The MetaManifesto - Way of MetaFam

Following Gus’s way, we ended up with a bit of redundancy.
Instead of writing 1 manifesto, we wrote 3 manifestos :joy:

Yalor’s Manifesto
Gus’s Manifesto
Saimano’s Manifesto
And my MetaManifesto

I apologize for delaying this process for too long and taking this long to write it. I spent many many many hours staring at the pages of it, thinking “nah, it’s not good enough yet.”
Many hours of writing, editing & not being happy :sweat_smile:
Wanted to get it just right, and I think I finally did it.

So, its time to set this way straight.
I need some feedback on my manifesto & we need to pick which of the 3 we’ll be moving forward with.


Wow, this is AMAZING! Def the best manifesto, feels like an actual “manifesto” and hits on all the main points from the articles and links to a lot of good secondary content.

Should def be the first thing in the WIKI imo, and the other content that Yalor and Gus wrote can be in a separate section maybe.

It’s really well written, would be awesome to get this in front of a proper editor as well to do a pass through of tightening everything up.

Then, we can get the whole manifesto printed on a jacket with MetaFactory, and you can only buy the jacket with SEED. So you either have to buy enough SEED for the jacket, or earn it. This will help build the demand side of the curve with SEED for the seed market (since we don’t have boosting yet).

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Some feedback from my wife:


I think it would be cool to post MetaFam Alignment 2021 somewhere and link to that in this section, or talk about our eventual goal for sustainable communities where we live and work together.

Additionally, ran a readability checker on the manifesto, and it reads really well!

The section about section about disconnect, actually had a sentence about how we’ll be mitigating these feelings of isolation by organizing virtual meetups, hackathons & conferences.

Cut it out in the last edit :joy:
Could also add we will be working on onboarding self-sustainable (physical) communities where these isolated people could come & live if they wanted to.

Either way, it doesn’t really promote doing freelance work, it talks about people that are already doing it :man_shrugging:

Just amazing @peth I read your manifesto in Google docs and loved it. Actually, it was like myself talking about what I was thinking inside. Am not a good user of right words and express exactly what I think. But the one you just wrote is priceless. It reflected an entire eagle’s eye view of what’s wrong, what we are upto, etc. Am gonna show that to my family and friends as it couldn’t be explained better.

Also, read the manifesto version of @Yalortackson and @Gus too. I liked it as well. I have taken some good notes and I wanna come up with my own version of this too :slight_smile:


I tried writing my own version of Metagame Manifesto. It’s not as detailed as @peth wrote and is brief :slight_smile:

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Hey @peth,

did we finalise any of those? I’d love to get the final version to the wiki :slight_smile:


Yea I think we should put it up now. @peth you should make the PR to add it to the wiki so you earn the XP, lmk if you want me to help you through the process

Big fan of @Yalortackson’s manifesto, but also feel that @peth’s latest version is probably the most relevant as it’s more of a team effort with lots of feedback/input from the community. That being said, the latest Manifesto should link to and reference previous manifestos to show the lineage of evolution. Should also reference those who contributed to writing, reviewing, and editing each version as well.

Also, while it’s important to recognize the lineage of evolution, they don’t all need to be in the wiki. That would be confusing. What if we create a folder for the manifesto in the wiki repo, then all the versions can live there and the latest one can be live on the wiki?

Pretty please make sure to get the other versions out of wiki or mark them as ‘Deprecated’ or smth. :pray:

Completely fine with removing mine and adding @peth most recent one, I consider all of our work an amalgamation of community brain work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: also I did mine like 6 months ago.


The other manifestos should at least be moved out of the main menu so as to not confuse people.
There should, either at the top of the manifesto or the bottom, simply be links to other versions of the manifesto.
You should get yours up there somewhere too @Saimano
EDIT: Nvm I just saw you did put a link to the hackmd up there :slight_smile:

Yup. I have a hackmd link to my own manifesto. Do you want me to add it to the wiki? @peth

Went through and did a hierarchical arrangement of the manifesto as mindmap


I tried to balance the 4 points on left and right, moving the worldview into the conclusion. There appears to be some gaps (indicated by red crosses) and rather than the somewhat negative Disconnection, I suggest acknowleding the problem and saying what can be done.

I tried uploading the mindmap to the wiki branch but it wouldn’t allow.


Amazingly written @peth. Already, reading through the Wiki, I feel empowered as a freelancer and a human.

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