Villagers aka NPCs aka bots

Last updated: 14.9.2020

Like any game, MetaGame needs bots to make it easier to both to play the game & to run the game.

Currently, we have a bot that assigns user roles on Discord based on their position on the Sourcecred leaderboard, but we need it to do much more…

What else I think we need it to do:

  • Message people with instructions on how to join MetaGame when they enter Discord.
  • Post daily quests & questions from this thread.
  • Message players their weekly XP stats like XP gained & moves up/down the ladder.
  • Bridge messages between different Discord (so we can build “embassies” & shared announcement channels with other guilds)
  • Bring up all the useful links when typing /portals (like the navigation board, forums, github, wiki & leaderboard)
  • Post in a dedicated channel whenever >50 or something XP has been awarded.

Join the raid

  • If you have experience building bots & want to help, there’s a channel on Discord for it.
  • If you can’t see the channel, contact petheth.
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I think you could very likely get carlbot to do all of that; some of it would still likely need someone to write a bit of code, but shouldn’t be a ton necessary

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