The Gatekeeper ⛩️

Quest #3 - The Gatekeeper

*With MetaGame becoming more popular and new people pouring in everyday & seeds preparing to jump on a bonding curve (getting a dollar value) we can no longer allow everyone claiming “I done did it” to just claim Seeds without any verifying their claim.

  • Using knowledge attained in Quest 1 (reading pillar articles) come up with questions testing the new players understanding of MetaGame.
  • Post the questions as a response to this thread with an appropriate answer.

Reward: 5 SEED per accepted question.

Claim them SEED in the #:seedling:claim-seeds channel.

Q1: How does the MetaGame help freelancers and enterprises at the same time?
A1: Competition and collaboration within a public facing ecosystem reduces knowledge silos and promoting open code by nature.

Q2: What is the Game and why does it need a Meta?
A2: Life if the game, everything has underlying systems. By observing systems we can better understand how to play the game. You do want to do better at life, don’t you?

Q3: Who is the MetaCartel and what do they do?
A3: The MetaCartel is a collective built around to support Web 3.0 applications and the MetaSphere.

Q4: What are some central idea that make a good game? Which pillar drives you the most?
A4: The Octalysis Framework is the answer. I am most driven by Empowerment because I have a lot to creating things and gain satisfaction from seeing things work as they are intended.


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Q1: On what day did the next phase of MetaGame begin?
A1: November 15, 2019, when the first post was written by someone other than PETH

Q2: What strong coordination benefit towards production does MetaGame allow for?
A2: To source from within

Q3: Can you think of an entity in the MetaCartel family that is built to help source from within?
A3: Raid Guild

Q4: How can MetaGame help make sure the world uses resources more efficiently?
A4: Resources would be streamlined and distributed by the order of importance towards said problem.

Q5: Would the Radical Markets idea of a Common Ownership Self-Assessed Tax (COST) fit in line with the beliefs of the MetaGame?
A5: Yes. It proposes to create a free-market allowing for more efficient use of resources.

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