The MetaGame SEED Market 🌱

off chain like lighting or how because somehow i need proof i own it. Will there be a bonding curve for boosting points or are they just 1:1 always.

in this post Grain = SEED?

what is the off-chain XP world?

Created a MetaGame Community Colony to show how easy it is to use your SEEDs in the world of Ethereum. No need to ask permission. No need for endless debates. Just DAO it.

SEEDs will be awarded for learning about MetaGame tokeneconomics as well as shilling them!

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Yes. Grain is the generic term for the design patter, and SEED is the instance of this pattern within MetaGame.

Re all your other questions: this information will be made available on the MetaGame Wiki in short order. Until then I recommend you check out this overview to SourceCred:

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This post is super helpful. I will try to make it as simple as possible for someone to understand. Let me know what you think.

4 Points to Understanding the MetaGame Economic System

1 - The Ethereum world is self-custodial, permissionless and where you hold value, tokens, assets and SEEDs. You can do whatever you want with your Ethereum assets, including your SEEDs!

2 - The MetaGame/XP Universe sits next to (outside) of the Ethereum world. The MetaGame incentive economy is built on earning XP, which drives action, creation and value add in the MetaGame.

3 - The Seed Token Governance mechanism (likely governed by a DAO) is the key to economically moving between XP and SEED, determining how SEED can be used in the MetaGame Universe, and protecting the overall system from any bad behavior and keeping it healthy.

4 - The SEED economy that exists as an open token in the Ethereum world allows the MetaGame to achieve its goal of being an open game ripe for experimentation from anyone. The SEED economy on Ethereum is open and prices are determined by the market, and anyone can do anything they want with SEEDs (an effective method to drive behavior or incentivize the MetaGame community).

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Metagame’s SEED market seems cruxxed on 3 technologies, SourceCred, AraCred, and Grain Markets. Understanding how these affect you will help understand how you will use SEED’s

First, SourceCred, the highest level of the market. In short words, SourceCred transmits Web2 data into Web3 value. Each blog post, like, comment, emoji etc can be corresponded to value. “SourceCred changes this by creating a market for all the things”. This is literal, everything you do on the web right now is of some value. In the metagame, this value is labeled as XP.

Second, AraCred. Aracred is the bridge between off-chain SourceCred to on-chain communities. Aracred will mint SEED based on SourceCred XP, within an Aragon DAO hence AraCred. Thus, your place in the metagame is established by your off-chain Web2 contributions.

Finally the Grain Markets. From the post:

`The larger game nests economic systems. It’s economics all the way down.

  • The local SourceCred economy
  • The primary Grain market
  • The secondary Grain market
  • The broader Ethereum economy
  • The global fiat economy`

As you can, grain markets are inbetween markets, fitting between SourceCred and Ethereum. SEEDs are earned using on a bonding curve, which is a fancy economics way of assigning price to tokens. In these markets, you can use SEEDs, sell SEEDs, loan SEEDs, whatever! It’s a marketplace.

With these understandings, now think about the implication. SEEDs are earned through contributions of data and time in Web2. One you have SEEDs you are part of a market of users exchanging, selling, owning, or contributing. This is intrinsic value. Every contribution you make can later be sold. This is the future of the web and a key ideal of Web3.


Thats an excellent way to describe it! The key part too is that it’s not about any specific implementations or technologies, its just an ethos and a way of doing things.

The key components being:

  1. A way to capture data and information for what happens (currently the internet and web2 tech like these forums and discord)
  2. A way to measure the relative impact of and attribute value to these contributions and activity (currently SourceCred)
  3. A way to mint and distribute a currency / tokens proportional to the measured value (currently AraCred / Grain Ledger)
  4. Interoperable bridges between these micro and macro economies (currently Ethereum)

All these technologies could be replaced with others, but the underlying framework and design of the system would be the same. They likely will evolve and change overtime as the game develops.


makes sense

@Sky @youngkidwarrior excellent synopsis! Thank you so much for completing the MetaGame tokeneconomics challenges!

I will grant you your SEEDs, however, if you would like for a fourth SEED in addition to the three that you have already earned please tweet your synopsis out as a tweetstorm including mentions like @metafam and @sourcecred and hashtags like #metafam #aracred #metagame. Also make sure that you link to this thread so that more people can participate. Then provide proof of shilling and I’ll send you more SEEDs! :octopus:


So it turns out, I couldn’t give both of you SEEDs for completing the same task, so I created and completed two tasks for both of you:

Also created two new tasks for SEED Strategery Shilling! :loudspeaker:
(shilling the strategery behind SEED tokeneconomics)

you got it!

It won’t let me put a link in my post. Put it on colony thread.

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Reposting here so everyone can follow your example:

@Sky can you please format your shilling as a tweetstorm like @youngkidwarrior did?

Done. Sorry not a twitter expert.

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No worries! We’re all learning as we go :slight_smile:

That was a well written piece of explanation @burrrata! It did answer most of my questions. Gonna read a bit deeper for anything else I missed. Thanks :slight_smile:

So 2000s :joy:
Great write-up @burrrata!
Maybe it should be turned into a blog post for the newsletter or a wiki entry?

I generally agree with this, but think it’s more of a late game mechanic.
Diamond founders are very important in the early stage of the game, but as we move forward there will be more focus on competence hierarchies & leaderboards rather than who has the most Seeds.
It also depends issue to issue, some things can be decided by “the elite” and some should be decided democratically by asking the whole community.

One important thing to realize is that even if this MetaGame is completely ran by the elite, the elite is kept in check by MetaGame’s open-sourceness.
If people don’t like the elite, they can just launch their own MetaGame and the metagames will be interoperable at least to a degree.
Also, most important modules will emerge to have their own governance rather than being governed by MetaGame. “The MetaGame” will just be an interface to “the metagame”, if that makes sense

“All this being said, at the end of the day, humans always act on reward functions of either money, power, or fame.”
I definitely strongly disagree with this too.
Reminds me of the old “humans are simply rational economic beings” - which has been disproven - with “fame” added :man_shrugging:


I have laid out a Whimsical Mind Map according to my understanding of the MetaGame SEED Market. Please correct me if anything’s wrong.

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Thanks! Yeah that’s the goal. Sketching it all out here and then will create a series of posts in the MetaGame Wiki so that it’s easy to reference in the future.

Re all the stuff around governance, DiamondFam, and whatnot - it’s ongoing exploration. Atm the only way to get SEEDs is to earn them. We’re starting with a high trust group of engaged community members, and will explore decentralizing over time. Beyond that, due to the permissionless nature of MetaGame, governance decisions should be kept to a minimum. If governance is a problem we’re doing it wrong lol

This is awesome! Feel free to provide proof of shilling (and an address) for a SEED :seedling:

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A more generic version of the stuff I shared in this thread is also on AraCred. This is where you can find info on the AraCred (a generic design pattern). This is a generalizable system that can be applied to a variety of use cases. Once the system is completely mapped out we can create a similar set of information for MetaGame (an opinionated instance) using MetaGame terminology and incorporating all the other MetaGame mechanisms and things.

so the metagame (infrastructure) is like aragon and the interface are like the aragon apps? each metagame app has its own functionality and governance like each aragon app is its own DAO. the metagame infrastructure makes it easy to build metagame interfaces/apps on top of metagame. so metagame provides the tools and some apps and other people can also build apps and/or create their own metagame (own reward tokens) with the apps they want like with aragon where you can create your own DAO and add Aragon Apps to it. like this?

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