The Librarian's Questline

Some weeks ago when I decided to try out the Librarian role, I had made a questline and I am sharing it to get some feedback.

The Librarian Questline consists of 3 main quests.

  1. Organizing a searchable archive of readings
  2. Constructing the Great Houses of Intellect
  3. Generating a report of the various platforms every now or then.

A lot of tasks are organized on a to-do list. If anybody wants to jump in and take on some responsibilities, you are more than welcome (just make sure to tag yourself).

Quests 2. and 3. I have already started but 1. is the main role and a proposal for a novel type of curating knowledge. Should I post it as a distinct proposal?
Share your thoughts on this one.

P.S.: There is also a report that I’ve started almost 3 weeks ago when I was still very new in here, but I kept it for the nice formatting (could be used as a template).


I think there are so,e good conversations in #meta library on discord that would interest you.