Welcome to MetaGame! 🐙

Hi all! I am here to be part of this MetaFam.

Currently, I am working on the idea of investment DAOs (Venture DAO). Helped create MetaCartel DAO and launch/fund a handful of other DAOs.


Hellooooo :slight_smile:

Who am I?
• A cryptonative human / investor / newbie Solidity dev
• Following the crypto scene since 2012, originally on Bitcointalk and up until now on reddit (under a different alias)
• Dreaming of a decentralized world to better humanity
• Running a crypto fund as a hobby
• Big fan of the DeFi system (Maker / Compound / Dexes / etc)
• A biochemist / hardcore life scientist by training, but got bored (read: disgusted) of the corporate rat-race that I entered after completing a PhD.
• Unemployed and looking to work as a freelancer
• Physically located in Belgium

I attended EthCC a few days ago, where I met some MetaCartel members, which piqued my interest about MetaGame! :octopus: Now working on improving my Solidity skills and learning more about DeFi. :nerd_face:


Greetings, I’m Yalor Mewn :space_invader: (aka) Taylor

A little about me:

I have solid experience failing at launching traditional startups. I’m a life long opponent of running the rat race, a loather of bureaucracies, and highly allergic to reductionist educational institutions.

I’m interested in natural systems, human connections, and communities driven by passion, inspiration, integrity.

MetaGame embodies a greater sense of purpose, one of the things I’ve been searching for most of my life . The people here are of the best minds and purest hearts needed to steer our spaceship earth back in the right direction.

I’m here to learn, grow, and plant seeds for the future :seedling: thanks to all of you for making this possible.


Hi everyone! I’m the founder of Upala Digital Identity🤖.

Upala brings Sybil-resistance to DApps - solves the unique human problem. We provide digital identity uniqueness score in dollars. This score serves as a risk-free threshold for interacting with a user. We call it Price-of-personhood.

Upala is a protocol. It enables to build different identity systems united under the same scoring standard. The protocol can wrap over existing systems (Bright ID, Humanity DAO, Idena) and unite them.

Join our Telegram chat
Follow me on Twitter

Have a great day Human! :wave:

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Hi everyone! :waffle:
I’m Manuel, a developer and musician who formerly worked on OpenZeppelin and Decentraland.
I found the MetaGame idea intriguing because it reminded me of the Daemon Network from Daniel Suarez’s Daemon sci-fi book. Hope to see how it develops in time.

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Hi! David from Slovenia. Happy to help explore the future.

I’m an engineer and a tool builder. I’m a little bit past “move fast and break things” since I’m exploring a lot of integrations between real and cyber world through IoT and electronics and mistakes here can be costly.

Always fascinated with immersive virtual reality but trying to stay reasonably firmly grounded in the actual atom world as well.

Since I can remember I’ve been drawn to “all things ‘meta’” … meta-programming, meta-cognition, meta-… Meta always takes you to the next level and since universe is built in this onion-like way, it’s an infinite process both downwards and upwards…

Recently I think that the entire world will never be really in-sync and we won’t ever be able to understand each other perfectly… and that’s why leading communities of the future have to make sure they don’t intrude other people’s “cognition space” too much… they risk being seen as true weirdos and most people don’t actually want to know most of the details or how something works because it’s scary, uncomfortable or just too much. We mostly love our comfortable illusions… except in crisis times when illusion can break down in places and this is an opportunity for learning and progress.

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Hi Everyone!
My name is Rachel. I am a teacher and a healer that works with energy and helps people and organizations reach their fullest expression. I’m fascinated and intrigued by what you all do and I am looking for ways to help. I’ve created the Health & Wellness Quest to help keep everyone grounded in uncertain times.

Also, here is the talk I gave at the most recent Intercon Event.


Hi M Fam,

I am Sky from Earth. I’m tired of a system that is built to destroy our planet, our resources and our life. I am curious to find out if a new type of system can work - a world-bettering decentralized factory.

I also like open economics, NFTs and growing the blockchain ecosystem. I hang out mainly in the Ethereum ecosystem and sometimes with the oddballs in MetaCartel.

I want more real use cases for token economies and think that is what brings digital value to billions of people.

Cheers :octopus:


Hi everyone,

I joined Metagame a few weeks before but was only using discord. It’s time I should check the forum too. So introducing myself here again.

Myself is Manolingam, a Full Stack Ethereum Developer. I have been learning and developing over ethereum since 2018 after the completion of my blockchain nanodegree program from Udacity. Earlier to it, I got into blockchain through Bitcoin & the technology motivated me to explore further. Ethereum was a result of my exploration and since then, am highly passionate about Web 3.0. I learned web because of it.

And am currently interning in a remote startup building a digital world around ethereum. Am also a techie person who likes to dig around whatever stuff that makes me curious. So am also a AWS Deepracer Community Volunteer along with some experience over voice apps too.

MetaGame got my attention through my exploration of DAOs and Defi projects. Initially I stepped in to know what it is, but then found it’s something that aligns with my interest and curiosity. The 8 pillars was kind of hard to get it first but after few iterations, it picked me up. Future is awaiting!

Hoping to learn more and contribute. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone, I am a Developer by trade, mostly backend development, having worked for several different companies.

I have no experience with smart contract development of any sort, but I am curious to learn.


G’Day everyone!
Auryn here.

Former pro-basketball player now doing BDSM at Colony.io.

Have been invovled in the Ethereum space since day one and involved in the DAO space since founding DAOhub in 2016.

Still not sure what Metagame / metafam is, but love it non-the-less!


Hi there! I’m PhilH.

Just went though MetaGame/learn and found so many resonances with my own past work and researches, like this and that.

I’m currently working on MetaScale, a bonding curve-based tooling for funding Dapp/DAOs and distributing ownership in a way that is similar to MetaGame’s Seeds. I look forward to discovering more of the game, and I’d be thrilled to test possible synergies with MetaScale.

Cheers! :hatching_chick:


I’m a software engineer with experience as a developer advocate in the smart contract space. I’m interested in contributing to technologies that help people build decentralized communities. I have written a reference document for Ethereum smart contract development as well as created a project to experiment with the EVM module of the Substrate blockchain development framework from Parity Technologies :nerd_face:


Hey everyone. Interested to join everyone on this wacky adventure. I’m a longtime crypto community lurker looking to get more involved – recently I’ve contributed to some crypto OSS projects and become active in local crypto communities. I’m most excited about exploring new ways for people and teams to work together in the economies of the future, and getting rid of outdated models of economic and political activity.

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I’m Patrick.

Background in Marketing, Community, and Operations. Currently moving from Director of Growth to COO of Pocket Network.

Been in this space for many years now, mostly with helping protocols do the non-tech stuff, but came to it from a question. “How do we make communities work better and what might that look like?”

I (kind of reluctantly) am pretty good at herding(hence my ops position now). I enjoy creating content and brainstorming and executing on creative angles for growth, in nearly an aspect. I’m always looking for the graceful moves (as a pocket person says “feed two birds with one scone”)

I see in Metagame, pretty much exactly what it says it wants to do. I see it as a good chance at implementing a decentralized factory like model of communities. I like the undertone of subversivness and that there is a conversation around “how can we help most practically” and I have some ideas here but don’t want to just be a rouge-self-shiller. I’m basically in that Rouge class right now because I am careful about not spreading myself to thin, but am very interested to see how this evolves and how me and my friends can contribute.


Hey all,
I’m Vanilladelphia, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

I am in sales, and marketing by trade but have lead a secret life in tech. My grandfather worked for IBM while I was growing up, Ive got great memories of sitting down at his 4140 and hacking on it for hours trying to get games to run from the 5 1/4" floppies as a 5 year old kid. As I got older, and bolder I began picking up Q Basic, and writing my own games.

My goal in life has always been to work with technology in some way, shape or form. Unfortunately I have always had a hard time in school. I always found that I was able to teach myself better than having someone else tell me what to do. My brain doesn’t work that way. Since I am lucky enough to have a broken brain, A job in this field without a degree is hard to come by.

In 2017 I bought my first bit of cryptocurrency, after years of contemplating it. I figured if BTC was going to the moon, then ETH must be soon to follow. I bought a bunch of ETH, held it all the way up, and all the way back down :sweat_smile: . Now most people would be deterred from an asset that drops like a man wearing cement shoes in a swimming pool. But I was not deterred. The more I read, and began to understand this new and exciting form of money, the more I got hooked.

Fast forward to the end of 2019… I had heard of Defi, but at the time the Dapps were limited. At least for someone of my knowledge, and scope. I opened a CDP at Oasis, and began to see the real power behind this movement. On black Thursday I promptly lost most of my position again. Again, I blame this on inexperience. But one more time, I was not faltered. Because of this I began researching, I found DeFiSaver, and every other DeFi project I could get my hands on.

The moral of my story is this. I am not a smart man… At least not in the traditional sense. I don’t have a lot of money. But with Decentralized finance, it doesn’t matter. Win or lose, I am gaining skills which will be valuable to me for the rest of my life.

I hope that, even with my limited experience and knowledge. I will still be able to help the community progress.



Hey everyone! Been quietly watching and observing for a while, and deciding to finally get more involved. I’m BruceTheGoose; I’m pretty new to the whole crypto sphere, but my journey into this environment so far has been truly enlightening, and has honestly changed my life and my entire worldview; I have a weird habit of finding my way into the lesser known projects; when I first read @peth 's proposal for metagame, I thought to myself “when the f*** did I write this?”

The fundamentals of decentralization and distributed cooperation in the interest of the greater good basically give me something to get out of bed for everyday. Primarily, I’m a cryptoartist, and try to make time for some NFT based gaming when I can. NFT’s in general, and their seemingly infinite use-cases, have blown my mind on a damn near daily basis for the past 6 months; and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pre-Covid, and (for me) pre-crypto, I was researching and working full time and then some to build an online business, totally solo, which led me to acquire a wide variety of knowledge and skills I continually attempt to leverage to contribute to Web3 and mainstream blockchain adoption. A few things I consider myself fairly fluent in are front-end web design, market research, SEO, SMM, copywriting, and other forms of content generation; as well as general business development strategies and such. I feel like having been in an ‘entrepreneur’ mindset for so long before finding my tribe among the decentralization enthusiasts and others more interested in building a sustainable future than in filling their pockets, can be beneficial to a number of projects and intitiatives. I’m involved in a number of projects and communities, as well as having some stuff in development and ideation currently, but they all share a common goal of empowering creators and decentralizing all of the things.