Try Incubating Monetized Onboarding Channels with this One Weird Trick!

I wrote this post in the 1hive forum, and I got some feedback to turn it into an Inter-DAO league, with a basket of tokens for the reward.

Basically, it’s a competitive game where each Team incubates a monetized youtube channel by publishing public courses [playbooks] on Skillshare 3-4 times a month.

Teams who ship 3-4 courses each month compete for a % of the monthly pool reward based on a set of performance metrics.

If a team flakes or cheats, they are disqualified and eliminated.

Experiment lasts 16 weeks.

Entry is around 240 SEED per Team.
[60 per month.]

I already included Metagame in the proposal, so you would have at least one Team Slot, now.


If you’re interested, I’d like to ask that you go to the forum post linked above, and opt in, or provide feedback.

Response has been positive so far with 1Hive, and District0x.