The Navigation Board

I’ll write a whole blog post on why maps are really important and unfortunately massively underappreciated in the modern world, why they make things better etc.
But just take my word on it for now and let’s dive in :slight_smile:

Here’s this snapshot (posted on 17.4.2020, let us know if it stays outdated for too long)

The thing is based on Doughnut Economics, here’s how it works:

  • If an object is outside the green circle, we are not working on it yet.
  • Yellow is the optimal place for an object to be. It means it is either already stable or actively being worked on.
  • When an object gets close to the red line - that is not good. It means we’re either neglecting it or need more power directed at it.
  • If an object somehow gets inside the red circle, it becomes a burning priority to deal with it. The longer it is inside, the more damage it is doing to our crystal.
  • that should never happen :point_up:

We still need to figure out what colors to use for what.
So far:

  • Purple lines means we’re dealing damage (probably need to split up into what kind of it)
  • Green lines mean passively supporting, the person to get in touch with.
  • Yellow objects are objects that need a lot of working on.
  • Purple are sort of stable system modules, but you can notice the Wiki is also purple but close to the red line, which means it’s already alive but needs some feeding.
  • That’s it for now, open to suggestions.

The immediate idea is that at least “Community, Content, Technology & Vision” should be some sort of glyphs rather than words, as they will mean more than the current words anyway. Community evolves into an ecosystem, technology evolves into industries…
The really long term idea is that it would be rendered in 3D world, the “problems” would turn into zombies or bosses, important modules into towers we need to be upgrading etc.

The Board

Note: You won’t immediately get edit access because there isn’t good version control and people in the past really messed up when I left the previous map on open access.
So contact me to get added.


You should probably make backups of the board too!

Also might be interesting, we can embed the board into the wiki:

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Embedding it into wiki!
Love the sound of that.

badabim badabum

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Wondering if it may be time to migrate the miro board into a metaMap <3

That image and it’s relationships to people and organizations is one of the primary use cases I’m considering when looking at the structure of the code.

I’d like it to be a collaborative where sections of the image can be delegated to other users, maybe limited by a clipping path. The player images and guild houses could come from the individuals they represent.

The HTML and SVG DOMs backing these interfaces are lots and lots of nested trees. I’m hoping to find some relatively straightforward way to allow pulling in trees from various sources to build something complex and evolving.

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Looking forward to our chat in an hour or so <3

I thought about it more in terms of layers & separate maps…
Here’s my super-early mockup: