The MetaGame Bident! Diagram for Understanding MetaGame, it's Foucs, and Slaying Moloch

There’s been a lot of discussion recently around focus, what MetaGame is, how it’s structured, and how individual contributions fit in. Even our recent decision to focus on two things; onboarding and MyMeta, seemed to confuse more than align. To aid in understanding I created the MetaGame Bident:

The Bident is a two pronged spear from Greek mythology, so I found it a fitting analogy to our two pronged approach to slaying Moloch this season.

As you can see from the diagram, the primary focus of our weapon is our two tines; Onboarding and MyMeta. These objectives are what we will focus on, and they’re the outward facing part of MetaGame that we will thrust towards our goal. . .the heart of Moloch. (Sorry I just really like saying Moloch and the overall analogy.)

However, it’s pretty impossible to thrust something forward without weight behind it and a handle to hold it. That’s where the shaft of the bident comes into play. This part is internal to MetaGame, we’re not thrusting it forward, instead it’s where our power is generated from. It’s our core tenants: Community, Personal Improvement, and Environmental Enrichment/Doing Good. Those factors, are what drive MetaGame forward, to accomplish the goals set by the tines.

You’ll also notice Community at the top of the shaft, connecting the tines. This reflects the crucial role our community plays, not just in driving MetaGame forward, but in uniting our objectives.

Overall I hope this diagram helps explain the current MetaGame structure, and how individuals can contribute towards our goals.


Thanks @Bacon for making the diagram, I really like this association!

What I understood from what you’re saying:
The environment, personal improvement and community (as in, positioning inside the community) are our commitments as individuals - which hold the structure of the main focus of MG, Onboarding and MyMeta Profiles.

My thoughs about it:
I’m still in exploration mode and I’ve been reaching all fields inside MG, simply because either I’m interested or I’m just not sure what to do around here, I like to try diferent things.

I consider the onboarding and personal improvement like 2 “goals” (we want to recruit the best people and help improve the ones that are around) because these 2 “goals” are in constant change and in correlation with the environment and community - it should be a constant changing goal, same as MyMeta Profile goal that we have rigth now in focus.

Maybe this img will help understand my though:

A 2 sided spear yeaaa :sunglasses:
Does this make sense?
The main point being, that we have to consider the constant change of things torwards any goal.

Also, I’ve putted playbook as an on-going goal, as well as Quests, also very important but I guess in this case they are included inside MyMeta focus.

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