apply for dApps too, or what the reasons could be to artificially make it more difficult and harder than it needs to be :slight_smile:


So your point is that it’s difficult to make the right decision haha :wink: Wether to use something more specific or more general. Are people going to use something general more likely because it’s easier to learn or something more specific which is harder to learn but makes your life a lot easier?

I think that there is a nice middle way. I like what Chromia did with Rell.
“So we created RELL, our take on a universal language that is easier to learn and more efficient to work with. It’s based on SQL, which most developers know. Rell is highly efficient and permits fewer lines of code than other blockchain languages.”

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MediaWiki (the software package) the Wikipedia (the encyclopedia, one of the content projects hosted by the WikiMedia organization) is mostly a Web 1.0 codebase. They did eventually more recently also add a visual/rich text editor, but whatever, the Wikitext syntax likely has its roots in domain-specific languages and Ward Cunningham’s interest up to this day around doing data projects in the Federated Wiki, and also considering this.

If we personally or MetaGame or other would want to build some new thing around these concepts, I would assume that maybe some improved solutions/strategies could be found, to avoid certain earlier and current problems with organizing such data and make good use of it. More specific vs. more general, simple/entry vs. expert/powerful, data/textual vs. visual/presentation, I don’t think that these need to be mutually exclusive necessarily.

There’s the option that I might look into building a little text editor, which supports these kind of custom text writing “interfaces”/languages like Wikitext and Markdown, and internally map it to a more semantic, universal data format, for read/load + write/save, ideally also supporting to simply configure your own preferred custom writing convention, or matching to the semantics retroactively. Surely such things already exist, but I would like to also attach some processing machinery to the results coming from the editor. And then, maybe there could be an generic UI driven by XUL or XForms (or other) for data entry, so it’s not entirely on the extreme on the spectrum of a fully semantic XML editor or similar (like proprietary Oxygen). Data coming from such sources, ready to be posted/published or send around in clean formats, so it can flow into a wide range of dashboards, feeds, lists, or whatever else people might want or come up with. I know, huge ideas, but there’s also a sufficiently feasible iterative path towards it. :slight_smile: Don’t know if/how this aligns with MetaGame or dApps, but are generally up for that kind of exploration.

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Yeah that definitely is the direction we’re taking.
MyMeta profiles will be built in such a way that player info will be able to get fetched to any other interface. The wiki is currently not built in such a way afaik, but when we transition to a new data system such as _Prtcl, people will be able to load it elsewhere too.

Most other websites aren’t built this way, which is why we’re building things with iframes (like loft radio on interspace), so that people will be able to open almost any other resource listed in the MetaLibrary or wherever directly through MetaGame.

I really wanted MetaGame to be this neutral ground between players & guilds in the cryptoverse, ufortunately, anything branded automatically becomes non-neutral.
Trying to brand different components differently might help but we’ll see.
Eg. the profiles are “MyMeta” not “MetaGame profiles”, and the “MetaGame Wiki” will be the “MetaLibrary”. Thinking “MetaGame Forum” should be a “MetaSquare” or something.
Though I’m afraid it will all also automatically become non-neutral. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to hearing more ideas on how to achieve this.

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