Who controls the Metagame DAO? Diamond Members?

Who controls the Metagame DAO? Do Diamond Members control it or a combination of earned XP and staked SEEDs?

The voting in the DAO is done with Seeds, which aren’t really widely distributed yet.
I would love for the Seeds to get more distributed, but people need to start stepping up for that to happen :man_shrugging:
Though to be fair, we aren’t really governing MetaGame through voting. We discuss things & execute things, and while we’re discussing things, the number of Seeds you have is irrelevant, it’s about what you say/know. The voting is only used for approving Seed distribution & XP is auto-allocated by SourceCred.

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Seeds get only distributed to users who earn XP. Is there another way to distribute Seeds?

So one question / task is: how to motivate people earning XP?

I like one person one vote (brightID) in combination of earned XP / SEEDs. I think it would be nice if no user has more voting power than for example 1000 brightID users with no earned XP.

Yes, only through the XP system.
Alternatively, one can purchase Seeds off the market or earn them from other players.

How to motivate players earning XP

Make it easier to understand what needs to be done & have a more liquid Seed market.
I agree that we should make it more of a democracy than a plutocracy.
I don’t think people with 0XP should have a say (because its easy to earn XP), but we should eventually get closer to 1 person 1 vote for sure.

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