What is MGT, SEED & XP?

What is the difference between MGT , SEED & XP?
What is the definition of each and the purpose?

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MGT: MetaGame Token - depreciated and no longer relevant.

SEED: MetaGame on-chain token - used to reward contributors based on experience.

XP: experience points - MetaGame community contribution score that is used to determine how many SEEDs people get.

XP scores change over time based on engagement whereas once SEEDs are minted on Ethereum they’re yours to keep.

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Ok I like this! :slight_smile:
But why do you offer SEEDs directly in quests like:

  • 1 SEED for a tweet shill that got at least 10 likes and/or retweets. (or up to 3 tweets that got a combined total of 10 likes/retweets)
  • 5 SEED s for a blog post talking about how awesome dragons and quests are.
  • 10 SEED s for getting someone to sponsor the Dragon Quest via DAI, DAO tokens, or personal tokens. (including you!)

where can I see my XP Score? Where can I see the Metagame Roadmap ? Is there an overview site where I can see all of this + quests, projects, Players etc. ?

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What do you think about Levels. So you can only loose XP within your level but you can never drop Levels? I think it would be nice if the algorithm which distributes SEEDs checks the Level a Player has and the XP he has earned during the last distribution. So like Level 20% and earned XP 80% ? Also I think it would be nice if the distributed SEEDs are in relation to the earned XP. so the more XP are earned the more SEED gets distributed. This will create a level playing field. Sure this can be improved but I think the goal is to create a level playing field which means that the distribution of SEEDs is as fair as possible so early adopters influence get inflated away but I think the more fair distributed the game the more want to play the game the more value the game / SEED.

I created this what do you think?

I think a good start would be to start here in the forum to distribute XP. I think a good mechanism would be to do this via dot voting (quadratic voting). So each forum member gets 1 dot each day which s/he can tip to a post. after this week XP get distributed to members based on the dots each user received during this week. you can only have 7 dots max in your wallet so you have to tip them in order to get new dots. the more dots get tipped the more XP get distributed. you can’t tip your own post and you can’t tip one user more the 2 dots a week.

I imagine that all communities can adopt this kind of game in their forum with their own token based on XP so in each Project / community you have a different level. metagame can be the infrastructure for this game and each project / community which builds on top of metagame can be rewarded with seeds as well as the community token if the project/community accept the metagame rules like (commuity owned , fair token distribution etc. )

@Mauro all great questions!

In the past I’ve rolled out a Community Rewards DAO that uses dot voting like you described.

The CRDAO ran into difficulties because A) the dot-voting mechanisms broke down, and B) user engagement was low. This is fine, however, because it was an experiment and we always planned to move towards using SourceCred in the future.

The future is here and we’re rolling out AraCred (Aragon + SourceCred) to do many of the things you mentioned (recognize and reward contributors with XP and SEEDs). We’re also creating docs/guides to explain how that system works (see SourceCred Technician Quest 🧰). Will circle back soon with updates! :octopus:

I was thinking about a reward dao integrated into the forum directly. so you login into the fourm via metamask and then you get dots and you get dots and like / spent dots.

Did you do this?

OmiseGo started doing that on their forum before they shut it down. It’s possible, but hacking in the web3 auth is something that would take a min. We are, however, soon going to be creating a bot authentication flow for new users on the MetaGame server that will create player profiles and link Ethereum addresses. It will roll out relatively soon, but @METADREAMER can fill you in on details if you have more specific questions.

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man you are on fire :fire: :fire_engine:

I am just a dreamer and just talking around. i have no idea about coding only very little for me its just magic.
I can imagine that if you exchange the like buttion with a dot voting quadratic mechanism to distribute XP then people will automatically use it. so if i have 3 dots and vote/like 12 times then each post get 1/4 dots at the end of 24h. so each 24h it calculate how much you liked and how much dots you have and distributes it each 24h.

How much Seeds will there be?
Is there a bonding curve?
Is the goal a fair distribution of Seeds? How do you achieve this and what is fair for you?

See The MetaGame SEED Market 🌱 for details.

So the likes / hearts on discord already act as a form of “quadratic dot voting”, they are tracked and measured by SourceCred and you earn XP/SEED for the likes you get. You can see the tracking here: https://metafam.github.io/TheSource/timeline/@metagame/

You can even filter by discourse posts specifically

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Ok thats nice! how are they doing it in detail? I think it would be good if they measure the likes for example every 24h and if a user likes 10 and another user 2 then the each like of the user who voted 10 times has the voting power of 1/5 per like compared to the other user. Also are they using quadratic voting so the more likes from different user the more this post/user get wighted? A like is always from a different user but if one user likes 7 posts of another user within 24 hours it has less wight compared if he gets 7 likes within 24 hours from 7 different people. And also valuing replies to a post and replies to a thread and quotes of a post.

Didnt make this connection until now, but I guess it’s kind of true. The more people engage and vote (via likes/links), the higher the weight of the node being referenced - although unlike quadratic voting Cred whales can still totally sway votes/outcomes easily.

Why is this? How does the sourcecred ranking work?

This is a good overview


I looked over the graph weight configuration topright lef button and note:

  1. subject to linkrot … for example github repository has an archived manifesto but all the activity has moved to the goggleDoc which at first glance s not being tracked/recorded
  2. The XP measures engagement but not RETENTION … so if someone is active 1 week, then fade away, it is a valid question why they didn’t stay and join the community … OK if get married and thus distracted but if someone is dissatisfied, there is no way of noticing this
  3. the manifesto goes on about making people feel warm and fuzzy but does rhetoric stand up to reality? If a new user joins in, once they unlurk, are there ways to measure whether MetaFam is doing its social role of connecting remote workers?

It comes down to either talking the talk, or walking the walk. The manifesto has all these ideals but if you want to encourage new-comers, I suggest a spiky ramp to weights that new members get some sort of extra encouragement, either time-based or until they reach a minimum threshold XP (also log-scale the SEED leaderboard as I can see long-term people starting at #10353 might be a tad discouraged) … that way they won’t be drowned out by regulars which then reduces to pre-existing cliques.


I feel strongly against encouraging new members by giving them more XP than old members for a bunch of reasons, but the concerns you’re voicing are valid.
Saimano’s article on his experience in MetaGame is a great indicator we’re doing something good, but we need way more stories like that, and more importantly, we need to find out the stories of the people who disengaged. Which I’ve been trying to do recently…

But yeah, in all RPGs, you level fast when you start. It takes maybe an hour to get from level 1 to 5, but it may take hours if not days to get from 50 do 51, and we should do something similar.
As to the idea of starting at #10353, I think it’s irrelevant because that’s not how it will work.
Firstly, because this current leaderboard is probably only going to be important in the current, Seed phase of MetaGame.
As it currently stands, appearing at the bottom, you’re still able to get up to #10 with only a few hours of work.
As we move forward, this leaderboard will become less important and we’ll be focusing more on niche leaderboards. As it becomes harder to climb the main leaderboard, there should be things like “design leaderboard” or “coding leaderboard” for the people to climb.
More importantly, there should be way more focus on individual development, eg. focus on your own progress and growing your character from level 1 up - not your total # standing in all of MetaGame.

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