Wiki Knowledge MIgration 🦕

We have a beautiful new Docusaurus thanks to @METADREAMER!

We need to move information from lots of places (seen below) to the new wiki.


Old Wiki

Info from this forum around XP, SEEDs, and the SEED market.

Other stuff we need to create.

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I would like to give it a try.
I will collect information from different parts of metagame universe and submit
a new PR in this repo
Is that what is expected here?

We’d like a centralized source of truth for all of the MetaGame information that isn’t still in brainstorm mode. The key factor is that it’s accurate and awesome. @METADREAMER and/or someone will (likely) provide feedback based on the PR and/or you can ask questions in this channel

Yes, you can edit the files in the docs folder (or add new ones) and make a PR, if the MetaFam approves your message it will be added to the wiki and you will earn XP!

A lot of the content that has a placeholder on wiki right now (roadmap, quests, characters, shilling, xp and seed) is written quite nicely on our forum i.e. How to Play MetaGame. What do you think:

  1. shall we just put on wiki pages links to forum pages (like “Read more here: [forum link]”)
  2. duplicate forum content on wiki (it’s hard to keep duplicates updated)

Second thing, I think we should remove old instances of wiki and roadmap, as it is just making it harder to find the latest versions. We should aim for a single place of truth and avoid duplicates.

I will prepare mapping of [wiki topic -> forum thread]

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As promised:

Wiki -> Forum mapping

I left a few more comments in the spreadsheet linked below.


So what do you think we should do next about our wiki?

I think we can pick first candidates that are ready to be published on wiki, like the Manifesto. Others require an editor to compile the thread discussion into one article.
Some topics we could merge or split.
I would also suggest finding some better place for visual assets like memes and art. Wiki won’t scale to work nicely with an album of images. I can do some research for open image sharing/storage service or write here if you know any.

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Thank you and apologies for forgetting to get back to this in time :grimacing:
Looks great so far!

I will just do the final run through the Manifesto now that I got some feedback & will proceed with moving it to the Wiki asap.
Other threads (like skill trees) I’m afraid don’t yet have enough info aggregated for it to make sense to start moving them over to the wiki…

On the other hand, I think all of these pillar articles should be moved from Substack over to the Wiki.
This “Decentralizing Access to Opportunities” is currently not one of pillar articles but think it’s pretty important too.
This post about InterCon and how it was made might also be useful
This was the post about MetaFam Alignment 2021

Absolutely agree with this. If there aren’t better options, maybe we could just integrate GDrive? @METADREAMER

Do you have any particular in mind?


  1. XP and SEED market is two categories on wiki but mostly mentioned together, we could have one long article explaining them and their relation
  2. Quests and Roles: two categories on wiki, one thread on forum, I think we should keep and develop them separately

Generally we should work on information architecture, how to structure all content we have and how to group it and make easily accessible and understandable. All content should be also linked together in some recommended order to read.

Another idea is to split content per your metagame level. As beginner you read pillar articles, when you decide to join you get manifesto etc. Then when you level up you also progress with your reading list. You discover new content that is revealed to you.

We should also differentiate by type of articles. Some of them are eternal, foundation thought pieces, like pillars. They should be written in stone in one place (like wiki).

From the other side “InterCon conference” or “MetaFam Alignment” are more event based write ups, not sure if we need them on wiki. They will be less and less important with time. Then they fit more into blogging form.

“Decentralizing Access to Opportunity” could be another pillar article. Do you think we should migrate pillar articles to wiki or just link to them from Wiki as it is done already?


Not sure I agree.
On the forum they’re one thread, but its only the “intro quests” - the actual quests have their own subforum. The actual quests (beyond first 3) should probably stay on the forums, as that’s where we have the board and they’re more easily updateable.
But on the wiki I think they should stay together like in that forum post, where it’s more about more general overview of “What could I do” than “what are the current quests?”


They definitely will be less important & should be kept separate from pillar articles, but I think they should be on the wiki as we don’t really have a blog (I don’t see Substack as a blog since there’s no way to navigate between posts besides scrolling down infinitely).
Maybe we should have an “archives” sort of section, although the “InterCon” one was kind of meant to be a how-to & “MetaFam Alignment” is still in the planning.

Yeah I do think “Decentralizing Access” should be one of pillar articles, and that they should all be on the wiki directly. You think it’s good enough to keep just links to them on the wiki?

We should add a “player stories” section to the wiki,
and put in @Saimano’s

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